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Proto:NBA Jam (SNES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of NBA Jam (SNES).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

A prototype of NBA Jam for the SNES released by the scene group Romkids prior to the game's official release.

Cut Secret Players

To unlock the players below: At the Initial Entry screen, enter the first two letters in the "Initials" column from the table below using any button. Next, highlight the third letter, hold the L and Start buttons, and press the X button. An underscore refers to the blank space character.

Portrait Name Initials Value
NBA Jam SNES-Liptak.png Shawn Liptak SL_ 37
NBA Jam SNES-Goskie.png Tony Goskie TWG 38
NBA Jam SNES-Carlton.png John Carlton JMC 39
NBA Jam SNES-Hey.png Jon Hey JWH 3B
NBA Jam SNES-Dilophosaur.png Dilophosaur DIL 3D
NBA Jam SNES-Velociraptor.png Velociraptor RAP 3E
NBA Jam SNES-T-Rex.png T-Rex REX 3F
NBA Jam SNES-Triceratops.png Triceratops TRI 40

Alternatively, Pro Action Replay (PAR) code 7E1CFFxx 7E1D0000 (where xx is one of the numbers in the Value column) can be used to change player 1 to one of the secret players.

The Dilophosaur's in-game head sprite is unfinished, so Vlade Divac's is used as a placeholder. Velociraptor and T-Rex's portraits are modifications of Stacey Augmon's.

Mark Turmell (36), Sal Divita (3A), and Jamie Rivett (3C) are the only three secret players from this prototype to make the final cut (though the Velociraptor, T-Rex, and Triceratops are playable in the Sega CD version, and Liptak, Goskie, and Carlton appear in the sequel). Their initials are the same as in the final version, but they use the button combo described above.

Team Roster Changes

Prototype Final
NBA Jam SNES-McKey Schrempf proto.png NBA Jam SNES-McKey Schrempf final.png

In the prototype, Derrick McKey is on the Seattle SuperSonics and Detlef Schrempf is on the Indiana Pacers. In the final, this is reversed as the two were traded for each other. This also resulted in their pictures being altered to change their uniforms. Strangely, the picture changes were reverted in NBA Jam T.E., though McKey's uses a slightly different palette.

Scrapped Cheerleader

Randomly, when watching a demo during the game's attract mode, a cheerleader will appear, running around dribbling the ball!

Graphical Changes

Prototype Final
NBA Jam SNES Divita Proto.png NBA Jam SNES Divita Final.png

In the prototype, Sal Divita's headshot is shifted further to the left than in the final. As with the aforementioned changes to McKey and Schrempf's uniforms, this was reverted in T.E.

Prototype Final
NBA Jam SNES-Jazz logo proto.png NBA Jam SNES-Jazz logo final.png

In the prototype, the Utah Jazz logo lacks "Utah". The final version adds this missing detail and re-centers the logo.

Prototype Final
NBA Jam SNES-Paused proto.png NBA Jam SNES-Paused final.png

The "PAUSED" graphic is thinner in the prototype.

Prototype Final
NBA Jam SNES-Mutombo hud name proto.png NBA Jam SNES-Mutombo hud name final.png

In the HUD during gameplay, Dikembe Mutombo's last name is misspelled "Motombo". The correct spelling is used in both versions during the Team Selection, 1st Half Stats and Final Game Stats screens.

Prototype Final
NBA Jam SNES Proto Acclaim Logo.gif NBA Jam SNES Acclaim Logo.gif

The Acclaim logo in the intro is missing the bouncing ball.

Prototype Final
NBA Jam SNES Title proto.png NBA Jam SNES Title.png

At this point, only Acclaim is credited on the title screen's border. The final version has Midway's logo in its place on the upper border (as it is in the arcade version), while Acclaim is moved to the lower border, necessitating the movement of the flashing "PRESS START" text.

Prototype Final
NBA Jam SNES-tonights match-up proto.png NBA Jam SNES-tonights match-up final.png

In the Tonight's Match-up screen, the boxes in which the player portraits appear are filled with dark blue in the prototype, while the final version changes these to purple and gray to be consistent with the team select screen.

Prototype Final
NBA Jam SNES Halftime Report proto.png NBA Jam SNES Halftime Report final.png

The same change that was made to title screen was also made to the halftime report screen.

Prototype Final
NBA Jam SNES Halftime Stats proto.png NBA Jam SNES Halftime Stats final.png

The stats screen shown following this, as well as at the end of the game, has lighter colors in the prototype.

Prototype Final
NBA Jam SNES-final score proto.png NBA Jam SNES-final score final.png

The Final Score screen had the same alteration to it as the Tonight's Match-up screen.

Text Changes

Prototype Final
NBA Jam SNES Copyright proto.png NBA Jam SNES Copyright final.png

The second copyright disclaimer screen has a build number of 1.0, which was removed for the final version. The "property of" line was also shifted to the left by one tile for the final version to correctly center it.