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pop'n stage

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Title Screen

pop'n stage

Also known as: pop'n stage ex (revision)
Developer: Konami GMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami DJ Main Board)
Released in JP: September 24, 1999 (original), December 20, 1999 (ex)

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An obscure dancing game spin-off of the pop'n music series.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Unused Graphics

Note: The content below is based on pop'n stage ex, and the object IDs apply to that version.

"Pair" Game Mode Asset


This graphic seems to refer to a scrapped "Pair" game mode. The idea was later absorbed into the 10-Switches game mode which, in most of its difficulties, is a co-op mode. The palette is guessed.

Object IDs: 18, 19, 26

Unused Stage Counters

Popnstage-stagenum1.png Popnstage-stagenum2.png

Graphics for hypothetical Stages 0, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, both for the song selection menu and for the song splash screen, exist within the game's data, although the maximum number of stages that can be played by normal means is four. Object data for the Stage 0, 5, and 6 counters also exist.

Object IDs:
Song Selection: A3, A8, A9
Song Splash: E2, E7
Results: 112

pop'n music 2 Party Mode Modifier Names


Assets for some of the modifier names used in pop'n music 2's Party Mode can be found within the game's assets, complete with object data. However, their palettes no longer exist.

Object IDs: 199-19E

Ranking Screen


Within the ranking screen graphics is this unused graphic, for a song with the genre "BONUS TRACK". Despite that, in the pop'n music series, the song Surechigau futari uses this genre, this graphic was more likely used as a placeholder, as no other assets for this song can be found in the game's data.

Object ID: 177

Unused Sounds

The song Quick Master, whose data can be found starting from 0x26000000 (ex) in the game's HDD file, contains two unused keysounds:

Both of these sounds are turntable scratches, which were heard in the song's appearance in beatmania completeMIX. In fact, the song's music and keysound data is directly taken from that game; even the order in which the keysounds are placed is the same.

(Source: tikal.)

Revisional Differences

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In December 1999, pop'n stage ex, an upgrade to the original game, was released.

  • The Beginner and Normal game modes were renamed to Normal and Another.
  • The difficulty system was completely changed. Whereas the original used a range of 0.5-8.0 in increments of 0.5, ex uses a range of 1-20 in increments of 1. As such, every song has a new rating.
  • Seven new songs were added:
    • Originals
SCAT / cat's Scat / Q-Mex
EURO DANCE / Bit of Love / Super Wink "fut" Ryo Arshe
POWER FOLK / Nanka hen da! / Atsushi Shindo
NEW-COMMER / un-Balance / Chiaki Sato
PUNK / LET ME FEEL SO HIGH / Little Bitch.K²
HEAVY METAL / I'm on fire / AD/DA
  • The character INUCHIYO was introduced. Six different instances of this character, each with different animations, are used for each of the new songs, with the exception of I'm on fire, which uses the character BOMBER. Prior to this revision, he was the default character for Hard Mode.
  • The Maniac difficulty was introduced, available by pressing Left + Right while highlighting the Another game mode. Unlike the other difficulties, 10-Switches Maniac is intended for only one player. Of the returning songs, all but five (Go no stopping, Let's go dancing, Musical "5 choume monogatari" yori overture, SPICY PIECE, Sutekina tabla) received such charts.
  • The hidden POPN and SPECIAL courses in Hard mode were added. This latter course is the only way to play the 10-Switches Maniac charts of the hidden songs BoaBoaLady! and I'm on fire.

Build Date

Present at the start of the game's HDD data.

Original ex Version
 GQ970  pop'n stage 1.5 ver1.00  1999/10/15 (C) KONAMI