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pop'n music 4 Append Disc (Dreamcast)

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Title Screen

pop'n music 4 Append Disc

Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Studios
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Dreamcast
Released in JP: October 12, 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

The second of two pop'n music Append Disc releases, which require pop'n music 2 to load. It was also released for the PlayStation.

This game, alongside a port of Silent Scope, were the last games released by Konami for the ill-fated Dreamcast.

Unused Graphics

Interface Repository

POP_OPD.BIN contains many graphics associated with the game's interface, such as backgrounds and UI elements. It also hides several unused graphics, noted below:

At offset 0x455BAC, there is a sheet of genre slots to be displayed in the records and total results screens. One of the slots is for a song with the genre "Crystal", which does not exist in this game. However, a song with such genre - Escapes from your love - would later appear in the PlayStation release of pop'n music 5.

At offset 0x457BCC is another genre slot sheet, with two visibly placeholder slots:

At offsets 0x55EB24 and 0x57C988 are placeholder graphics for Hyper charts for ENAMORADA and Taiyou ga mitsumeteru, labeled "Hyper Yokohama" 1 and 2. One thing to note is that "Yokohama" likely refers to Konami's KCE Yokohama subsidiary, which was known for developing the pop'n music series' PlayStation and Dreamcast ports. By the time this game was released, however, this subsidiary had merged with KCE Osaka, forming KCE Studios.

At offset 0x972278 are placeholder slots, labeled from 1 to 64.

At offset 0xF1D2A4, which has some character icons, are several more placeholders:

Character Repository

POP_SRN.BIN mainly contains graphics associated with songs and characters. Much like the interface repository, it also hides unused graphics:

The files located at 0x925500 and 0x92D520, which contain tiles for the songs' titles as seen during gameplay, also have graphics for placeholder entries labeled "Yokohama 4H" and "Yokohama 5H". Their respective palettes and tile arrangements can be found at offset 0xD0741E.

The files located at 0xA8DAA0 and 0xA95AC0, which contain partial data for the song genre graphics as seen in Practice Mode, also contain placeholder "yokohama 1" and "yokohama 2" tiles. Their respective palettes and tile arrangements can be found at offset 0xD0AF3E.

(Source: tikal.)


The ABSTRACT.TXT file, visible when loading the game's CD in a computer, has some text about... dolphins?



~ ただ今、イルカ第二次潜行中!
   はたしてイルカは、深海でも生きられるのでしょうか? ~


~ 気付いたら、イルカのスピードが上がってる!?
                                イルカってば速すぎ・・・ ~


~ 報告!イルカのコンボが、24コンボで途切れた模様。
          しかし、潜行が止まる事はなかったそうです・・・ ~


~ イルカの前方に激流が・・・!
                         イルカの正念場と思われます! ~


~ 調査隊の報告によると、第一次潜行は無事に達せられたようです!
                         現時刻をもって、A作戦を終了とします。 ~


~ Q「イルカ隊員、今の心境は?」
                         A「どっきんばくばく!」 ~


~ 誤情報により前線に混乱が発生!
                         「情報分析員K、何をしている!?」 ~


~ 台風大接近であります!
     イルカのいる深海に影響があるか不明ではありますが、何かメンタル的にねぇ・・・。 ~


~ どうやら別働隊のP班は、無事最終関門を越え、
     第三次潜行に移行すると思われる。・・・健闘を祈る・・・。 ~


~ D班はこれより最終関門に突入する模様。
     何事も無く越えられれば、以後、この日記が綴られる事はないであろう・・・。 ~



~ やはり最終戦線だけあり、苦戦を強いられている。
                       覚悟してはいたが、これ程とは・・・! ~

~ ・・・なんとか間に合った模様。




Dreamcast exclusive software "pop'n music 4 append disc"

"Dolphin Diary"

~ Right now, the second dolphin is in hiding!
   Can dolphins survive in the deep sea? ~


~ If you notice, the speed of the dolphin is increasing! ?
                                Dolphins are too fast...


~ Report! It seems that Dolphin's combo was interrupted at 24 combo.
          However, it seems that the infiltration never stopped...


~ There is a torrent in front of the dolphin...!
                         It seems to be a critical moment for dolphins! ~


~ According to the survey team's report, the first dive seems to have been successfully completed!
                         Operation A will end at the current time. ~


~ Q: Dolphin Corps, how are you feeling right now?
                         A "Dokkin Bakubaku!" ~

~ Misinformation creates chaos on the front lines!
                         "Information analyst K, what are you doing!?"


~ A typhoon is approaching!
     I don't know if it affects the deep sea where dolphins live, but it's kind of mental. ~


~ Apparently, the P group of the detached force crossed the final barrier safely,
     It seems that it will move to the third submergence. ・・・ I pray for good luck ・・・. ~


~ It seems that D group will rush into the final barrier from now on.
     If you can pass without incident, this diary will not be written after that... ~


"Dolphin Diary Future Edition"

~ After all, there is only the final front, and it is forced to struggle.
                       I was prepared for it, but to this extent...! ~

~ ・・・ It seems that I managed to make it in time.
      With the success of the third dive, this mission will end.
      Now I just want the dolphins to rest in peace...

                    "Miracles happen...!"