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Suggestions for prerelease pages to create, with links to information that should be documented.

General Resources

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  • EGM Issue 13 (August 1990) has previews of some games that ultimately ended up being unreleased. Notable entries include a version of Block Out that varies from the one dumped. Not sure if the same applies to shown version of War on Wheels.
  • With the release of Rare Replay, Rare has been divulging plenty of information about early builds of its various games.
  • The Sega Video Magazine tapes (which lasted from 1993-98) have a bunch of prerelease footage from various games.


  • Daytona USA
    • Early screenshots can be found of the game, one of them with a title screen just calling the game Daytona (find the source/magazines with this info). There is also a tech demo.

Multiplatform Games

  • Anarchy Reigns
    • The game started out as a sequel to Madworld.
    • Jack Cayman's model from Madworld was used as a placeholder for some time.
  • Bayonetta
    • Lots and lots of concept art, featuring various designs for Bayonetta and Jeanne.
    • Several videos of prototype footage, all of which can be found here.
    • The TGS 2008 trailer, which depicts the crumbling clock tower scene as being in modern times, and Bayonetta having a slightly different model (pure blue eyes instead of blueish-gray, different-looking Umbran Watch, etc.)
  • Chicken Little has a trailer and screenshots featuring early HUD graphics and an apparent HUD graphic showing the entire body of the alien walker.Gamershell's website has all we need (except for the trailers).
  • DJ Hero 2
    • According to a developer, was going to have a mashup of "Let's Get It Started" and "LoveGame".
  • Killer7
    • There are many noticeable graphical/gameplay differences between the prerelease version and the finished version.
  • Lollipop Chainsaw
    • The PAX 2011 build contains numerous differences to the final release. The person hosting the demo even said that the rooms would be randomized, and would change with each subsequent playthrough, but this feature never made it into the final product.
    • The Bus Makeover trailer shows the game running in debug mode (with action scripts listed to the left), as well as having very primitive models, textures, and shading. Juliet's model, for one, has humongous eyes and lips, while her model in the final game has realistically-proportioned facial features.
  • Psychonauts
    • Various pieces of production artwork that show scrapped rooms.
    • Prerelease screenshots from Double Fine's website at the time of the game's release (which can be accessed via
    • Many more examples here.
  • Sonic Mania
    • Videos uploaded by the official Sonic channel show level designs for Green Hill Zone that was changed later in development.
    • Videos uploaded by Polygon showing early differences in Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2.



  • Armadillo
    • The EGM #32 supplement reviewing the 1992 Winter CES previews an unreleased localisation build that shows a different title screen. [2] [3]
  • Jaws
    • The back of the box has screenshots where "the text "SHARK DAMAGE" is displayed above the power indicator instead of "JAWS' POWER." There is also no shell count or player power level shown, just a "man" count." (Source)
  • R.C. Pro-Am was originally just called "Pro-Am" and had real cars without antennas as depicted in a magazine screenshot (the source escapes me). It should be noted that the race tracks in the final game have the original title, "Pro-Am", on them.
  • Solstice
    • A 13-minute documentary (Part 1, Part 2) talking about this game's development was released at an unknown date and shows some fairly early footage.

Game Boy (Color)

  • Kirby's Dream Land
    • Screens from (Twin Famicom based) development tool shown. (Source Gaming)


Nintendo 64

Prerelease Media — While digging through archives I came across a lot of prerelease information and screenshots for N64 games. In this collection, I have saved a large number of screenshots and media files that either show prerelease content, or were from a site showing content from the games prior to their release. Due to the amount of content I was going through, I haven't checked all this content to see if it contained any relevant prerelease content, so there are likely a number of screenshots, that though prerelease, show only content that is present in the final game. The media are sorted by game, with a Links.txt file containing links from which the images from the given game were collected. These links may also prove useful, as many link to pages that contain prerelease information in addition to screenshots. If you use any of these on TCRF, please leave a comment on my talk page so that I can keep track of them.

Game Boy Advance


Nintendo DS


  • MadWorld
    • Jack Cayman went through many revisions before they settled on his final design.
    • A Bloodbath Challenge that involved launching enemies out of a giant slingshot was cut.
    • Prototype footage.


Wii U

  • Bayonetta 2
    • The E3 2013 trailer and demo contain noticeable differences from the final product, such as slightly different models (i.e. Bayonetta's earrings contain the Triforce in them, and Jeanne's model looks very unpolished), Bayonetta's hair not coming off her body during Wicked Weaves, and no dialogue.
    • The development trailer shows brief clips of the development in progress, as well as the palms of Bayonetta's gloves being purple instead of blue.
    • Footage of a prototype build.
  • The Wonderful 101
    • The game was originally going to be a Nintendo crossover title.
    • The Project P-100 build has numerous differences from the final release. Also from the period in which the game was Project P-100, the character renders looked slightly different.
    • Concept art found in the in-game Gallery shows that the characters went through many different revisions. One of the recurring characters, Luka Alan Smithee, is named "Luka Redgrave" in his concept art. (Luka Redgrave is a recurring character in the Bayonetta series. Both characters wear the same exact scarf, and both carry a camera.)

Nintendo Switch

  • Prerelease:Super Mario Odyssey
    • Many, many unused ideas are shown in the Art of Super Mario Odyssey book, include Bowser having his own evil version of Cappy, him possessing Peach, Rosalina as a musician, New Donk City with a Mario aesthetic and designs based on Doki Doki Panic to name but a few.
  • Prerelease: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    • Like with the Art of Super Mario Odyssey, the Creating a Champion book contains numerous sketches of unused ideas, including Divine Beasts, older Guardian designs, older town designs, Hyrule as it was 100 years ago and a Lynel esque design for Horse God Malayna. This book will need looking through in its entirety at some point.
    • At one point, the game had aliens and a futuristic theme to it, which was shown in a 2017 GDC presentation..
    • The Minish were considered for this game, but scrapped because having them and the shrinking mechanic in the large open world were technically difficult to implement.
  • Someone claiming to work for Nintendo gave some info on Nintendo's future plans for Switch Online/information about Super Mario 3D All-Stars and the Switch release of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light. If it turns out to be accurate, this can be used on prerelease pages for those titles.


Master System

  • Pit Fighter
    • [56] The game shows a different HUD (that is mostly cropped off in the screenshots) and different placements for the character names. Southside Jim is known as Southsid, Chainman Eddie is known as Ainman Edd and able to choose the characters to play as rather than the 3 default characters.


Game Gear



  • Gran Turismo 2
    • There is a screenshot of the CLK-GTR and Special Stage Route 11, both cut from the final game. Curiously, the CLK-GTR has a Warsteiner logo in the windshield.
    • This sticker set has a picture of a road-going model of the CLK-GTR. (It's on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Buy and scan it!)
  • Rally Cross 2: A car resembling the Volkswagen New Beetle (1, 2) was removed from the final. Possibly Baja before it became a Wrangler in the final game?
  • WipEout: Early screenshots appeared in magazines with a different HUD (find them) and an early version, possibly tech demo of the game featured in the movie Hackers.

PlayStation 2

  • Gran Turismo 4
    • Some early screenshots feature the Lancer Evo VII WRC from GT Concept, which was cut and ultimately replaced with the Super Rally Car (loosely based on Mitsubishi's 2004 WRC car, but with the 1997 livery). The Evo VII WRC might be in the GT4P-based demos.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation Portable



  • Hoyle's Official Book of Games has different character graphics in the pictures on the back of the box.
  • Rise of the Triad
    • The game was originally another expansion pack for Wolfenstein 3D like Spear of Destiny, but was axed due to the impending release of Doom. A good number of elements from this early version exist in the final game. Also mention the Doom Bible's small influence on RotT (multiple playable characters with small gameplay differences, names like Thi Barrett and Taradin(a/o) Cassatt)
    • This video shows the female Low Guard and alternate High Guard in action at 0:11, and this one is the video capturing sessions of the alternate Lightning Guard, Low Guard, and Strike Team.
    • Manual things - the female Low Guard can be seen in the Wanderwalls screenshot on p. 12, as well as in the enemy list. The female Strike Team is mentioned in the list as well, and was planned to appear in the Deluxe edition.
  • System Shock

Xbox 360




WonderSwan Color