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The Internet: Man's best friend, but also its worst enemy.

Title Screen

SpongeBat1 and the Quest for Awesome Pizza

Developer: Genetics
Publisher: Mom
Released in JP: I've never been to Japan
Released in US: 1998

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Incredibly immature YTPs with swearing and innuendo.

SpongeBat1 is a user who joined in order to create a page for Plants vs. Zombies, as he was appalled to see it was not on the wiki. Now he tries to contribute to this wiki by adding other info.

I have made a resolution to stop making stupid and/or pointless edits! (Mainly, adding stupid things to descriptions!) From now on I will add actual content! Or descriptions to articles without them!

11/16/2013 EDIT: My, things have changed since the last time I edited here!

SBlcp spongebobscared.png Wild SpongeBat1 appeared! What will you do?

Pages Created By Me

Other Notable Contributions

Hidden Message

There is a message hidden within this user's brain, at address 54OJHYV:

Screw off. Stop looking at my brains!

Cactus Quest

Cactus Quest is a non-existant game. Therefore it has no unused content.


I am cactus!Cactus- A normal cactus.

Master of deduction! And prickliness!Sherlock Cactus- A detective cactus.

Flower's sappin' mah sentry!Cactineer- He's an engineer.

Back in my day, cacti were used in games.Old Cactus- He's old.

This looks like a rather... prickly situation. YEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!CSI Cactus- Like Sherlock Cactus, but more modern and punny.

CACTUS: A Michael Bay FilmAction Cactus- Everywhere he goes, an explosion follows.

Riddle me this, Cactusman!The Riddler- The arch enemy of the cacti. His poorly thought out plans are all revealed via incredibly frustrating riddles.

Kore wa kare ni saboten no yumidesu!Cactus-San- He speaks Japanese.

LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH~Photo Cactus- Did this cactus pass away? Has he been drafted? Did he just disappear? Whatever happened, he's on this photo.

It's finally over.Suicidal Cactus- Rather self-explanatory.

:DFace- He's so happy, even though he's not a cactus!

I ER KAKTUZ!Paper Jam Cactus- He wasn't an accident, but he was a mistake.

Unused Content

I said there was no unused content. I LIED!

You better not press it!

There is a giant button in address POOPY5. It can be spawned in the game, and pressing it destroys the planet.

Dumb Crap/Videos I Like

Yes, some of these are YouTube Poops. But they're on my personal userpage. And I find them funny. And they're not mind-numbingly idiotic. Just somewhat idiotic. Also, look up Stuart K. Reily. He explains how not ALL poops are bad, but mostly he talks about haters.

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