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Proto:Crash Nitro Kart

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Crash Nitro Kart.

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An individual demo disc was released months before the final release for the GameStop stores. It's a very unfinished build and contains numerous differences from the final version. Two tracks are playable in this demo: Jungle Boogie and Out of Mime.

General Differences

  • The lighting is much simpler.
  • The characters' model aren't affected by the shadow of the environment, keeping the same shade of color, regardless of where they are.
  • There are many unused voicelines which were removed in the final version.
  • Some power-ups have different icons.
  • The characters are static and lack all animations except the idle one.
  • The characters don't have shading.
  • The CPU players have a louder voice in-race.
  • The tire track are etched on the ground for a long time.
  • The boost counter appears on the right and over the minimap.
  • It's much more complicated to skid karts.
  • Some power-up explosions, such as the static orb's, are purple.
  • The item roulette gives an item too early.
  • Wumpa Crates give to the player a few Wumpas, usually between 2-3 fruits.


Character Select Screen

Demo Final
CNKDemo-Meteor.png CNKFinal-CharacterScreen.png
  • The background is much lighter than the final version.
  • A meteor would orbit Velo's Coliseum in the background of the selection menus.
  • The planet on the left has an orange tone in the demo, as opposed to the purple color from the final.
  • The characters are static and have no animations.
  • The secret characters are invisible and do not appear in the shadow of their icons.
  • Out of Time is called "Out of Mime", likely a typo (or a reference to Norm's planet where everyone is mimic).

Loading Screen

  • In the loading screen, the letters in "LOADING" fly from the right, just like in CTR, but in front of a plain, black background.

Gameplay Differences

Demo Final
CrashNitroKartDemo-Jungle.png CrashNitroKartFinal-Jungle.png
  • The shading of the characters was very unfinished.
  • They spawn much further ahead of the finish line.
  • The minimap is larger and is in a different position and higher on the HUD.
  • The start lights have a different texture than the final version.
  • The symbol that represents the player on the minimap is the same size as the CPU one and doesn't blink.
  • The ribbons saying "CNK" on the start lines weren't implemented yet.
  • The powerslide bar has the colors reversed.
Demo Final
CrashNitroKartDemo-Results.png CrashNitroKartFinal-Results.png
  • The results screen was very simple at this time and there wasn't any commemoration for the first place.

Crash's Voice

  • The demo features Crash with a deeper voice. All of his voice effects were sped up for the final version, but the original ones were still kept for the Game Boy Advance.

Character Models/Animations

  • The characters model has a very blurry, low poly textures in the demo.
  • They have no stopped animations and no shading.
  • The idle animations are activated much more quickly than in the final version.

Kart Smokes

  • The smokes from the exhaust pipe suddenly change to black when powersliding, rather than fading smoothly.

Team Frenzy

  • In the Demo, the races are based on team mode. However, it works very differently from the final version, since the Team Frenzy feature didn't exist at the time. If the player receives an Aku Aku, Shield or Voodoo Doll, the CPU player of the same team will also receive it if the player approaches that CPU.

CPU players

  • The CPU players have a high difficulty in the demo and release a variety of items such as TNT and Freeze Mine, which doesn't happen in the final version.

Purple Explosions

  • Some power-up explosions, such as the bowling bomb's, are purple.

Velo Mask

  • The Velo mask wasn't implemented yet. Instead, all characters who are protected by it in the final version are protected by Aku Aku mask with Uka Uka's voice and music as a placeholder.

Beta Character Voice Clips

  • The characters have an extra voice clip for when they are hit.
  • Some falling voice clips are much longer, causing the file to continue playing even after the character respawns.
  • Most of them also have longer voice clips for other actions, which were shortened in the final version, such as N. Tropy who has a "dizzy" voice clip with 12 seconds, which was reduced to 3 seconds in the final version.

Heigh Meter

  • The demo used to have a height meter that would pop up every time the kart was lifted from the ground.

Falling into a hole

  • The mask makes its sound effect and its theme plays when the character falls.
  • The mask comes down to rescue the character way faster.
  • There's no black screen transition with the respawn.
  • The characters respawn way faster.

Track Differences

Jungle Boogie

  • Jungle Boogie was using Tiny Temple's theme.
  • Some crates have a different placement.

Out of Time

Demo Final
CrashNitroKartDemo-Ramps.png CrashNitroKartFinal-Ramps.png
  • The ramps looked different.
  • There's a removed giant hourglass floating up above. It flips constantly in mid-air.
  • The "!" crate is misplaced.
  • There are no eagles flying around the stage background.
  • The windmills have a different sound effect.
Demo Final
CrashNitroKartDemo-Worms.png CrashNitroKartFinal-Worms.png
  • There are three worms instead of four.
  • The worms have different holes, which are just patches of dirt. They're still visible when hiding.
  • If one of the worms eats you, the camera doesn't change angles like in the final version.
  • The "X" crates that give you multiple weapons aren't present in the demo.
  • The windmills have a different sound effect.

Fence Shortcut

  • The fence in Out of Time that you can jump over is different. You can drive through it, but there's an invisible wall after that and there's no way past it.

Multiplayer (2-Player Mode)

It isn't possible to play with 3 or 4 players since the demo only offers the mode for 2 players.

Demo Final
CrashNitroKartDemo-2P.png CrashNitroKartFinal-2P.png
  • In general, Multiplayer was very unfinished at this point.
  • The HUD layout was based on Crash Team Racing with many similarities and much larger.
  • The players' icons were bigger.
  • The camera was much closer to the players.
  • There were 2 colored lines in the screen division.
  • The karts' smoke were enabled in Multiplayer instead of only in Single-Player in the final version.
  • The height meter was also present in Multiplayer.
  • No sound effects for Player 2's actions.


Voodoo Doll

The Voodoo Doll is an item that was removed from the final version which surrounds the player in a bright aura (complete with a heavenly choir) while supplying a short Team Frenzy-like effect with unlimited power-ups for a short amount of time. It also shrinks down whoever's in 1st place, generates a rain cloud over their head (similar to what happens in Crash Team Racing with the red N. Brio's Breakers), slows them down, and makes their kart slippery. The icon for the voodoo doll is still present in the final version, and you can see it flashing among the other power-ups when you break a crate.

CrashNitroKartDemo-VoodooDoll.png CrashNitroKartDemo-VoodooDoll2.png

Freeze Mine

  • The freeze mine used to have a different icon that is still used in the Game Boy Advance version.
  • The old model was a small crystal surrounded by a blue fog.
  • The effect of the Freeze Mine is shorter in the demo.

Static Orb

  • The thunder bolt is the Static Orb's original form. It was only different in appearance and icon.

Power Shield

  • Power Shield's icon is the exact same icon used in Crash Team Racing, meaning that some icons from that game were possibly used here as placeholders during the development.
  • The Shield has a different appearance.
  • If your teammate activates the Shield as well, a small sphere of energy will emerge from the bubble and automatically fly to the nearest racers, causing a shock to the opponents.

Aku Aku/Uka Uka

  • The masks have a very different theme.
  • If you hit someone while invincible, they will spin.

Super Engine

  • Super Engine's icon is the exact same icon used in Crash Team Racing.

Hacking Finds

Unlockable Characters

This demo lets you play with the 8 avaliable characters from the start. Despite this, using Cheat Engine and modifying the characters addresses, it's also possible to play with all the unlockable characters and load the bosses. However, when using a boss, the game will load Crash's model, so they aren't fully playable.

CrashNitroKartDemo-Velo.png CrashNitroKartDemo-NTropy.png CrashNitroKartDemo-Pura.png CrashNitroKartDemo-FakeCrash.png

Relic Times

The relic times for all tracks are different, though only times for Inferno Island and Jungle Boogie seem to be properly set.

Level Relic Times (Demo) Relic Times (Final)
Inferno Island 2:04:00
Jungle Boogie 2:07:80
Tiny Temple 2:31:50
Meteor Gorge 2:00:00
Barin Ruins 2:10:00
Deep Sea Driving 2:20:00
Out of Time 2:35:00
Clockwork Wumpa 2:30:00
Thunder Struck 3:00:00
Assembly Lane 2:35:00
Android Alley 2:35:00
Electron Avenue 3:15:00
Terra 1666:40:00
Velo's Vault
Velo's Citadel
Hyper Spaceway 4:00:00
Arena1 2:35:00
Lobby Not present.

Crystal Challenge Time Limits

They are all set to 60 seconds, most likely a placeholder.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty factor for "Easy", "Medium" and "Hard" difficulties on Arcade Mode was lowered to 0, 0.45 and 0.9 respectively on the final version from 0, 0.5 and 1 in the demo.

Gem Cups

The tracks for the gem cups are different in the demo, with all three Fenoma tracks missing from them.

Cup Tracks (Demo) Tracks (Final)
Red Gem Cup Inferno Island
Barin Ruins
Electron Avenue
Inferno Island
Meteor Gorge
Assembly Lane
Green Gem Cup Jungle Boogie
Meteor Gorge
Assembly Lane
Jungle Boogie
Deep Sea Driving
Out of Time
Blue Gem Cup Tiny Temple
Deep Sea Driving
Android Alley
Android Alley
Tiny Temple
Thunder Struck
Purple Gem Cup Assembly Lane
Meteor Gorge
Tiny Temple
Meteor Gorge
Clockwork Wumpa
Electron Avenue

Velo's Vault

It requires 3 keys to access as opposed to 4 in the final game, and the warp pad to Hyper Spaceway's relic race is not present.