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Title Screen

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Also known as: Modern Warfare 2
Developer: Infinity Ward
Publishers: Activision, Square Enix (JP)
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: December 23, 2009
Released in US: November 10, 2009
Released in EU: November 10, 2009

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

To do:
Quite a lot.
  • The FastFiles are a gold mine for unused content. They contain weapon sounds, models, and even level scripts. The FastFiles regarding patches can be examined for version differences. Level scripts can be examined for unused code and changes made to the missions themselves during development.
  • The game has a huge amount of undocumented debug material.
  • There are a bunch of unused menus regarding CD keys and the ability to create your own IWNet account in the game's files.
  • Work on the Unused Sounds subpage and upload all of the unused audio's multi-language counterparts.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the second entry in the Modern Warfare series as well as the sixth entry in the Call of Duty series. It features a blockbuster-themed campaign, a brand new co-op mode, and dozens of graphical enhancements from the first Modern Warfare game.


Debug Material
There are so many debugging options in this game, it has its own subpage.
Unused Sounds
An expanding library of audio that isn't used.
Call of Duty 4 Leftovers
The amount of leftovers in the game's files is incredible.


Unused Text

Singleplayer - iw4sp.str

Multiplayer - iw4mp.str

The Multiplayer portion of the game has a lot of unused strings. Some are leftovers from the original Modern Warfare, while others are from when the game supported dedicated servers during development.

Codename String Notes
EXE_CDKEYVALID Key code appears to be valid. The Windows release of the game is only available on Steam, and as such does not use key code verification.
EXE_CDKEYINVALID Key code does not appear to be valid.
EXE_AWAITINGCDKEYAUTH Awaiting key code authorization
EXE_ERR_INVALID_CD_KEY Key Code is not valid.\nPlease enter your Key Code in the Multiplayer Options/Enter Key Code menu and then try connecting to the server again.
EXE_ERR_CDKEY_IN_USE Key Code in use. Please try reconnecting later.
EXE_FAVORITELISTFULL Favorite list is full. The ability to mark favorite servers was removed as part of the decision to use IWNet for multiplayer instead of dedicated servers.
EXE_FAVORITEADDED Added favorite server.
EXE_FAVORITEINLIST This server is already a favorite server.
EXE_FAVORITENAMEEMPTY Server name is empty.
EXE_FAVORITEADDRESSEMPTY Server address is empty.
MENU_DEL_SEL_FAVORITE Delete selected favorite from list?
MENU_ADD_SELECTED_SERVER_TO_FAVORITES Add selected server to favorites?
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG1 Gain XP! You get experience points(XP) for getting kills, completing challenges, and completing matches on Ranked servers. None of these strings are present in mp/didyouknow.csv. Some of them also appear to be leftovers from the original Modern Warfare.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG2 Level up! As you gain XP, you earn promotions, unlockables, and new challenges.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG3 Customize your weapon! You can add a camouflage pattern or attachment to your weapons in Create-a-class.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG4 Design your own class! Create-a-class lets you choose your weapons and perks, then name the class to your liking.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG5 Use teamwork! If you damage an enemy but someone else gets the kill, you are awarded assist points.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG6 Get hardcore. Hardcore modes remove your hud and make weapons even more deadly.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG7 Custom games! Unranked games can play any game mode with custom rules.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG8 Challenges are rewarding. Weapon challenges unlock attachments and camouflage patterns for use in Create-a-class.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG9 Get more XP! You get extra XP bonuses for completing Challenges, located in Rank and Challenges.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG10 Listen in... You can hear the enemy team's voice chat with the Eavesdrop perk.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG11 Be aware... You can spot enemy explosive devices like claymores and C4 with the Bomb Squad perk.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG12 Take a stand! Pull out your pistol and make that last ditch effort to get some kills before you die with the Last Stand perk.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG13 Combine your air support! Call in an airstrike in combination with a UAV for a pinpoint accurate carpet bomb.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG14 Chopper down! Don't be afraid to fire at enemy choppers with your primary weapon. It may do less damage than a rocket, but it definitely hurts.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG15 Find the enemy! Calling in a UAV shows enemies on your radar as red dots. Knowing the enemy position is a big advantage.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG17 Defend your flags! In the Domination game mode, holding marked objectives gives your team points. The more objectives you hold, the more points you get.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG18 Watch those corners! Be careful playing Search and Destroy - when you die you don't respawn.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG19 Escort the bomb! Protect the bomb carrier in Sabotage. It takes teamwork to get to the enemy objective.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG20 Call in radar! You can earn radar for you and your team by getting 3 kills in a row without dying.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG21 Call in an airstrike! Get 5 kills in a row without dying and you can call in an air strike on the position of your choice.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG22 Call in a chopper! You can earn helicopter air support by getting 7 kills in a row without dying.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG23 Back to basics... The Old School game modes don't have classes. Everyone starts with the same weapons and must pick up new weapons and perks in the level.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG24 Pick your shots! When you fire a weapon WITHOUT a silencer, you appear as a red dot on your enemies' compass.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG25 Get quiet... Using a silencer doesn't show your shots as a red dot on the enemy compass, but your weapon's range is reduced.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG26 Stealth technology. Using the UAV Jammer perk will prevent you from showing as a red dot on the enemy compass.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG27 Grenades from a rifle mounted grenade launcher need to travel before they are armed. They do damage if they hit your enemy, but only explode at a distance.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG28 Create your own game mode! Start your own server and tweak game mode settings to whatever you like.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG29 Dominate with teamwork! Domination flags capture faster with multiple teammates capturing together.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG30 Use your knife! Melee the enemy with your knife for a fast and humiliating kill.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG31 Run faster! Pressing sprint will allow you to run faster for a short amount of time, but you can't use your weapon.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG32 Hold your breath! Hold your breath with scoped weapons for increased accuracy.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG33 Throw back grenades! Look for the grenade throwback icon when a grenade is near you. You can throw back the enemy's grenades.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG34 Shoot through walls! Different weapons can fire through many different surfaces with reduced damage.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG35 Use your inventory! Items like grenade launchers, RPGs, claymores, and C4 are stored in your inventory.
PLATFORM_DYK_MSG36 Explosive shortcut! Double tap the use key to detonate thrown C4 while using another weapon.
PLATFORM_NOTSIGNEDINTOPROFILE You have not chosen a profile yet. See below for details regarding profiles.
MENU_DELETE_PROFILE Delete selected profile?
MENU_A_PROFILE_WITH_THE_SAME_NAME_ALREADY_EXISTS A profile with the same name already exists
MENU_PROFILE_CREATE_TOO_MANY There are no free profile slots.\n\nRemove an old profile first.
MENU_PROFILE_CREATION_FAILED Profile creation failed.\n\nMake sure the disk isn't full and\nthat you have file write privileges.\n
MENU_PROFILE_DELETION_FAILED Profile deletion failed.\n\nThere may be some read-only files,\nor you may not have file write privileges.\n
MENU_NEED_PLAYER_PROFILE You need a player profile to play Modern Warfare 2.
MENU_CANT_SWITCH_PROFILES_INGAME Cannot switch player profiles while in game.

Unused Menus



Profiles were a feature present in the original Modern Warfare, which allowed the player to store multiple saves on one computer. However, this was one of the many other features that were axed during the game's development. This feature was likely scrapped late in the game's development as these menus look like the final game's menus. While its menus and localized strings are present in the game's files, the scripts they relied on are not.

Unused Killstreaks

To do:
Get the rest of the unused killstreaks. Here is a list of strings this game has (Used and Unused).

Little Bird

In the game files, there a bunch of sounds for an unused killstreak named "Little Bird". By switching the game's languages, you can access the voices recorded in a different language.

The following is code mentioning this killstreak.

precacheHelicopter( "vehicle_little_bird_armed", "cobra" );
makeHeliType( "littlebird", "explosions/aerial_explosion_littlebird_mp", ::defaultLightFX );
addAirExplosion( "littlebird", "explosions/aerial_explosion_littlebird_mp" );

Predator Airdrop

All that remains of this killstreak are strings.

Codename String

Super Airstrike

Like the Predator Airdrop, all that remains of this killstreak are strings.

Codename String
KILLSTREAKS_SUPER_AIRSTRIKE_DESC "Airstrike with some extra kick."

Advanced UAV

Like the Super Airstrike and Predator Airdrop, all that remains of this killstreak are strings.

Codename String
MP_EARNED_DOUBLE_UAV "Press [{+actionslot 4}] for ADVANCED UAV."
KILLSTREAKS_DOUBLE_UAV_DESC "UAV with faster sweep time."

Helicopter Blackbox

Like the killstreaks above, all that remains of this one are strings.

Codename String


Like the killstreaks above, all that remains of this one are strings. Like the Little Bird, there is some code that references this as well.

thread maps\mp\killstreaks\_tank::init();

Below is a table of strings used by this killstreak.

Codename String
MP_EARNED_TANK "Press [{+actionslot 4}] for Tank."
PERKS_TANK "6 killstreak for armor support."

Helicopter MK19

Like the killstreaks above, all that remains of this one are strings. Judging from these strings, it is possible that you would have been able to take control of a helicopter that isn't the Chopper Gunner.

Codename String
MP_EARNED_HELICOPTER_MK19 "Press [{+actionslot 4}] for HELICOPTER MK19."
KILLSTREAKS_HELICOPTER_MK19_DESC "Remote control of a helicopter GL."

Auto-Grenade Launcher

Like the killstreaks above, all that remains of this one are strings.

Codename String

Unused Music

In the game's files, there is a music file for the "Tactical Nuke" killstreak, most likely intended for when someone uses it. The sound file is an excerpt from the music track when the player kills General Shepherd at the end of the game.

Unused Graphics

Unused HUD Elements

File Name: test01.iwi
A graphic that has the number one in a circle. Located in iw_05.iwd, it was likely meant for testing purposes.
File Name: death_train.iwi
A graphic for the multiplayer game mode. Located in iw_01.iwd, it was most likely intended for if the player got killed by a train that no longer exists. What a shame.
File Name: hud_server_pure.iwi
An icon for a dedicated server browser. Located in iw_02.iwd, it was meant to show if the listed server does not use mods. However, since the game relies on matchmaking rather than a dedicated server browser, this icon is unused.
File Name: hud_server_locked.iwi
An icon for a dedicated server browser. Located in iw_02.iwd, it was meant to show if the listed server requires a password to be entered. However, since the game relies on matchmaking rather than a dedicated server browser, this icon is unused.
MW2-specialty akimbo.png
File Name: specialty_akimbo.iwi
An unused perk icon for a used attachment. Located in iw_05.iwd, it is possible that during development instead of having Akimbo as a weapon attachment, it would have been a perk.
File Name: objectivea.iwi
An unused objective point icon. Located in iw_03.iwd, it is possible that this icon was used in very early versions of the game, as it isn't even shown in any early screenshots.
File Name: objectiveb.iwi
An unused objective point icon. Located in iw_03.iwd, it is similar to objectivea.iwi, as it was probably used in very early versions of the game, as it isn't even shown in any early screenshots.
File Name: objpoint_ammo.iwi
An unused ammo point icon. Located in iw_03.iwd, it was probably used in very early versions of the game, as it isn't even shown in any early screenshots.
File Name: objpoint_bomb.iwi
An unused bomb point icon. Located in iw_03.iwd, it was probably used in very early versions of the game, as it isn't even shown in any early screenshots.
File Name: objpoint_flag_russian.iwi
An unused flag icon for the Spetznaz. Located in iw_03.iwd, it seems to be a very early version of the flag, as it lacks the traditional outline that most HUD elements would use.
File Name: objpoint_flag_american.iwi
An unused flag icon for the Navy Seals. Located in iw_03.iwd, it seems to be a very early version of the flag, as it lacks the traditional outline that most HUD elements would use.
File Name: objpoint_flag_british.iwi
An unused flag icon for Task Force 141. Located in iw_03.iwd, it seems to be a very early version of the flag, as it lacks the traditional outline that most HUD elements would use.
File Name: objpoint_flag_opfor.iwi
An unused flag icon for OpFor. Located in iw_03.iwd, it seems to be a very early version of the flag, as it lacks the traditional outline that most HUD elements would use.
File Name: objpoint_flag_neutral.iwi
An unused flag icon for neither of the two teams. Located in iw_03.iwd, it seems to be a very early version of the flag, as it lacks the traditional outline that most HUD elements would use.
File Name: xenon_controller_top.iwi
An Xbox 360 controller. While this is used in the Xbox 360 version of the game, the Windows version of the game does not support controllers, making this unused.

Unused In-Game Elements

File Name: weapon_mg4_scope_col.iwi
A texture sheet (located in iw_07.iwd) used by an unused scope attachment for the MG4.
Mw2-power drill col.png File Name: weapon_power_drill_sm_col.iwi
A texture sheet (located in iw_07.iwd) for a Power Drill, which is for some reason considered a "weapon".
CODMW2R870TextureSheet.png File Name: weapon_870_mcs_col.iwi
A texture sheet (located in iw_06.iwd) for a removed weapon called the Remington 870 MCS.
File Name: a_temp_ceiling.iwi
A temporary texture for ceilings. Located in iw_00.iwd, it was most likely intended for level designers to build and test fun levels without having to wait for environment artists to produce appropriate visual assets.
File Name: a_temp_ground.iwi
A temporary texture for the ground. Located in iw_00.iwd, it was most likely intended for level designers, as mentioned above.
File Name: a_temp_wall.iwi
A temporary texture for the walls. Located in iw_00.iwd, it was most likely intended for level designers, as mentioned above.

Unused Cinematics

In the game's files, there are a few .bik files that are not used in the actual game.

default.bik attract.bik title.bik

Unused Vehicles

An untextured model that barely resembles an actual vehicle is present in the game's files. Likely meant for testing purposes.
CoDMW2-Default Vehicle.png

Unused Weapons

Default Weapon

To do:
Figure out how to render the viewmodel and regular model in Blender at a decent resolution, then include them as images here. Also change the images here as they are pretty gnarly in terms of quality.
As an attempt to show the model, the FOV has been increased.

The Default Weapon is present in almost every Call of Duty game to date, sometimes with different variants but most of the time it's relatively the same. This game's version of the Default Weapon is no exception. It lacks sound effects, proper textures, proper sights, and a reloading animation.

Below is a table of strings (attachments included) used by this weapon.

Codename Attachment String

Unused Maps/Missions


Only the following localized strings remain.

Map Name Code Name Description (if any) Notes
"Ambush" MPUI_CONVOY "Large desert town. Excels in Sabotage matches." Cod4 Leftover
"Arcadia" MPUI_SUBURBIA "<Description Needed>" Might have been associated with the campaign missions Exodus and Wolverines!, which are set in Arcadia.
"Argun" MPUI_ARGUN Cut Cod4 map
"Backlot" MPUI_BACKLOT "Medium sized construction site. Great level for any mode." Cod4 Leftover
"Bloc" MPUI_BLOC "Large Russian apartment bloc. Intense Domination matches." Cod4 Leftover
"Bog" MPUI_BOG "Small desert bog. Open level, excellent for smaller groups." Cod4 Leftover
"Broadcast" MPUI_BROADCAST "TV Station." Cod4 Leftover
"Cellblock" MPUI_CELLBLOCK Cut Cod4 map
"Citystreets Night" MPUI_CITYSTREETS_NIGHT Cut nighttime version of citystreets from cod4.
"Countdown" MPUI_COUNTDOWN "Open launch pad. Huge sight lines and dangerous maneuvering." Cod4 Leftover
"Crib - Basement" MPUI_CRIB_BASEMENT
"Crossfire" MPUI_CROSSFIRE "Small desert town. Intense interior fighting and strong firefights." Cod4 Leftover
"District" MPUI_CITYSTREETS "Large urban town with a market in the middle. Great for team games." Cod4 Leftover
"Downpour" MPUI_FARM "Big rainy Russian farm. Excellent for Sabotage matches." Cod4 Leftover
"Dusk" MPUI_DUSK Cut Cod4 map (Remake of dawnville from Cod1 and 2)
"Facility" MPUI_FACILITY Cut Cod4 map
"Firing Range MPUI_FIRINGRANGE Most likely the firing range for testing weapons similar to that of Cod4.
"Fuel MPUI_FUEL Original version of fuel , fuel2 was later added as DLC.
"Gulag" MPUI_GULAG "Night time jail fight. Large scale Russian prison fighting." As the title implies, it would have likely been based on the campaign map that bears a very similar name.
"Hill" MPUI_HILL Cut Cod4 map
"Mansion" MPUI_MANSION Cut Cod4 map
"Oil Rig" MPUI_OILRIG Based on the campaign mission "The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday".
"Overgrown Night" MPUI_OVERGROWN_NIGHT Cut nighttime version of overgrown from cod4.
"Palace" MPUI_PALACE Cut Cod4 map
"Pipeline" MPUI_PIPELINE "Russian trainyard. Excellent team games." Cod4 Leftover
"Rooftops" MPUI_ROOFTOPS Cut Cod4 map
"Shipment" MPUI_SHIPMENT "Tiny Russian shipyard. Fast paced action with no hiding." Cod4 Leftover
"Skidrow" MPUI_RAID
"Strike Night" MPUI_STRIKE_NIGHT Cut nighttime version of strike from cod4.
"Showdown" MPUI_SHOWDOWN "Small desert arena. Great fast game play for small numbers of players." Cod4 Leftover
"Trailer" MPUI_TRAILER Later included in the Resurgence Pack as Trailer Park.
"Vertigo" MPUI_VERTIGO The lobby image (present in the console releases but not on the Windows release) suggests that it would have been similar to the Highrise map.
"Wet Work" MPUI_CARGOSHIP "Medium-large cargoship. Fast-paced Search and Destroy matches." Cod4 Leftover


While there is a map that is used by the game that is similar to this one, the level "All Ghillied Up" from the original Modern Warfare is still present but the mission is not. You spawn wielding no weapon but you can obtain the M1014 by attempting to switch weapons. The map lacks a proper compass map, some models don't have their textures, and the radiation that should kill you doesn't exist. The level can be accessed using console commands or modding.


Interestingly, co_hunted, a map from the original Modern Warfare is still in the final release build. It's possible to load a half finished mission that uses it. Your objective is to run from the helicopter crash site to the bridge as quickly as possible. Upon reaching the bridge, your controls either freeze, or a grey window appears that asks you to "Return To Special Ops". If you run out of time, it blows up and you fail the mission.

Difficulty Time Limit
Recruit 4 Minutes
Regular 3 Minutes
Hardened 2 Minutes
Veteran 1½ Minutes

All allied forces use models from the original Modern Warfare. However, the axis forces, as well as your own character, use models from this game.

The mission would later be refined in the final game as the Special Ops mission Overwatch with significant differences, such as no allied forces at the beginning and the mission ending at the barn rather than the gas station. This version requires two players to play, one player would protect the other by attacking enemy forces with an AC-130.

Below is a video which demonstrates the unused mission.

Unused Gamemodes

Arcade Mode

A special version of the Singleplayer gametype. You are given 5 lives, and your task is to get as many points as possible while playing the campaign with a 20 minute time limit. When you run out of lives, the game is over. Although most of the gametype is functional, getting a game over does not work as intended. Accessible using console commands or modding. Below is a video which demonstrates the gamemode.


Very similar to Search and Destroy. No respawning, first team to win four rounds wins. The objective of the game mode is to kill all the opposing team's players. When only one player on each team is left standing, a flag spawns in a random location. If the flag is brought back to a team's respective side, they win. Even if one of the last two players alive kills the other, the flag must still be captured in order to win the round. Accessible using console commands or modding.

The following table is a list of strings this gamemode uses.

Codename String
OBJECTIVES_ARENA "Team elimination with a twist"
OBJECTIVES_ARENA_HINT "Eliminate the enemy or capture the flag"
OBJECTIVES_ARENA_SCORE "Eliminate the enemy or capture the flag. The flag will spawn when a team is down to one player."
MENU_ARENA "Win the match by eliminating the opposing team or capturing the center point."


At Defcon 5, the game progresses as normal. At Defcon 4, each player goes into Last Stand before death. At Defcon 3, every weapon deals more damage. At Defcon 2, all killstreaks take one less kill to obtain. At Defcon 1, all players are eliminated from one round when killed. If after a minute one side has not won at Defcon 1, a Nuke detonates, and the games ends as a draw. Files called "[faction]_1mc_defcon_[1-5]_01.wav" can be found, and there are also the announcer sound files for the player's team saying Defcon 5 all the way to Defcon 1. Accessible using console commands or modding.

The following table is a list of strings this gamemode uses.

Codename String
CHALLENGE_DESC_DICTATOR "Change the DEFCON 3 times in one game."
CHALLENGE_DESC_MACH5 "Change the DEFCON in the first minute of a game."
MP_CAUSED_DEFCON "Emergency Airdrop!"
SPLASHES_DEFCON_LOWER_DESC "Killstreaks upgraded!"
SPLASHES_DEFCON_RAISE_DESC "Killstreaks downgraded."
SPLASHES_DEFCON_4_DESC "Match starting!"
SPLASHES_DEFCON_3_DESC "Emergency airdrop incoming!"
SPLASHES_DEFCON_2_DESC "Killstreaks rollover!"
SPLASHES_DEFCON_1_DESC "Double points for objectives!"

Die Hard

In Die Hard, everyone is given the Last Stand park and teammates in Last Stand are marked with a green cross on the minimap. This game mode has a variant of almost every game mode such as Die Hard Team Deathmatch, Die Hard Domination, and so on.

Codename String

Global Thermonuclear War

Global Thermonuclear War is very similar to the Sabotage game mode, except the objective is to guard a tactical nuke from the enemy team until the time runs out. It appears to have been scrapped late in development, as it's fully functional and can be played using console commands or modding. Plus, Strategy guide shows pictures of a game of Global Thermonuclear War.

Codename String
MPUI_GTNW "Global Thermonuclear War"
OBJECTIVES_GTNW "Be the first team to capture the Nuclear Strike crate to win."
OBJECTIVES_GTNW_SCORE "Be the first team to capture the Nuclear Strike crate to win. First team to &&1 capture wins."
OBJECTIVES_GTNW_HINT "Capture the nuke."

One Flag Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag, except one team has to defend a flag while the other team have to grab the flag and bring it back to their side. Accessible using console commands or modding.

The following table is a list of strings this gamemode uses.

Codename String
OBJECTIVES_ONE_FLAG_ATTACKER "Gain points by stealing the enemy flag and then touching the beacon at your base."
OBJECTIVES_ONE_FLAG_DEFENDER "Protect the flag from being captured."
OBJECTIVES_ONE_FLAG_ATTACKER_SCORE "Gain points by stealing the enemy flag and then touching the beacon at your base. First team with &&1 captures wins."
OBJECTIVES_ONE_FLAG_DEFENDER_SCORE "Protect the flag from being captured. First team with &&1 captures wins."


Capture the Flag, but your team is instead protecting a randomly selected player.

When you open the Game Rules menu for it in a private match, these are the following options:

Game Rule Default Value Valid Values
Time Limit 2.5 Minutes 2.5 Minutes
3 Minutes
5 Minutes
8 Minutes
10 Minutes
Round Switch Every Round Never
Every Round
Every 2 Rounds
Every 3 Rounds
Every 4 Rounds

Unused Strings

Codename String Description
MPUI_VIP "VIP" This would have been used to display the name of the unused VIP game mode.
MENU_VIP "Take turns escorting the VIP to the extraction zone." This would have been used for anywhere the displays the VIP game mode's description.
OBJECTIVES_VIP_ATTACKER_HINT "Kill the VIP and keep him from reaching the extraction zone." Would have likely been used to tell players what their objectives are.
OBJECTIVES_VIP_DEFENDER_HINT "Defend the VIP and help him reach the extraction zone."
OBJECTIVES_VIP_DEFENDER_SCORE "Protect the VIP and assist his extraction. When the VIP reaches the extraction zone defend him until extraction is complete." Would have likely been used in the
OBJECTIVES_VIP_ATTACKER_SCORE "Kill the VIP and any defenders. Prevent the VIP from being extracted from battle."
MP_ELIMINATED_VIP "V.I.P. Eliminated" Would have appeared at the end of a round.
SPLASHES_VIP "You are the VIP"

Weapon Attachments

There are multiple attachments that were scrapped from the multiplayer part of the game due to reasons related to balance. Only a few localized strings are what remains of those attachments.

Weapon Codename Attachment String
Model 1887 WEAPON_MODEL1887_XMAGS Extended Mags "Model 1887 Extended Mags"
SPAS-12 WEAPON_SPAS12_HEARTBEAT_SENSOR Heartbeat Sensor "SPAS-12 Heartbeat"
Winchester 1200 WEAPON_WINCHESTER1200_GRIP Foregrip "W1200 Foregrip"
Winchester 1200 WEAPON_WINCHESTER1200_REDDOT Red Dot Sight "W1200 Red Dot Sight"


This feature would have likely allowed users to create their own custom gamemodes and use them in private matches. Unfortunately, all that remains of this feature are a few localized strings.

Codename String
MENU_CUSTOMMODE_KEYBOARD "Name your custom game mode"
GAME_CUSTOM_GAMEMODE "Modern Warfare 2 Custom Game Mode"

Beta Leftover

Codename Text
MP_BETACLOSED "The Beta for Modern Warfare 2 has now ended."


A bunch of unused perks can be found in the game's files. While some were cut due to balancing, others were made into deathstreaks.

Name Code Name Description
"Flash Grenade x 3" PERKS_FLASHGRENADE "Blinds and deafens targets."
"EMP Grenades x3" PERKS_3X_WEAPON_EMP_GRENADE "Utilize the grenades of KIA."
"Mozambique" PERKS_BURSTFIRE "3 round burst mode."
"Siege" PERKS_SIEGE "Immobile but greater accuracy"
"Free Fall" PERKS_FREEFALL "No falling damage."
"Feign Death" PERKS_FEIGNDEATH "Fake your own Death"
"Shellshock" PERKS_SHELLSHOCK "A riot shield on your back."
"Freerunner" PERKS_FASTMANTLE "Climb obstacles faster."
"Explosive Bullets" PERKS_EXPLOSIVEBULLETS "Bullets explode on impact"
"Thermal Vision" PERKS_THERMAL "Enemies glow white hot."
"Dive" PERKS_JUMPDIVE "Jump to dodge bullets."
"Blackbox" PERKS_BLACKBOX "Longer killstreak duration."
"Steel Nerves" PERKS_STEELNERVES "Improves marksmanship."
"Amplify" PERKS_AMPLIFY "Enhanced hearing of enemy footsteps."
"Saboteur" PERKS_SABOTEUR "Quickly complete objectives."
"Heart-Breaker" PERKS_HEARTBREAKER "Invisible to heartbeat sensors."
"Challenger" PERKS_CHALLENGER "Easy death but extra experience."
"Rearview" PERKS_REARVIEW "Minimap is replaced with rear view."
"Improved Iron Lungs" PERKS_IMPROVEDEXTRABREATH "Even longer breath for steadier sniper shots."
"Primary Stand" PERKS_LAST_STAND_PRIMARY "Use any weapon in Last Stand."
"Spy Game" PERKS_SPYGAME "No red crosshair or name when targeted."
"C4Death" PERKS_C4DEATH "Pull out C4 before death."
"Offhand" PERKS_LAST_STAND_OFFHAND "Use equipment in last stand."

Multiplayer Mail System

It appears that during its early stages of development, the game used an in-game mailing system. The following localized strings are what remain in the game files. A similar idea was used with the daily and weekly orders in Call of Duty: WW2, where the player can complete challenges (such as getting a number of kills on a set playlist), in return for a supply drop or bonus XP.

Code Name Description
MPUI_MAIL_SUBJECT_TOO "Target of oppurtunity eliminated!"
MPUI_MAIL_BODY_WEAPON_TOO "You've eliminated a known target that we'd been looking for for some time. We'll be sending you something useful as payment."
MPUI_MAIL_SUBJECT_WEAPON_ARRIVED "Enjoy your new hardware!"
MPUI_MAIL_BODY_WEAPON_ARRIVED "We hope this bad boy helps you out in the fight against the enemy. Give 'em hell for us."
MPUI_MAIL_SUBJECT_PERK_ARRIVED "New field manual declassified."
MPUI_MAIL_BODY_PERK_ARRIVED "You've received clearence for the field opperations manual. Use what you've learned wisely."
MPUI_MAIL_SUBJECT_INCOMING_ATTACHMENT "Something new is on the way."
MPUI_MAIL_BODY_INCOMING_ATTACHMENT "I've sent you a little something for your troubles; it should be arriving shortly. Enjoy."
MPUI_MAIL_SUBJECT_ATTACHMENT_ARRIVED "Hope you get some use out of this"
MPUI_MAIL_BODY_ATTACHMENT_ARRIVED "Here's a handy attachment for your weapon. P.S. I miss you so bad it hurts."
MPUI_MAIL_BODY_CAMO_ARRIVED "Here's a little something to spice up the look of your weapon."
MPUI_MAIL_BODY_INCOMING_SUPPORT "I'm working on authorization to get you some new air support. Stay tuned."
MPUI_MAIL_SUBJECT_SUPPORT_ARRIVED "Your authorization came through."
MPUI_MAIL_BODY_SUPPORT_ARRIVED "I got the authorization for some new air support. Get out there and win one for us!"

It appears that along with this mailing system, it would be possible to earn one of three lottery tickets, being either a regular ticket, a super ticket, or a mega ticket.

Unused Abilities

Getting a Tactical Nuke from a Care Package

Imagine getting this during your first time playing the multiplayer.

It isn't possible to get the Tactical Nuke killstreak from a care package or emergency airdrop. With the use of console commands or modding, you can force the game to give you the killstreak in a care package/emergency airdrop. Due to the nature of the killstreak itself, the chances of getting it were made impossible most likely for balancing purposes.

The following string is left unused because of this.

Codename String
MP_NUKE_PICKUP "Press and hold [{+activate}] for a Nuclear Strike"

Camouflaged Secondary Weapons

It usually isn't possible to apply a camouflage to a secondary weapon in the multiplayer game mode. However, with the use of console commands or modding, you can apply camouflages to secondary weapons.

Mw2-spas12-bluetigercamo.png Mw2-m1014-redtigercamo.png

The following weapons support this feature:

  • SPAS-12
  • AA-12
  • M1014
  • Striker

Hidden Level Select

Hidden within the game's menus is a level selection screen, which bears a striking resemblance to the original Modern Warfare's UI. It allows you to access any level in the singleplayer campaign. Most level options in this menu contain the names of developers who are assumed to have been assigned to work on it. There are two ways to access this menu. The first method is to type /developer 1 into the developer console and clicking on the new "Game Levels" option. The second method is to type /openmenu levels_game into the developer console, which will bring you directly to the menu.

Mission Select Game Levels Screen
CODMW2-Debug-GameLevelsMissionSelect.png CODMW2-Debug-GameLevels.png

Hidden Developer Signatures

Designer/Scripter Alexander Roycewicz hid his name in a couple of maps he worked on. These can be hard to find as these are flat brown letters floating in the air and are in locations where the player normally can't go.

Region Differences

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"No Russian" Mission

The mission, "No Russian" was subject to changes in a few regions. If you kill a civilian in the Japanese and German releases, you fail the mission. To add to this, the Russian release of the game doesn't even have the mission at all.

The Japanese version of the mission was by far the most affected. The poor translation accuracy ended up having an effect on Makarov's infamous line. As a result, there was a lot of backlash towards the Japanese publisher Square Enix.

English Japanese (Translated)
"Remember... no Russian." "Kill them, they are Russians."

Multiplayer Unlocked Icon

The icon used for an unlocked item differs between the English and the non-English versions of the game. It is likely that to save the trouble of translating the word "new" to different languages, the developers just changed the picture to a picture of an unlocked lock.

English Non-English
CODMW2-Regional-NewIcon-English.png CODMW2-Regional-NewIcon-English-Background.png CODMW2-Regional-NewIcon.png

Version Differences

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Update 1.06

The update was released on December 11, 2009. This update did several things, including:

  • Fixed a glitch that allowed the player to have three guns.
  • Fixed several XP hacks.
  • Fixed the so-called "Javelin Glitch", shown here.
  • Adjusted how players behaved when holding a Care Package marker. Initially, after earning any killstreak delivered by Care Package (including the Sentry Gun and Emergency Airdrop killstreaks), players would receive a large boost in movement speed while equipping the marker. It's debatable whether this was intended in the first place or not, but it was regardless changed in this update so that movement speed is no longer increased.

Update 1.07

The update was released on December 18, 2009. Before this update, the Model 1887's Akimbo attachment had an excessively long range. The update significantly reduced the range of the Akimbo attachment and also patched a hack that gave a very high level to players. The video below demonstrates the range before and after this update.

Update 1.08

The update was released on January 29, 2010. Before this update, the Model 1887's Akimbo and Bling attachment combination had the same excessively long range that the pre-1.07 Akimbo attachment had. The update significantly reduced the range of the attachment combination and fixed several glitches.

Map Pulled

On October 8, 2012, Activision temporarily pulled the Favela map after getting several complaints from offended Muslim players because on the Favela map, there is a room in one of the buildings with 2 paintings. The picture's frames contained foreign text that read "Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty". The problem with this was that the painting was placed in a bathroom and as a result many found this location choice to be very disrespectful.

After solving the problem, the map returned on October 23, 2012 without the offensive content.

(Source: http://www.shacknews.com/article/76098/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-2-map-favela-pulled-following)