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Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor

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Title Screen

Might & Magic VII: For Blood and Honor

Developer: New World Computing
Publisher: 3DO Company
Platforms: Windows
Released in US: January 2, 1999
Released in EU: 1999

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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The seventh installment in the Might and Magic series.

To do:
  • NWC developer dungeon, needs more info.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
M&M7 Icons npc966.png
Unused Graphics
M&M6 Icons SCROLL.png
Unused Texts
"Quickly, come with me to the laboratory! The forge is ready…"
M&M6 Icons SCROLL.png
Debug and Unused Development Text
Yes, M&M7 (and 8 of course) uses mm6.ini, what don't you understand?

Unused Sound Effects


Possibly part of the Arcomage game.


Possibly part of the Arcomage game.


Possibly part of the Arcomage game.

M&M6 Gong item leftover.
M&M6 Memory Crystal sound leftover.
A placeholder sound.

Unused Actors



Manticores can only appear randomly on Arena. Supposedly invisible and crash the game if clicked on.


Tier 1

Walk Taunt Attack
Mam7 minicore w.gif Mam7 minicore f.gif Mam7 minicore a.gif


Tier 2

Walk Taunt Attack
Mam7 manticore w.gif Mam7 manticore f.gif Mam7 manticore a.gif

Tier 3

Walk Taunt Attack
Mam7 scorpicore w.gif Mam7 scorpicore f.gif Mam7 scorpicore a.gif


Red Dragon on the Emerald Isle should has his name set as Morcarack, but due to a bug it's swapped with simply "Red Dragon".


The Megadragon in the Dragon Caves in the Land of the Giants was going to have fortified statistics and a special animation, however probably due to a bug this features were cancelled. In the game files one can find his full animation, that was later reused for all of the dragons in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer.

M&M7 Sprites M480Fa1.png

Statistics True MegaDragon (unused) Broken MegaDragon (used also for Morcarack) Red Dragon
Special Animation Yes No No
Level 100 100 100
Hit Points 1300 1300 1300
Armor Class 100 100 100
Experience 11000 11000 11000
Move Short Short Short
AI Type Suicidal Aggressive Aggressive
Speed 300 300 300
Bonus Eradication Broke Armor Broke Armor
Attack Type Energy Fire Fire
Damage 20D8 16D8 16D8
Fire res. Immune 0 Immune
Air res 70 0 70
Water 70 0 70
Earth 70 0 70
Mind 70 0 70
Spirit 15 0 15
Body Immune 0 Immune
Light 30 0 30
Dark 30 0 30
Phys 70 0 70
Special Summoning Dragon None None

Super Vampire

Used to be a resident of the Wine Cellar in Tatalia in M&M7 1.0. Killing him was a quest objective, but somehow it was broken and mission was impossible to accomplish. Thus he was removed from the game in later patches. He had the same stats as Elder Vampire, except for his weaker mind immunity - average Vampire is immune to mind spells, while Supervampire has only 30 points of immunity. He was also probably an owner of Vampire's Cape that is described below, but it never found it's way to the final release.

Small Trolls

The game files contains fully animated smaller version of a Troll. It's statistics are not present in monsters.txt and thus it can't be placed on a map, but they were found in a Dwarven Barrows in the March 1999 prototype of Might and Magic VII.

Unused small Troll Used big Troll
M&M7 sprites M461Sa0.png M&M7 sprites m462Sa0.png


There were plans to add a bit of life to the cities by placing there cats, dogs, small rats and chickens, they even have full animations of walking in all directions and dying.

M&M7 Sprites m500wa1.png M&M7 Sprites m504sa2.png M&M7 Sprites m509wb2.png M&M7 Sprites m514wa2.png

Statistics Armor Class Hit Points Damage Experience Move
1 3 2D2 11 Long

Unused Cinematics & Locations


Eofol Tunnel Entrances

Most of the tunnels connected to Eofol / Thunderfist don't have any entrance cutscene (in the release version of the game). The ones that have use the Thunderfist Mountain cutscene.

Temple of the Light

Due to restrictions of the game mechanics it wasn't possible to add transition screen to a dungeon with entrance inside house or institution - and because Temple of the Light is inside Celeste Temple, it lacks this beautiful cinematic.

The Temple of the Light is one of the most beautiful and serene places in the world.  Any follower of the Light can feel their troubles slipping away as they walk in these hallowed halls.

Temple of the Dark

The same as above applies to the Temple of the Dark.

The Temple of the Dark is still in use by the forces of evil.  Sacrifices are held monthly, and foul rites are performed routinely on the front steps.

Breeding Zone

Not sure why it wasn't used, Walls of Mist cinematic in Celeste works just fine.

Traitors and prisoners of war are frequently thrown in this horrible pit as object lessons in cruelty.  All Necromancers must also enter the pit and escape before they can complete their apprenticeships.

Mount Nighon

Warlock Stables

There're no stables at Nighon therefore it is unused.

M&M7 icons npc776.png

Warlock Leader's Throne Room

Warlocks were going to play much bigger role than we've seen in a final release. In 2Devents.txt one can find a name of dead and burried Warlock Castle:

Castle Deadwood

Warlock Bank

M&M7 icons npc927.png

Warlock Alchemist

M&M7 icons npc771.png

Warlock Town Hall

According to videos names, Necromancers' Town Hall was primarily used for Nighon, but videos were swapped when developers decided that Nighon will be a smaller city. There is also unused Warlock clerks voice - game uses Necromancers clerk voice.

Houses Cinematics

Human Poor House 3

Dwarven Rich House 2

Armsmaster House

His portrait was used for a human banker.

Unused Items

Name Graphic in equipment Graphic on adventure map Description and comment
The DeathBlade of Vigor M&M7 icons item007.png M&M7 sprites OBJ006.png For testing... remove before final release.
Value: 666
Type: Special, Two-Handed Sword
Damage: 4d5
Attack: 2
Health points +50

It's graphics are actually used for a Great Sword.

Flower (Rose) M&M7 icons item269.png M&M7 sprites OBJ269.png A red, red, rose.
Empty Message Scroll, Lich Jar Placeholder, Elixir Placeholder, Final Part Placeholder, Level Design Placeholder, Artifact Placeholder (Elf vs. Human), Riverstride Plans Placeholder, False Plans Placeholder, Neutral Bow Placeholder, Elf/Human Artifact Placeholder, Orders from Snergle (M&M6 leftover), Name of Message M&M7 sprites item182.png M&M7 sprites OBJ182.png A message scroll. To read this message, pick the scroll up and left-click over the character picture in the inventory screen.
Missing Scroll Text 727-739

The graphics of a scroll itself are present in the game

Thigh Bone M&M7 icons item271.png M&M7 sprites OBJ271.png A human(?) thigh bone.
Sealed Letter 2-7 M&M7 icons Item252-256.png M&M7 sprites OBJ251.png (Used for Letter from Johann Kerrid to the Faerie King) A sealed letter.

Value: 0, 4000, 1000, 1200, 2200, 1400

Newname Key M&M7 icons Item212-216.png M&M7 sprites OBJ205.png (Used also by the other keys in the game) A small key.
Unused Case of Soul Jars M&M8 icon item352.png Alternatively coloured Case of Soul Jars, apparently not present in-game. Looks like blue version was going to be placed in Castle Gloaming and green in Thunderfist Mountain.
Unused spell book M&M7 icons item194.png
Unused long dagger artifact of Elf/Human slaying M&M7 icons item222.png Every type of weapon in the game has at least one powerful artifact. Except for a long dagger, so this is probably the lacking artifact. Placeholder entries in Items.txt tells that it was going to be "of Elf/Human slaying".
Another unused rose M&M8 icon item360.png
Unused Ore M&M icon item359.png M&M8 sprite obj359.png

Dagger with Broken Palette

This dagger with broken colours was left for some reason among adventure map graphics of items:

M&M7 Sprites OBJ015.png

Vampire's Cape

Looks like it belongs to a Super Vampire from Wine Cellar, but it doesn't appear in the in 1.0 version of the game nor in the official patches. Internally it's set as "of the Moon" enchantment, thus it would give + 10 to Intellect and Luck.

M&M7 VampireCloak.png

Unused Quests

Events.lod contains these peculiar strings:

Killed specific monster (Armsmaster GM quest) - important for Bob
Completed fountain quest (Water Magic GM) - important for Bob

Both grandmaster teachers don't require finishing these quests to teach heroes new skills. However it looks like the first mission was scrapped on late stages of development, because Armsmaster Grandmaster has unused unique cinematic of his house and in the Dragon Caves there is a special Megadragon that could fulfil requirement of being "specific monster".

Developer Dungeon

Like in the preceding and the following games, there is a hidden dungeon that resembles the offices of New World Computing, the studio behind the game, populated by characters referencing the development team.

To get there, go to the Shoals, and look for a sunken pirate ship in the middle-right side of the map. Behind some rocks at the bottom of the ship is a chest with a Temple in a Bottle item inside. Use this item to get warped to The Strange Temple.

To do:
Add information on any interesting sights there.

Revisional Differences

Uppercase text in during character creation

Version 1.1 Preview and version 1.0
Mam7 prerelease ign M7Creation comparison.png Mam7 prerelease ign M7Creation.jpg

Right image is taken from 15.IV 1999 IGN preview, but it's also true for a vanilla 1.0 version.[1] This was altered in patch 1.1.


[1] - Many interesting unused content in Russian.


  1. Might and Magic 7 Preview - rpgvault.ign.com, Apr. 15th, 1999