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Proto:Super Nazo Puyo

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Super Nazo Puyo.

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A commercial sample version of Super Nazo Puyo was dumped by keiichi-desu on September 5, 2022. According to a label on its PCB, it's estimated to be 70% complete.[1]

The dumped ROM lacks an SRAM configuration, leaving the story modes unplayable due to the uninitialized save files being corrupted. This can be corrected by adding the SRAM configuration by editing the bytes at 0x7FD6 and 0x7FD8 to 02 and 03, respectively.

For convenience, a patch to resolve this problem is provided alongside the ROM in the download link below:

Download.png Download Super Nazo Puyo (Sample Version)
File: Super Nazo Puyo - Sample Version.zip (518 KB) (info)

General Differences

  • The header for the ROM is copied from Super Puyo Puyo, identifying itself as SUPER PUYOPUYO at offset 0x7FC0. The final ROM identifies itself as スーパーナゾプヨルルーノルー.
  • Rulue starts in a different position for her story. This area also has more branching pathways compared to the final.
Sample Final
SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-RulueStartArea.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-RulueStartArea.png
  • Pressing Select pauses the game on the current frame, likely as a screenshot mode.
  • Pausing and resuming the game will automatically clear the current stage.
  • Holding B while exploring will slow down the player's walk speed.
  • CUSTOM and SPECIAL CUSTOM are available by default. Additionally, the main options menu is based more off Super Puyo Puyo, just with a DUMMY option in place of the FACE option.
    • Descriptions for each option are missing.
    • Arle's name is misspelled as "Arule" in the SPECIAL CUSTOM menu.
Sample Final





Audio Differences

  • Voice samples don't play when clearing levels, though they can be heard in the CUSTOM menu using clips 05 (Arle) and 0A (Rulue).
  • Most sound effects are quieter.

Graphical Differences

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  • Rulue's head on the title screen was repositioned and her eyes were redrawn.
Sample Final
SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-Title.png Super Nazo Puyo-title.png
  • Arle and Rulue's portraits during gameplay are mostly in similar poses, but ended up getting redrawn and given brighter colors.
Sample Final
SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-ArlePortrait1.png SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-ArlePortrait2.png SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-ArlePortrait3.png SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-ArlePortrait4.png SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-ArleVictory.png SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-ArleLose.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-ArlePortrait1.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-ArlePortrait2.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-ArlePortrait3.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-ArlePortrait4.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-ArleVictory.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-ArleLose.png
  • Rulue notably holds her fan in all her portraits.
    • Her low HP portrait in the sample version has an error that makes two tiles next to her eye become the same as background color after she blinks.
Sample Final
SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-RuluePortrait1.png SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-RuluePortrait2.png SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-RuluePortrait3.png SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-RuluePortrait4.png SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-RulueVictory.png SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-RulueLose.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-RuluePortrait1.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-RuluePortrait2.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-RuluePortrait3.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-RuluePortrait4.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-RulueVictory.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-RulueLose.png
  • The background graphic in the status area of the screen is a generic stone block instead of question mark blocks.
  • The experience gems earned by clearing puzzles grow into place, rather than filling in the empty gems. They also do not flash when getting a level up.
Sample Final
SuperNazoPuyo-Sample-ExpGems.png SuperNazoPuyo-Final-ArleVictory.png