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Pocket Puyo Puyo~n

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Title Screen

Pocket Puyo Puyo~n

Developer: Compile
Publisher: Compile
Platform: Game Boy Color
Released in JP: September 22, 2000

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Custom Menu

In おぷしょん (option mode), select a せっていへんこう and first press A and press A + B to add the Custom menu to the "ゲームの せってい" (Game Option).

Pocket Puyo Puyo~n CUSTOM.png

じどう そうじゅう (Auto control)

Original Translated
ONにすると ゲームちゅうの ぷよの
そうさを コンピュータがしてしまいます。
だれが あなたの だいりをするかは
したの CPUで きめます。
In turn on, Change control puyo by computer in all of game.

Select on "CPU" menu that who is behalf you.


Original Translated
デモプレイや じどうそうじゅうでの
ひだりがわの たんとうです。
ひょうじキャラとは かんけいありません。
Control left side on demo play and auto control.
It is unrelated to display character.

This menu is the same as "こんぴゅーたー:1" in Pocket Puyo Puyo Tsuu.

すべての じょうほうを けす(Delete all data)

Original Translated
さまざまな きろくや せっていを
すべて けしてしまいます。
とても きけんです。ちゅうい。
Delete all data and option.
It is too dangerous. Caution!

In this menu, show message.

Original Translated
すべての きろくと せっていを
けして しまいます。

やめるなら Bを おしてください。
けしていいなら STARTと
SELECTと Aを どうじに
Delete all data and option.

If you want to quit, press B.
If you want to delete, press START,SELECT and A same time.

Special Custom Menu

Pocket Puyo Puyo N Special Custom.png

There is also a Special Custom menu, similar to other games in the series. Enable GameShark code 0103CED8 while in the Custom Menu and press A to access it. Disable the code once in the menu for it to work properly.

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: See if there's a legitimate way of accessing this.
Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
(Source: Original TCRF research)