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Pocket Puyo Puyo Sun

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Title Screen

Pocket Puyo Puyo Sun

Developer: Compile
Publisher: Compile
Platforms: Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Super Game Boy
Released in JP: November 27, 1998

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

With Compile having the formula of how to convert Puyo Puyo to the Game Boy down, they decided to improve even more.

Special Custom Menu

Pocket Puyo Puyo Sun Special Custom Menu.png

At the main menu, highlight Configuration (rightmost option) and press A + B to add a Special Custom menu to the Custom menu.

Cacti may speak Japanese, but do they speak it well?
...But does it make sense?
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Original Translated
CUSTOM に もどる
Return to CUSTOM.



Original Translated
Controllable count.
Invalid on communication mode.

Change control by manual or computer on all game modes.

  • 0: Computer/Computer
  • 1: Manual/Computer (default)
  • 2: Manual/Manual (Move same time player 1 and player 2.)


Original Translated
Left side brain.

Change thinking type on player 1.


Original Translated
Right side brain.

Same as a CPU:1

ぎゃらりーなどを けす(Delete gallery data)

Original Translated
ぎゃらりー、とれーにんぐ の
きろくを けします。ようちゅうい!
Delete data of gallery and training. Caution!


Original Translated
It is not using connection on GB.

This menu is not displaying on Super Game Boy. In Super Game Boy, we can battle using 2 SNES Controllers.

Change using cable on ふたりでぷよぷよ(2 Players mode).

  • ON : use cable.(default)
  • OFF: not use cable. even not connected cable, can enter to ふたりでぷよぷよ.