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Puyo Puyo Sun (Sega Saturn)

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Title Screen

Puyo Puyo Sun

Developer: Compile
Publisher: Compile
Platform: Sega Saturn
Released in JP: February 14, 1997

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

It's Puyo Puyo Sun, the game of number 3 (san)! This time the Sun Puyo ("太陽ぷよ") was added to the gameplay.

Unused Music

This music track named "28 哀愁 (NOTUSED)" (Aishuu; Pathos) is unused.

Developer Texts

Present in the file P3_ABS.TXT:

Text Translation
The talk of the town of Falling Piece Puzzle Games, the latest entry in the Puyo Puyo series. Its name is Puyo Puyo Sun.
We're porting the charm of this highly popular installment to amusement centers nationwide.
In addition to having animated movies and endless Puyo among other things, there's plenty of material bundled in
for the Sega Saturn and some familiar manzai is making a comeback, so it's certain to say that we're very satisfied!
(Translation Proofread: Gmestanley)

Present in the file P3_BIB.TXT:

Text Translation
移植元ゲーム:「ぷよぷよSUN」(株式会社コンパイル 1996)
Source Game: "Puyo Puyo Sun" (Compile Ltd. 1996)

Present in the file P3_CPY.TXT:

Copyright COMPILE 1996,1997

Present in the file README.DOC:

もう、楽しんでいただけましたでしょうか? おもしろかったですか?おも
しろかったですよね。ね? ね? ねねねねね?




 ちょっとおめでたい日ってありますよね? ・・・そうそう。あの日とか



 カンタンなダジャレですけど。さあ、もうわかったでしょ? ね?




Thank you truly very much for purchasing Puyo Puyo Sun. 
Have you had fun with it, yet? Was it interesting? It was interesting, wasn't it...right? Right? Right-right-right-right-right? 

...By the way.

The extras' Atelier mode is fully loaded with amazing art so, certainly take a look at it please.
It's to the degree of simple extras but, it's pretty. Really, really.
It was made so that if you play it quickly everyday too, the art increases by about one or two images.
If you play it in a specific day, the art will increase. 

Now, that specific day is...?

There is a sort of commemorative day right? ...Yes, like that day or that one. The day that schools fall asleep, or one where there's a small party, it's like those.

That is... 

Day XX of every month is "Puyo Day"!

It's a really simple bad pun though. Now, you already got it right? Didn't you?

From here on the 20 images from the Atelier are already yours!

That's right, after getting satisfied with the Atelier, plea-se have fun with the game too.

So then, see you in the next title.

					Compile - Puyo SUN Team
(Translation: Gmestanley)

Revisional Difference

Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.

The SegaNet version adds network functionality.