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Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Also known as: Akumajō Dracula: Yami no Juin (JP)
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: November 24, 2005
Released in US: November 1, 2005
Released in EU: February 24, 2006

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Taking place three years after Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, Castlevania: Curse of Darkness released on both the PS2 and Xbox has you traversing Valachia as Hector in his quest for revenge. As a Devil Forgemaster, Hector can create Innocent Devils and use them as allies in battle. After completing the Hector campaign, players may go through the adventure as legendary vampire hunter Trevor Belmont.

Unused Bestiary Entries & Pictures

Castlevania-CoD Abel enemy-subpage.png
Unused Bestiary Entries- & Pictures
Information about dummied out enemy entries & enemy pictures.

Unused Items & Item Graphics

Rare Items

There are twelve unused "Rare Items": Four map scrolls and eight scrolls reserved for "Old Text".

Unused Map Items
Infinite Corridor Map
Map (Real Castle 1)
Map (Real Castle 2)
Map (Real Castle 3)

Castlevania-cod unused-maps.png

The item description column to these are all empty. No map item is ever picked up for the Infinite Corridor area. No map items are picked up for the three sections of Dracula's Castle, nor for Tower of Eternity and Tower of Evermore. With the two towers not employing menu maps at all, it seems likely that the three "Real Castle" map items refer to the three maps devoted to Dracula's Castle.

Unused Old Text Scrolls
Old Text 1
Old Text 2
Old Text 3
Old Text 4
Old Text 5
Old Text 6
Old Text 7
Old Text 8

Castlevania-cod old-text 1-4.png Castlevania-cod old-text 5-8.png

The item description columns are empty, ergo no "old text" to be found. The blue scroll used to represent these items, both the 2D icon and the 3D model, are unused as well.

Castlevania-CoD old-text-scroll-3D.png

The previous Castlevania game on PlayStation 2, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, employed four blue-tinted scrolls of "Ancient Text" numbered one through four. These contained hints for the player and the same may have been planned for the "Old Text" items in Curse of Darkness. The final game includes four examples of old/ancient text inscribed on certain walls which may only be read using the Innocent Devil fairy Tiramisu.

Trevor's Sub-Weapons

Castlevania-CoD Trevor-subweapon-pickups.png

When playing as Trevor Belmont his five sub-weapons are available at all times and can never be dropped. It appears that the sub-weapons were originally intended as field pick-ups, in classic Castlevania gameplay style, as these have unused item ID spots, complete with 2D icons and 3D models. These unused field pick-ups have different designs from what is seen in the final game. The description columns for all five items are empty.

Castlevania-CoD knife-sub-weapon unused.png Castlevania-CoD axe-sub-weapon-unused.png Castlevania-CoD holy-water-sub-weapon-unused.png Castlevania-CoD stopwatch-weapon-unused.png Castlevania-CoD crucifix-weapon-unused.png

The name for each sub-weapon also constitutes as unused text since they are never shown to the player.

Miscellaneous Field Pick-ups

Some items that never appear in any menu list still have 2D icons to represent them.

Castlevania-cod pickups-misc.png

The full names for both Heart types are never spelled out in the game nor are their 2D icons shown anywhere.

The unseen 2D icons for Meat, Large Meat and Rosario are exactly the same as they were in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. In Lament of Innocence however, Meat and Large Meat were added to an inventory and could be viewed in menus. In Castlevania: LoI, the Rosario icon is unused as well.

Unused Text

Register Memorial Ticket

Memorial Tickets teleport the player to a registered save room of their choosing.

The used line for registering a save room, text entry #76 in the table, reads as follows:

Register as location for Memorial Ticket?

The unused line, text entry #75, has slightly different wording.

Register as a Memorial Ticket warp point?

Location Names

There are unused text entries (#1526- #1537 in the text table) that read the game's main areas. They stand out due to being preceded by an ellipsis and a ◎ symbol.

The text entries are placed adjacent to the map menu text about markers, thus it seems likely that these entries were intended for the area map menu.

◎…Garibaldi Temple ◎…Eneomaos Machine Tower ◎…Tower of Eternity ◎…Tower of Evermore ◎…Aiolon Ruins ◎…Abandoned Castle
◎…Dracula's Castle ◎…Forest of Jigramunt ◎…Infinite Corridor ◎…Mortvia Aqueduct ◎…Cordova Town ◎…Baljhet Mountains

Enemy Text

This content can also be found in the section about unused enemy entries but for easy reference here are all the unused/hidden enemy names.

Dummy Heal Zone Skull Fish Abel Black Dragon Black Yeti Black Rasetz Legion Zombie

Heal Zone is presumably the blue pillar of healing light that appears after certain boss battles are finished.

Skull Fish is the creature that Skeleton Diver, the boss of Mortvia Aqueduct, rides on.

Abel, Black Dragon, Black Yeti and Black Rasetz are the devils summoned by Isaac.

Legion Zombie is what its name reveals: The zombie-type enemy that constantly appears during your battle against Legion.

The only unused enemy descriptions are those for Dummy and the one for the encounter with Trevor in Garibaldi Temple.

Name Description
Dummy Dummy Instruction
Name Description
Trevor A true Vampire Hunter. His destruction of Dracula

made the Belmont name famous among the people.

Auto-generated Innocent Devil Names

In the list of auto-generated names for Innocent Devils, the following are never used. These are found in text entries #933 - #942.

Lilian Ruth Rufus Rachel Leopold Roland Loran Rowyle Wyatt Wanda

Each Innocent Devil type (Fairy/Battle/Bird/Mage/Devil/Pumpkin) has its own set of randomly picked names. The unused names appear at the end of the full name list, after the names for the Mage type. It is unknown what Innocent Devil type(s) the ignored names may have been intended for.

Test Maps

Located in the 0th world are 37 rooms where different terrains and environmental graphics were seemingly tested.

Test Map 0 is a pathway that is longer than even the longest straight path in the normal player-accessible parts of the game.

Test Map 2 includes eight no-collision boxes that change transparency in different ways depending on the player's- and camera's position.

Castlevania-cod test-map-02.png

Test Map 8 shows a picture of Sapphire from the manga Princess Knight (リボンの騎士 Ribon no Kishi, lit. Knight of the Ribbon), along with the text リボンの生地 which can be translated as "Ribbon Fabric". The two last kanji were changed to differentiate from the actual reference, probably as a pun on the texture or "fabric" test that the room was used for.

Castlevania-cod test-map-08.png

Hector's Unused Heart Stat

A bar displaying Hearts is reserved for Innocent Devils and for Trevor Belmont. Hector, when alone, doesn't use any Hearts. It exists however as an invisible stat for Hector and it grows as he levels up. Nothing Hector does ever consumes any Hearts. If you lower your Hearts to be less than maximum, it will be restored to max when you enter a Save Room or when you talk to Julia. Performing a Perfect Guard will not restore Hector's Hearts.

Hector's Level Hector's Maximum Hearts
1 50
2 59
3 63
4 68
5 72
6 77
7 81
8 86
9 90
10 95
11 100
12 104
13 109
14 113
15 118
16 122
17 127
18 131
19 136
20 140
21 145
22 150
23 154
24 159
25 163
26 168
27 172
28 177
29 181
30 186
31 190
32 195
33 200
34 204
35 209
36 213
37 218
38 222
39 227
40 231
41 236
42 240
43 245
44 250
45 254
46 259
47 263
48 268
49 272
50 277
51 281
52 286
53 290
54 295
55 300
56 304
57 309
58 313
59 318
60 322
61 327
62 331
63 336
64 340
65 345
66 350
67 354
68 359
69 363
70 368
71 372
72 377
73 381
74 386
75 390
76 395
77 400
78 404
79 409
80 413
81 418
82 422
83 427
84 431
85 436
86 440
87 445
88 450
89 454
90 459
91 463
92 468
93 472
94 477
95 481
96 486
97 490
98 495
99 500