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Title Screen


Also known as: WarioBarker88 (YT), WarioMario (SMW), WarioSajak (BAV/GSP), Dan88 (GSF)
Developers: Mom, Dad
Publishers: Mom (physical), DB Enterprises Inc. (online)
Released internationally: 2002 (online only)
Released in JP: TBD
Released in US: August 23, 1988
Released in CA: TBD
Released in MX: TBD
Released in EU: TBD
Released in UK: TBD
Released in FR: TBD
Released in DE: TBD
Released in AU: TBD
Released in RU: TBD
Released in KR: TBD
Released in BR: TBD
Released in CN: TBD
Released in TW: TBD
Released in AS: TBD

WarioBarker is an editor of The Cutting Room Floor who lives in Deerfield Beach, Florida. He tries to help when and where he can, even if it amounts to simple cleanup of bad grammar, stray punctuation, and the like. He apologizes in advance if he screws anything up.

For more stuff, see User:WarioBarker/Sandbox.

Fun fact: That image to the right isn't my creation - it was uploaded by one of the TCRF admins back in 2017 as a planned April Fool's joke that would've replaced the site's logo. I didn't know about the image until September 2019, when it was linked on the TCRF Discord. I'm not 100% sure how to feel about the whole thing, but since it's not used anywhere...why not use it here? :)

Prerelease Stuff

Stuff I'm aware of as being on this very Wiki.

Fun Audiovisual Stuff :)

  • From EarthBound Central, a "Happy 1995!" card from APE and Mother 2, using the game's art style to show a Wintertime Onett with quite a few custom sprites. Not sure if it'd count as prerelease material, but it's definitely worth a look. :)
  • Unseen 64 page on the tech demo of the unreleased Genesis Lufia & The Fortress of Doom port, which had been leaked by the port's programmer. Said programmer was given just six months to make said port, and per him "there was no way in hell I could have done it since all the original SNES code was fucking indecipherable and the Japan programmers weren't any help." While the tech demo consists of the title screen and a testing dungeon, given what this site's turned up I wouldn't be surprised if there's some unused stuff just below the surface.
    • The port was originally scheduled for release in December 1994 (presumably alongside the localized SNES game), but was later pushed to Spring '95 before being canned.

Blog Links

Huge Sites (set aside some time for these)

  • Hardcore Gaming 101 (lots of game articles {individual games, franchises, companies, etc.}, book reviews, analysis...there's well over 1,000 pages here)
  • The Video Game Critic (reviews of a lot of video games ranging from the 1970s to today)

TAS-Related Stuff

  • TAS of Tetris (NES) by quad8 (specifically, "fastest 335 levels"; the game pieces start getting some weird color palettes after 1,380 lines are cleared)

YouTube Videos/Channels

  • Super Mario Bros. 3 Game Genie code to control the music using A, B, and the D-Pad (nensondubois; his channel's full of good stuff, but this is one that isn't exactly related to showing off unused content)
  • Xkeeper's YouTube channel (lots of fun stuff, mainly regarding game corruption and the weirdness that ensues)
  • Chris Covell's YouTube channel (Japanese video game tapes, mostly Famimaga and GTV/GameTV, from about 1988-92; all videos have informative descriptions and annotations, the latter usually noting differences between the early footage and released game {or, in some cases, if a featured game ended up not being released at all})
  • OKeijiDragon's YouTube channel (prototype game footage in really good quality {some recorded by him, others from various tapes}, plus videos showing off some glitches/oversights; the footage from various tapes includes Mother 2, Super Mario RPG, and Sonic Adventure)

16-Bit Zelda II Theme (from the SNES Burn-In Test Cart page, as it's been removed from there)
A 16-bit redo of the title screen music from The Adventure of Link, possibly the only remnant of Nintendo's planned BS-X Zelda II tech demo. Plays during the Burn-In Test and when the Sound Module Test is completed.

Interesting(?) Note
From the "Unused Text" section of the Wheel of Fortune (PlayStation 2) page:

UI: The wheel is spinning. WHEEE!!

This reminds me, somewhat, of how Wheel host Edd "Kookie" Byrnes acted on one of his episodes (he did two pilots in 1974 at NBC's insistence, but ended up hosting while drunk and test audiences felt he didn't fit; he was replaced by Chuck Woolery when the network greenlit the series a few months later). Granted, I'm sure this wasn't a deliberate reference (the only Byrnes footage that had aired before this game's release - heck, the only Byrnes footage that's ever been aired - was on the ceremonial 3,000th nighttime Wheel in 1998), but I found it amusing. :)

Potent Quotables

The users on this site and Jul have come up with some great one-liners. :) This section is for my favorites, as well as some instances of general oddness.

"Something is very extremely wrong, this should NEVER happen."
-An ominous bit of text from Neon Wars, released 10/29/06.

"I still have no fucking clue what that does."
-Alt text on a Hudson's Adventure Island II (NES) screenshot involving the Hudson Bee, first written by Xkeeper on 10/27/09.

"We are gonna play Blue's Clues because I SAID SO."
-SpongeBat1's edit summary upon creating the Blue's Birthday Adventure page, 8/2/12.

"Like the giant sequoia growing from the lowly earth, so too did the Street Fighter franchise sprout from this.

I'm saying that this game is fertilizer."
-Original introduction to the Street Fighter (Arcade) page, first written by GoldS on 8/26/12.

Lunaria: "But I don't drink! :("
Girlydragon: this picture
Lunaria: [image of a tired bunny flopping over]
[and later]
Pompolic: "I'd rather avoid crashing the IRC and broadcasting the fact that I am indeed drunk, which I'm PRETTY SURE happened last time.
-From the "LET'S GET DRUNK" thread, 2/18/14.

"More like The C***ing Room Floor. I guess."
-Vague Rant's edit summary upon creating the DynaMike page, 12/23/14.

"And thus the image GoldS pulled out of his ass 6 years ago has finally been terminated."
-8SomaCruzes, Kirby's Adventure edit summary, 2/9/16.

"Pulling more things out of my ass. It's like a farmer's market up there"
-GoldS, Kirby's Adventure edit summary, 2/10/16.

MrXtreme121: "GameGenie Code "POZZOX" will re-enable the A+B Activation sequence." (referring to the in-game debug mode)
BMF54123: "not only does that six-letter code not work, it affects 32 ROM banks simultaneously and causes horrible glitches"
-Super Mario Bros. 3 edit summaries proving why you should double-check cheat device codes before posting them, 7/30-31/16.

"welcome to my dank-ass user page"
-Shoopdahoop's userpage intro, first added 8/16/16.

"To do: Get punched by Stormy several dozen times."
-Fuzn, first added 2/12/20.


Other than the below, a lot of cleanup, fixing, adding/removal of "TOC" from pages (where they were needed and no longer needed, respectively), and rational speculation.

The Score

Wiki Contributions
Revision Count: {{#cscore:WarioBarker|changes}}
Total Score: {{#cscore:WarioBarker}}

Notable Contributions

  • The Cutting Room Floor:Content to expand - alphabetized each console's game list on May 8, 2012 so the page would look less haphazardly made and be easier to navigate. On June 30, this was further altered to organize the console list in chronological order by manufacturer (themselves in alphabetical order), with odds-and-ends in roughly-chronological order under "Misc.".


Game series templates and/or categories that I've created.


  • "Eternal Champions cftds - Unused Dark EC frames.png": A new version of the three unused Dark Eternal Champion sprites from Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Dark Side, which was simply me changing the background from green to white, cropping out excess space, and lining up the sprites to look proper in that regard.
  • "SMWTitleEarly2.png": Picture of the second preliminary Super Mario World (SNES) US title screen, since replaced by higher-quality versions.
  • "WheelPS1'98 Master Wheel Layout.png" and "WheelPS1'98 Unused High Score Table.png": Two unused elements from Wheel of Fortune (PlayStation) that were kindly given to me by fellow BAV user "woffan2008".

Moved Pages

Precedent on this wiki has shown that multiplatform games should have the system mentioned in its title, just in case a page is needed for any of its other releases (and even if not, it avoids disambiguation and clears things up for the "Category" lists). There are several other reasons for moving pages, though.

Plus lots of other pages in regard to improper capitalization, spelling, and/or punctuation.


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