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A few templates, mostly for my own easy-access purpose.

Mario Series Template Split Ideas

As it stands, the Template:Mario series is huge. Here's a few splits I had in mind.

See Also

How said section of the Mario template would look upon completing the splits.


The character who's much more interesting than his brother Mario.

Dr. Mario

Has enough pages to stand on its own. Also tossed in a couple of unlockable iterations because why not?

Mario Kart

Basically a copy-paste. Aside from the arcade games, no individual system had more than one entry and it never even glanced at the pre-GBA portables.

Mario Party

Has more than enough pages to stand on its own.

Mario RPG

Also basically a copy-paste.

Mario Sports

A few ideas for this one: do I do a simple copy-paste (seen below), organize by system, or organize by sport?

NES "Series" Template

For several years after the NES' release, the first-party titles tended to have the same packaging style with each game under a specific genre (as it were).

This idea began to be phased out in 1987 and finally dropped after 1989, though their replacements ("[Blank] Game") were only used a few times; Nintendo dropped the idea entirely after 1990.

  • World Class Track Meet wasn't given a "Series" label in its standalone release, but was put under Sports when Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet was released with the NES Power Set in December 1988.

Game Shows

One of my favorite genres. :) Deal, Feud, Jeopardy!, and Wheel have their own series templates, but this is more of a catch-all.


Most Americans probably know this as Plinko from The Price Is Right.

"It's called pachinko because the balls go pachink, pachink, pachink... Some of our people drink."

Consoles/Demo Discs/BIOS/Etc.

For pages that aren't listed in the BIOS/Firmware ROMs, Nintendo Console Testing Software, or Wii Channels templates.

GameCube Demo/Promotional Discs

Mainly, links to the various prototypes documented on this site. Any other games I'm aware of are listed for the sake of completeness. (Note that from what I can tell, the Nintendo GameCube Preview Disc is pretty much the same as the May 2003 demo disc.)

All discs are Interactive Multi-Game Demo Discs unless otherwise noted.

Humongous Entertainment

Humongous Entertainment was a game company that mostly specialized in point-and-click adventure games for the PC, and then mostly for young gamers (hence their expansive "Junior Adventure" line). The games tended to have a consistently-high quality, with many very strange Easter eggs and hidden stuff mostly accessible only through adding certain lines to hegames.ini.

In 2000, Humongous' founders (along with many of the key employees who had created the different franchises and technology) left. In 2001, the company had to lay off more than half of its employees, stopping the Junior Adventure line in the process. Atari took over shortly afterward, and the quality of Humongous' output dropped drastically (although that's partly because Atari didn't give them much of a budget...or, it seems, time); the Junior Adventure division was shut down for good in September 2003.

While yes, these have their own templates, I played several of these when I was young. As such, this is here in case I want to find them online (whether to play them myself or watch someone else do so).