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Mega Man Battle Network 5

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Title Screen

Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Colonel/Team ProtoMan

Also known as: Rockman EXE 5 Team of Colonel/Team of Blues (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: December 9, 2004
Released in US: June 21, 2005
Released in EU: June 10, 2005

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Mega Man Battle Network 5 is the fifth game in the Battle Network series. Like before, it is available in 2 versions. This game also runs on a new overworld and battle engine, they would later be combined in the DS version.

Build Date

Even though the build times are only 2 minutes apart, the initial release of Team Colonel in Japan was more than 2 months after the initial Japanese release of Team ProtoMan. Also, the English versions seemingly have two different dates for some reason.

Region Version ROM Address Text
JP ProtoMan 03DE60
REXE5TOB 20041104 JP

Nov 14 2004 21:37:23
JP Colonel 03DE64
REXE5TOK 20041104 JP

Nov 14 2004 21:39:33
US ProtoMan 03DF7C
REXE5TOB 20041006 US

Apr  7 2005 10:29:59
US Colonel 03DF80
REXE5TOK 20041006 US

Apr  7 2005 10:40:02
EU ProtoMan 03DF7C
REXE5TOB 20041006 PL

Apr  7 2005 10:48:18
EU Colonel 03DF80
REXE5TOK 20041006 PL

Apr  7 2005 10:53:59

Unused Sprites

Unused Playable Character Sprites

Mmbn5 unusednapalmman.png
Mmbn5 unusedtomahawkman.png
Mmbn5 unusedsearchman .png

The strength Team Navis you play as have unused sprites. TomahawkMan and NapalmMan both have crouching "defeated" frames presumably used when you defeat them in their respective levels. However, the game just has them stand there when you do defeat them and the frames go unused. This was not fixed in the NDS version. There is also an unused sprite of SearchMan blocking. This sprite is also out of place since normally an unused sprite from one version's Navi shows up in the opposite version's. Since the ProtoMan version was made first, this sprite could be from a removed scenario no longer present in any of the releases. The revision theory doesn't match up with keeping both strength Navis' unused sprites.

Unused Battle Sprites

Mmbn5 unusedchaos unison midcharge.gif

New to the game was this charging animation used in Chaos Unisons. Back up; for some odd reason, the regular charge animation managed to still keep the palettes for the three stages of charging last used in the first game. This unused sprite shows the charge animation for Chaos Unisons in a mid-charge. The ball is actually larger than the first level and smaller than the third level charge. It also has an orange color similar to the regular charge's mid-charge. This sprite either exists for some unknown program setup or because having a three-level charge for Chaos Unison was considered at one point, but was later scrapped.

Mmbn5 unusedgyromanpropellor.gif

Normally in the game, when Gyro Soul is enabled, Wind-elemental chips cause your propeller to spin, doubling the power of the next chip. This sprite shows that Gyroman would have utilized this effect normally exclusive to Gyro Soul. This stationary propeller animation shows that perhaps Team Navis would have had abilities similar to their Soul counterpart. There is no known way to enable this behavior on Gyroman.

Mmbn5 unusedmagnetman.png

Magnetman has a couple of unused palettes. Keep in mind that Magnetman has the most palettes out of all the characters. During battle, Magnetman can create a blue-colored duplicate for his special attack. The first color is his blue duplicate colored to match his DS (Dark Soul) version. The second is the regular blue duplicate lightened up to be used as a movement color (since Magnetman lightens up during his moving animation). However, probably due to programming reasons, all versions of Magnetman use the regular blue color duplicate in his one attack. The sprite simply appears and disappears, leaving the light-blue one unused.

Mmbn5 cactus unused anim.gif

The Cactus enemy normally only shoots its head forward after a short while. This simple animation shows an unused animation where the enemy shakes for an unknown amount of time and then shoots its head. It's possible this behavior would have been meant to trick the player about its attack timing.

Mmbn5 toad trumpet unused palette.gif

Toad Soul's charge attack uses a special trumpet arm. There is a palette for the Chaos Unison-version of Toad Soul. Because Chaos Toad Soul uses Dark Wide Shot as the charge attack this trumpet color goes unused.

Unused Overworld Sprites

Mmbn5 unusedlarkman.png

Larkman is an optional boss in the game. His sprite only appears in one map and uses no alternate colors. However, his overworld sprite did have alternate colors. The first color is a strange color swap of his original color. The second color is his DS version's color. However, his sprite's palette is identical both in and out of battle, so this is probably a color-pasting glitch made on the developer's side.


The car sprite now has a new black palette. This would most likely have been used in the cutscene where Nebula first appears, until the new sprite seen in the final version was made. Some details have been redrawn since the previous game but since none of the maps have any cars present, this sprite isn't used at all.

Chaos Unison Tutorial

Changing the battle type through a hack, there exists a Chaos Unison tutorial in the game. It looks largely incomplete and has Colonel explaining the tutorial regardless of the game version. The tutorial is also in Japanese in all versions of the game. In the retail versions of the game, Chaos Unison is explained through an anonymous email in SciLab. In order for this tutorial to make sense, the game must have had a scenario where Colonel somehow has knowledge of this and meets the player in any version in order to explain it. This is possibly the remains of an early storyline to the game.

Wireless Multiplayer

Mmbn5 connection type screen.pngMmbn5 wireless screen 1.pngMmbn5 wireless screen 2.pngExe5 wireless name entry.png

In the Rockman EXE 5: Team of Blues instruction booklet, the booklet claims that it is possible to play locally using the GBA Wireless Adapter. It even shows a selection screen not found during normal gameplay. The game does have support for the Wireless Adapter since it is used to play Crossover Battle with Boktai 2. The client and host screens exist in all versions and can be accessed using a menu hack. All menus are in Japanese regardless of region. It is unknown whether a wireless battle or any game mode can be executed at all since the menus don't function properly. The name select screen must also appear in the menu after the wireless screen but no evidence has been found to support this. Once a name is registered, it can't be edited. The selection screen is also not referenced in the US version, though it exists, and the client and host screens load properly. There is no know way to trigger the selection screen in the Japanese version or any version of the game. It is possible that this feature was removed due to complications with the external hardware the game accepted or the fact that the NDS port was already on its way which would support wireless play natively.

(Source: Nigoli (manual))

Unused Item

New game, new engine. This game introduced a new name in the item list under SubChips. There is an item called "Sub Chip Set" and has a description that says something like "1 of every Sub Chip". Hacking the item in a shop and buying it gives you one of every SubChip. It is unknown why this item pack never made it in the game. Programming, time, or practical pricing may have been an issue. The item continues in Mega Man Battle Network 6 where it is also unused.

Debug Text

Like the previous game, this game has a list of debug commands that when read by the game's script system, causes the described effect. No known way to activate properly but likely used by developers at some point.

Can enter FurnacComp
Can enter ElevtrComp
Can enter CraneComp
Can enter SciLab HP
You got MaylBanr 
You got DexBannr
You got YaiBannr
You got SciLabBnr
You got GargCstlBnr
CyberCloud game
A BBS messages
Player Change
Defeated 100!
All NaviChng OK
ChaosUnison OK
You got 1 HP memory
You got RegUp 1
You got RegUp 2
You got RegUp 3
    0 Zennys cleared
    0 BugFrags
You got Extra Deck
You got Folder2
Add items to Higsby's and cart
You got Extra Deck
Ship Game begins "Protoman~
Ship Game begins "Colonel~
Ship Game begins "MegaMan~
Defeated Bass
You got a chip
LibMission 1 begins
LibMission 2 begins
LibMission 3 begins
LibMission 4 begins
LibMission 5 begins
LibMission 6 begins
LibMission 7 begins
LibMission 8 begins
LibMission 9 begins
You got Bass chip
You got a chip
New Record
Show Record
You got a chip
You got PA
Boktai trading set
You got key item
World Trip
You got all souls
You got NaviCust
New Mail
Very Wealthy
You got SubChip
You got all chips

Navi Customizer Program Leftovers

There're three dummied out Navi Customizer Programs, which are HubBatc, MegaVirs and GigaVirs.

Regional Logos

JapanNorth AmericaEurope
Rockman EXE 5 Title Screen.pngMmbn5 title.pngMegaMan-Battle-Network-5-Europe-Titles.png

Thankfully, this is the final Battle Network title screen change for Europe. It was not done for the DS port.