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Mega Man Battle Network 6

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Title Screen

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar/Cybeast Gregar

Also known as: Rockman EXE 6: Dennoujuu Falzer/Dennoujuu Glaga (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: November 23, 2005
Released in US: June 13, 2006
Released in EU: June 16, 2006

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Mega Man Battle Network 6 is the sixth and final installment of the Battle Network series. The game finally introduces freely playable Navis, removes the EX-virus system, and adds a second elemental cycle. The US and European versions also removed content from the game, including Crossover Battle 2.

Build Date

Region Version ROM Address Text
JP Gregar 0409B0
REXE6 G 20050924a JP

Oct 24 2005 21:26:22
JP Falzar 0409DC
REXE6 F 20050924a JP

Oct 24 2005 21:23:00
US Gregar 03F754
REXE6 G 20060110a US

Apr  6 2006 14:08:48
US Falzar 03F780
REXE6 F 20060110a US

Apr  6 2006 14:14:54
EU Gregar 03F754
REXE6 G 20060110a PL

Apr  6 2006 14:44:50
EU Falzar 03F780
REXE6 F 20060110a PL

Apr  6 2006 14:54:12

Unused Sprites

Mmbn6 blue thunder.png Mmbn6 unused horizontal thunderbolt.png
This early screenshot shows Elecman casting blue-colored thunder from his charge attack. There is no way to trigger blue thunder in the final game and it is unknown whether it had any special effect since it was introduced in this game. Apparently blue thunder was supposed to appear in the horizontal thunderbolt sprite which also remained unused. This cosmetic feature was simply dropped.

Mmbn6 tomahawk cross layering.png Mmbn6 unused megaman anim.png
Tomahawk Cross also faced layering issues. MegaMan himself is layered over the Cross's sprite. Normally, Crosses are busts layered over the regular MegaMan sprites. Attacks that require animations unique to the Cross are normally flattened, but for this case, the sprite on MegaMan was kept and still exists in the final version. One detail that didn't carry over was the detail. It's kind of hard to see but the early screenshot had more detailed arms than seen in the sprites below.

In the final version, though the sprite still exists, the Cross bust appears over MegaMan properly, but the incomplete details can't normally be seen. The sprite is also very incomplete and offers insight as to how Capcom's sprite artists worked on sprites. The arms are notably flatter. The emblem is sloppily made. The backpack object is missing. And the shoulder pads are still blue.

Mmbn6 unused chip charge colors.png
Chip-charging was added in Mega Man Battle Network 4. In this game, there are alternate colors for elemental chips. Apparently when an elemental chip was charged, the charge animation would be colored the matching color. However, there is no known way to trigger this behavior in the game. This animation does play when using the Beast Link Gate exclusive Chips; PunchArm, NeedleArm, PulseArm and BoomerangArm which change your Charge Shot to FireHit, AquaNeedle, ElecPulse, and Boomerang, respectively.

The flamethrower sprites were updated in this game, but it apparently copied over old colors. There are elemental flame colors and a dark color. Perhaps there would have been elemental flames of some sort in the game, but these aren't used.

The Pulse Bulb enemy also has an unused animation. It seems that it was supposed to open up and perform a scan of some sort. While this sprite exists, there is no known way to trigger this behavior or know what it did.

Mmbn6 shrubby unused anim.gif
The Shrubby virus has one unused animation. Being one of the more animated viruses, it has different animations for different situations. Its first animation is the idle animation. The second animation is the enemy panicking, trying to hide behind an object. The third animation is it preparing to attack. This animated GIF is the sixth animation, which has it squatting to the point where legs can't be seen. This animation isn't used but its behavior is similar to the Ratton enemy from the first three games where it would act faster when its HP was lower.

Mmbn6 unused beastover.png
Beast Overs were also supposed to use their own color. In the game, after Beast Out time runs out, Beast Over can be enabled. However, the same colors are used and the sprite simply cycles through green colors for Gregar and red colors for Falzar. These unused palettes suggest that Beast Over would have changed the sprite's palette completely. This would match the colors used in the official artwork for the Beast Overs. However, Falzar Beast's wings don't have a matching Beast Over palette which might imply that there were programming/time issues in implementing this feature. Note that Falzar Beast's wings have two palettes for all five Crosses, a lighter movement color, and a Full Sync color with a lighter version of that used for movement.

Some NPCs have additional palettes that are not used anywhere in the game. Two of them have palettes similar to NPCs found in the two preceding titles.

Because the e-Reader feature was removed in the International version, these labels go unused.

Unused Enemies

Mega Man Battle Network 6 also introduced the Virus Battler. The player may find "Rare" viruses and defeating them registers them for use in the Virus Battler.

Mmbn6 rare fan.png
The Rare Fan enemy can't normally be encountered in the game. All Virus Battler viruses normally have 2 versions of their Rare version. The WindBox family is a notable exception since it contains pulling and pushing versions of the enemy. Technically the Rare Fan would have had a different effect from Rare Box and therefore the selectable enemy in the Virus Battler list would not match. The Virus Battler allowed for only one version from the virus family and the Fan wasn't chosen.

Mmbn6 rare kettle.png
The Rare Kettle, called Kettle SP in-game, is presumably the Rare-colored version of the Kettle enemy. However, Kettle is not selectable in the Virus Battler. It was probably excluded due to the way it handles HP which would not function properly with standard enemies and accumulated HP. Also note that the color was made specifically for this version. Because the Kettle family adds one extra version used exclusively in Heatman's sidequest, the other Rare version could not be included.

Unused Virus Battler Enemies

When the Virus Battler list is debugged, 2 unused enemies appear on the list: Trumpy and Kettle. All other enemies are accounted for. The Kettle may not have been included due to the reasons above. The Trumpy may have also been excluded since a Rare version wouldn't fit in the maximum allowed 6 versions per enemy.

Unused JudgeMan Attack

Mmbn6 scenario attack1.png Mmbn6 scenario attack2.png

Buried in the game's attack list, there is a very non-standard attack. Once hacked in, the attack will cause a message box to appear (never done during a battle, mind you) and Judgeman saying "MegaMan, thou must not move." After the attack, the enemy's panels are highlighted blue (an effect never done anywhere in the series) and a placeholder sprite appears which floats a couple panels before freezing the game.

Additional lines of text follow this which appear exactly as seen in-game:

Mmbn6 unused scene dialog1.png Mmbn6 unused scene dialog2.png

One way to interpret this is that Judgeman could punish MegaMan if he fails to follow his orders (browser game Tower of Heaven has an example of such a mechanic), though the placeholder effect on the battlefield is quite indecipherable.

Unused Text

The game also has a couple of unused text and debug commands.

Unused Map Names

There are a few unused maps. The only evidence of their existence is their name on the map name list: Stg6Dungeon1, Stg6Dungeon2, Stg6Dungeon3. These are presumably placeholder names for boss maps. The term "Stage" describes the boss map and "Dungeon" describes the room. Assuming there was a sixth stage, there would have been 2 more storyline bosses in the game than the 4 bosses there are in the final. There is no other data available on these maps so it is impossible to know how quickly the concept of 6 bosses was dropped.

The rest of the unused entries are all labelled "Extra"; these are presumably placeholders for the Home Pages only meant to pad the list for the accessible HPs.

Wireless Test

At 0x6DAE68 in the US Falzar game, there is a compressed text archive which appears to be some kind of Wireless connection test or tutorial. There is no pointer for this data and therefore no known method to get it to appear during the game. In this test, the player can choose either Host or Client right off the message box (never done in-game). A connection is then initiated with another player named "Mike". It is worth noting none of the text appears in the game and everything written in the archive was written for the use of the archive only. Placeholder names for the client, host and their comments are present in the archive. MegaMan also speaks all the dialogue.

Please choose to be
the Host or Client.

This is the host.
Please wait for
Client transmission.

Mike applied to
play wirelessly!

Play with Mike?

Connected to play
with Mike.

Seems like wireless
initialization has

Communication error.
Please reset the

There was a link

Your partner
cancelled the

I cancelled the

Let's play!

No Rush Coil!

Mmbn6 norushcoil.PNG Mmbn6 norushcoil alt.PNG

For some inexplicable reason, when a certain flag is enabled and the player is in any of the school maps, MegaMan will suddenly say "No Rush Coil!" While Rush Coil is a powerup from the classic Mega Man games, the reference is still random. Also, the way the line of dialogue is set up, if the player has GroundMan, he will say his own thing while every other Navi will default to MegaMan mentioning Rush Coil. GroundMan's full line of dialogue is:

Hey! It's no time
to be doing that
sort of thing!

You need to be

Debug Text

The game also has normally inaccessible debug text. They perform the effects described and were used for testing purposes in the game. Two of the commands actually have the word "Cheater" written in parentheses for whatever reason. In Japanese, they appear as インチキ.

47= Cannot Converse
65= All mail sent
6F= Seaside HP Banner
AB= Green HP Banner
AC= Sky HP Banner
AD= ACDCTown HP Banner
AE= All mail received
B5= Green Town Chip Trader SP Display
B6= Navi Change Box Display
B7= バグピーストレーダーひょうじ
B8= BBS Entry
BF= Request BBS entry
C0= 1 Point Acquired
C1= Request Complete
C2= All Requests Complete
C3= Got Rush Food
C5= Go to underground from Set 2
C9= Operate Partner Navi (CHEATER)
CA= Virus Battle Set (CHEATER)
CB= Max Virus MAX
CC= Recheck Gold Mystery Data
D1= 1 HP Memory
D3= Reg Up 1
D4= Reg Up 2
D5= Reg Up 3
D6= 0 Zennys Cleared
D7= 0 Bug Frags Cleared
D8= Extra Deck
D9= Folder2
DA= Extra Deck
DC= Start Fishing Game
DD= Evil Spirit Game
DE= Cooking Game
DF= Roll mini Game
E0= Blackout Game
E1= Erasure Game
E2= Rock Crusher Game
E3= Check Real Megaman
E5= Check Mystery Data
E6= Change to Megaman
E7= Change to Elecman
E8= Change to Heatman
E9= Change to Eraseman
EA= Change to Slashman
EB= Change to Chargeman
EC= Change to Spoutman
ED= Change to Tomahawkman
EE= Change to Groundman
EF= Change to Dustman
F0= Change to Tenguman
F1= Beast Change OK/Cross Change OK
F2= Change to Protoman
F4= Hidden Gate Display
F5= EX Memory
F6= You got PA
F7= Reality World Tour
F8= Cyberworld Tour
F9= Got Navi Cust
FB= New Mail
FC= Very Wealthy
FD= You got: Sub Chip
FE= You got: All Chips

It is worth noting that entry B7, バグピーストレーダーひょうじ, only exists in the English version of the game untranslated. The second-to-last character actually shows up as an A-button character because that character overwrote a valid Japanese character in the US version. This command unlocks the Bug Frag trader, in this case to appear in Underground 2. Another BBS Entry message replaces this unlock command in the Japanese version.

Regional Differences

CrossBatch Item

Exe6 crossbatch item.png

CrossBatch is a Key Item that exists in the game, but cannot be normally obtained. In the US version, this item shows up with BatKey's item description. The item serves an unknown purpose.

Tornado Damage Glitch

In the Japanese version of the game, there is a glitch with the Tornado chip that makes it deal more damage. If Tornado is used over an elemental panel like grass or crater panels and has a White Capsule chip on it, instead of the attack paralyzing, it will actually do more damage. This glitch was fixed in the US and EU versions of the game.

The behavior can be explained by this ASM routine:

080CD8B4 8DA8     ldrh    r0,[r5,#0x2C]
080CD8B6 0040     lsl     r0,r0,#0x1
080CD8B8 85A8     strh    r0,[r5,#0x2C]
080C9FB4 8DA8     ldrh    r0,[r5,#0x2C]
080C9FB6 49AC     ldr     r1,=#0xF800
080C9FB8 1C0A     mov     r2,r1
080C9FBA 4002     and     r2,r0
080C9FBC 4388     bic     r0,r1
080C9FBE 0040     lsl     r0,r0,#0x1
080C9FC0 4310     orr     r0,r2
080C9FC2 85A8     strh    r0,[r5,#0x2C]

In the Japanese version, the routine for calculating the damage of Tornado over an elemental panel simply doubles the halfword that contains Tornado's attack. Attack power doesn't use the 0xF800 bits since those are reserved for special attack attributes like the White Capsule, which is 0x4000. When the routine doubles the halfword, it doubles White Capsule's effect value to 0x8000 which is a double damage effect as well as the original damage doubled.

This was fixed for the US and European versions by a routine that separates the 0xF800 bits, doubles the attack value, then returns the 0xF800 bits so that the Tornado doubles damage and keeps the paralysis effect.

Removed Maps

The US and European versions removed three maps from the game: Undernet 3, Graveyard 1, and Immortal Area. Removing Undernet 3 and Graveyard 1 makes the post-game much shorter and forces a relocation of the Bug Frag trader to Undernet Zero. Perhaps due to cartridge limitations, the removal of these maps also meant all their dialog was removed. Graveyard 1, in particular had text for many tombstones in the area, which could have led to more space the cartridge didn't have. Because the Immortal Area was removed, the item Bass drops in Undernet Zero is instead used on a door in Graveyard 2 which was not there in the Japanese version.

Also in the US and European versions, map previews were removed. Each map had a place where the player could check for a preview of the current map. The text is still translated and in the game, but the map graphics were removed along with the post used to check them.

The maps were completely removed and cannot accessible through cheats, when accessed the removed maps, the game has turned to black screen and will crash after 4 minutes.

82001B84 0395

82001B84 0096

82001B84 0296

Crossover Features

Like Battle Network 4 and 5, 6 also has references to the Boktai series. Unfortunately, the US and European versions removed most of that content, likely because Boktai 3 was never released outside of Japan. All the events, dialog, maps, and Crossover features were removed in localized releases. Furthermore, the Crossover Program Advance, Otenko and GunSolEX chips was tampered with and the Django and Count chips were broken completely. It is also not possible to fight the Count in the US and European versions as the boss data was also removed (an idle MegaMan replaces the Count's boss appearance in battle). If the Crossover Battle menu is hacked into from the Star Screen, it is still possible to establish a connection with a Japanese Boktai 3 on any version of Battle Network 6. Nothing will happen in the battle because the Count can't fight.

The Crossover event when the player first fights the Count and afterwards was broken for the localized releases. This means it is not possible to trigger the event normally during battle. However, this text is still entirely intact and translated.

The attack...
It didn't work...

There is no way you
can hurt me with
your puny attacks!
Let's end this game!
C'mon! Show me what
you've got!


That's enough,Zap!

What was that!?



(After the first battle)


You can never
stop me!!


He's still got
some fight left!

I'll never lose!


MegaMan,let's do
this together!



Therefore, the music "伯爵 (Hakushaku) -Crossover Ver.-" in the international version is unused, either.

Beast Link Gate

Because the hardware never caught on in the states, the US and European versions do not work with the Beast Link Gate and had its features removed. This means it is not possible to get the Beast Link Gate icon on the title screen and the player can't use leveled up Link Navis. This also means there is no legitimate way to play as ProtoMan in non-Japan versions. The Navi Change Machine in Tab's shop can still be triggered in the game through a cheat though. To get the Beast Link Gate icon on the title screen, the player has to defeat Bass SP with all of their version-specific Navi Data Chips. Through cheats, it is still possible to obtain it this way and each character even had all their dialog translated for their encounter and defeat of Bass.

The reason the Gate doesn't work on the US ROMs is because the Gate originally returned an address of FFC4 to connect with the games. Capcom, in their infinite wisdom, decided that they didn't want the Gate to be region free, and changed the game to accept a Gate address of FF00, rendering the Gate inaccessible. By using a program, such as Hex Workshop, it IS possible to re-enable the Beast Link Gate for US games, to put on Flash Carts, or reproduction carts.

The addresses to change in Hex Workshop are as follows. For Gregar, goto FF 27 3F 02 and change them to to 1F 02 C4 37 this is in the 00146336 area on the lefthand side. For Falzar, goto FF 27 3F 02 and change them to 1F 02 C4 37 this is in the 001447E6 area on the lefthand side.

Chips that do NOT work are the following: GunDelEX, Django, Django2, Django3, Count (Hack Jack), CountEX, CountSP, Gregar, Falzar.

  • The CrossOver PA (Django-Django2-Django3) DOES work, however, Django uses a white dot as his sprite.

Chips that DO work, but are buggy: Otenko (Uses a white dot as its sprite)

Chips that SURPRISINGLY work in the US game, that were intended to be cut: DarkSword, DarkInvis, DarkThunder, DarkPlus, DarkRecover, PunchArm, NeedleArm, PulseArm, BoomerangArm, SynchroTrigger, DoubleBeast

By editing the game, it is 100% possible to play as ProtoMan, use Leveled Up Link Navis, and obtain the Beast Link Gate Icon without the use of cheats in the US version of the games. All data, with the exception of the aforementioned Chips, is still in the game's code.

e-Reader Cards

For the same reasons as above, the e-Reader features were removed and unlike in the previous game, the cards can't be re-activated through cheats or hacking. Anything related to the e-cards were removed in localized versions and the Request BBS has all the requests available to the player without the need of the e-cards. Also, because e-Reader features were removed, it is not possible to obtain the Double Beast, Gregar and Falzar chips normally.

Unlike every other game in the series, these chips were also broken meaning even if they're hacked into a folder, they freeze the game because all the data about the chips was removed, including graphics (except Double Beast / DblBeast).

Title Screen

Japan North America
Rockman EXE 6 Title Screen.png Mmbn6 title.png

For the final game in the series, changes to the logo for the international version were less drastic compared to the previous games.

Custom Gauge L or R Graphics

Japan USA/Europe
Mmbn6jpnLorR.PNG Mmbn6internationlLorR.PNG

Custom Gauge L or R Graphics is different in the Japanese version.

Anti-Cheat Check

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: How exactly does this check work? Is there an unused flag in the English release?

If the game detects cheats have been used, a comma is added to the end of the first line of the save confirmation text. This was used to check eligibility for official tournaments. This is not included in the English version, either due to Capcom deeming it unnecessary since they never held an official tournament for the series outside of Japan, or simply overlooking the function. This function returns in Mega Man Star Force and has a change in the English release of that game.

(Source: https://www.therockmanexezone.com/interviews/2018/03/20/exe-15th-ann-special-staff-discussion-part-4/)
(Source: https://twitter.com/capkobun/status/973960179774504966)