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Proto:Mega Man X8

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mega Man X8.
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A Trial Version of Mega Man X8 was included in the PlayStation 2 version of Mega Man X: Command Mission.

Unused Graphics

The demo only contains the first stage, ending after defeating the boss, but several graphics from later parts of the game are present on the disc, including textures of the three navigators and bosses like Bamboo Pandamonium and Earthrock Trilobyte.

Proto Final
It's just like turnin' on the computer at 3 AM! Ahh yeah... that gave my poor old eyes a rest!

The stage select screen had Signas in the background.

Proto Final
Placeholders. How surprising. Everything done.
Proto Final
Ain't that a little too rough? Now, that's nice.

The stage select mugshots and stage pictures are still in development, and some have provisional names:

  • Kani (crab) - Crabs-Y
  • Niwatori (chicken) - Burn Rooster
  • Ari (ant) - Gravity Antonion
  • Sanyouchuu (trilobite) - Earthrock Trilobyte
  • 00 - OP stage (Opening stage, Noah's Park)
  • 01 - Cyber stage (Troia Base)
  • 02 - Kaiten stage (Rotation stage, Primrose)
  • 03 - Sennyuu stage (Infiltration stage, Pitch Black)
  • 04 - Toshi stage (City stage, Dynasty)
  • 05 - Agari Sagari stage (Rise and Fall stage, Drop Dead/Inferno)
  • 06 - Chaser stage (Ride Chaser stage, Central White)
  • 07 - Giant robo stage (Metal Valley)
  • 08 - R. Armor stage (Ride Armor stage, Booster Forest)
  • 09 - Kidou elevator stage (Orbital elevator stage, Jakob)
  • 10 - Sigma copy stage (Gateway)
  • 11 - Sigma stage (Sigma Palace)
  • Sigma
  • Black Zero
  • Armor X
  • Ultimate
Proto Final
Assassin's Creed? No, Mega Man!

The Lab. The prototype lab is near identical to the one in Central Tower's Hunter Base in Mega Man X: Command Mission, but gained a "new" appearance in the final.


The few tracks that exist in the prototype have largely the same compositions as those featured in the final, but some of the instruments, notably the electric guitar chords, sound slightly different.

Proto Final
Stage Begin

Stage Clear

Weapon Get

Unused Track

A track which isn't present in the final game at all, but also seems to miss the cut in the prototype as well! It sounds particularly similar to the "Ranking" theme used upon completing a level in the final. The actual Ranking theme is used on the "Thank you for playing" screen in the proto, however, rendering this track redundant.