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Mega Man Legends

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Title Screen

Mega Man Legends

Also known as: Rockman DASH: Hagane no Boukenshin (JP), Mega Man 64 (US; Nintendo 64)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo 64, Windows
Released in JP: December 18, 1997 (PS1), November 22, 2000 (N64), February 23, 2001 (PC), August 4, 2005 (PSP)
Released in US: August 31, 1998 (PS1), January 10, 2001 (N64), July 14, 2001 (PC)
Released in EU: December 4, 1998 (PS1)

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
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MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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To do:
Apparently there's a PC (Windows) port of the game which has some differences from the PS1 & N64 versions. A slight gaffe is the PC port's US box mentions a desktop theme that seems to be missing from the disc. (what about the Japanese version?)

Mega Man Legends is a third-person shooter/action RPG that places you in the role of Mega Man Volnutt, yet another alternate version of the Blue Bomber. The game went on to become a cult hit, spawning a prequel, a sequel, an obscure mobile interquel, a golf game spinoff, a Nintendo 64 port, a slightly improved PSP port, and a tombstone in the shape of a 3DS cartridge.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Source Code
Uncompiled source code.

Unused Audio

Unused Dialogue

To do:
Check Japanese version for equivalents and unique unused dialogue.

Deep within the XA directory of the disc exists unused dialogue, including alternate lines for Mega Man on unlocking the portals to the living quarters, unheard cheering from the TV reporter after presumably clearing the Bonnes' robots in City Hall, and more intended dialogue from the Inspector pertaining to the "bank robbery" segment. Some of the unused dialogue has text boxes associated with them and can be played in-game by using GameShark code 300987B5 00XX on the US version, replacing XX with the given value, and activating a text box while in the correct area. In these cases, the dialogue is written and formatted as it appears in-game.

Ocean Tower

Value Speaker Audio In-Game Text Notes
08 Roll
Are you trapped? These two clips would've been used somewhere in the Ocean Tower. Can be heard with value 08 while in the first area of the Ocean Tower.
Try shooting your
way out with your

Support Car

Speaker Unused Transcription Used Transcription Notes
I'll try fixing this car up.
I'll get to work on fixing this car up. An alternate version of Roll saying she'll fix the car that uses different takes and is broken up into more clips than the used version.
I'll be able to help you out...
I'll be able to help you out and maybe spot for you if I can get it running again.
...and maybe spot for you...
...if I can get it working again.
Come on, let's go! This is found right after the above audio files so it's likely she would've said this afterwards.

Tron being Chased by Paprika

Value Speaker Audio Transcription/In-Game Text Notes
Why do these things always chase me?! Likely would have played while in City Hall while Tron is being chased by Paprika.
0C Tron
"Shoo! Don't come
over here!
Shoo! Go away!
Can be heard with value 0C while in Downtown, before defeating the Marlwolf.

Bank Robbery

Value Speaker Audio Transcription/In-Game Text Notes
TV Anchorman
Police are giving chase through the city streets! Likely would've come after the anchorman's used lines.
04 Barrell
"Hey MegaMan, An alternate version of Barrell's line after the TV report of the bank robbery. Can be heard in-game with value 04 in the main room of the Flutter.

Note the discrepancy between the spoken and written dialogue.

looks like
Why don't you go
take a look?
Thanks for your help MegaMan. These presumably would've been used after stopping the bank robbery. While he does have similar dialogue after returning the money, it's not exact and isn't voiced.
We wouldn't have been able to arrest them without you!
I'd like to give you something to show our appreciation.
Here you go. I hope it helps you out when you go on a dig.

After Defending City Hall

Speaker Audio Transcription Notes
Ladies and gentlemen, he did it! Our new hero has saved City Hall from the pirates! Likely would've been used after defending City Hall with the building intact or destroyed respectively.
The sound of gunfire has ceased. It appears the battle is over.
Value Speaker Audio In-Game Text Notes
42 Barrell
"'Course, the
building's seen
better days...
Likely would've been used if City Hall was destroyed. Can be heard with value 42 and 43 while in the mayor's room.
That was close,
MegaMan! We were

almost flattened
like pancakes there!
43 Amelia
"But we're both

Cardon Forest Sub-Gate

Value Speaker Audio In-Game Text Notes
10 Roll
That was lucky--
It looks like
there wasn't any

kind of security system...
It seems like these would've been used after obtaining the Yellow Refractor. Can be heard with value 10 in the Cardon Forest sub-gate.
Good job MegaMan!
It looks like a
fairly good-sized
But it might be a
little too small to
get the Flutter

working again.

Main Gate

Speaker Audio Transcription Notes
Each of the keys is stored in the underground living quarters of the Prototype Anthro Units. Presumably these were meant to be used somewhere within the Main Gate.
I wonder what Prototype Anthro Unit is supposed to mean.
Speaker Unused Transcription Used Transcription Notes
That switch should have uncovered the entrances to the living areas, or whatever they're called.
The switch I just pulled should have activated the portals to the living quarters. An alternate take on the dialogue after revealing the living quarters.
I bet they're somewhere on the surface of the island.
They should have appeared somewhere on the island.
I'd better go look for them.
Guess it's time to start looking for them.

Various Roll Dialogue

Speaker Audio Transcription Notes
What's the matter MegaMan? All of these are found within XA1876E.XA, and could've really been used anywhere.
That's it, keep going straight!
I think you should go right.
I think you should go left.
If I were you, I'd head back.
Take a look around there.
Do you see a box around there somewhere?

Alternate Curator Dialog

Speaker Unused Transcription Used Transcription Notes
That's it! That's perfect! That's exactly what it needed! Thank you so much!
That's it! That's perfect! An unused, combined version of the curator's dialogue after giving her the lipstick.
That's exactly what it needed! Thank you so much!

Game Over Voices

Speaker Audio

Located within GAMEOVER.BIN is a group of audio files that were evidently meant to be played upon getting a Game Over.


The Japanese version of the game has two audio files of Data asking Mega Man if he wants to save and wishing him good luck.

Race Game Music

While this is used in the Race Game, only up to 25 seconds can be heard when racing in the Technical Course Rank D.

Shorter "another sun"

Found only in the Japanese release is this shorter version of "another sun" that fades out partway through and only lasts 1:45.

Early Boat Cutscene Audio

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
Notes: Some of the dialog is different, so it'd probably be a good idea to get a transcripton of both.
Unused Used

Found within both the Japanese and international versions is this unfinished version of the audio used during the cutscene where Roll fixes the boat. Many of the sound effects and background noises are missing, dialog is spaced out differently, Wily has some different dialog, and Roll's voice is muffled during the point she's supposed to be in the boat and even has an extra line. Additionally, some of the lines appear to be from different takes.

(Source: OKeijiDragon, Sil)

Unused Frog

The outside of Wily's boat shop has an unused frog. To make the frog appear in-game, activate the GameShark code 8009F10A 0055 (US) or 8009EDCA 0055 (JP) as soon as the screen becomes dark while moving from inside Wily's cabin to outside the cabin, and it will replace one NPC. Deactivate the code when leaving Wily's place, or the game will crash.

The frog's coding appears to be incomplete, having a debug-like behavior: Pressing the directional button changes its position in the map, pressing L1 and L2 will raise and lower it, and pressing Circle will change its animation. Maybe its position in the map was being planned before being cut? The frog has three animations of it apparently rising its head from the water, waving, and diving back to the water.

Unused Graphics


The unused frog's texture, which contains Japanese text reading "Yun is life", "I'm Kimo!", and "Kou", a person's name. The only thing used in this texture is the grass from KTOX TV's Beast Hunter minigame.


One of Tron Bonne's textures has an unused face that says "scraps", probably referring to the extra space in her textures.


A green Blumebear boss in Cardon Forest.


Unused concepts of the special items. The text near the key and the Walkie-Talkies says "discarded". The angry Data face says "escape". The item in the bottom says "key". Other texts are "Rock Buster", "Spread Buster", "Mission", "5th palette" and "transmission period #6".


The textures of Yass Plains contain an image of Hayato Kanzaki from the game Star Gladiator saying "Yawnnn".


Some of the City Hall textures have an unused question mark and a face (that looks suspiciously like Phoenix Wright, despite this game predating his series) with the text "Hm".

Which way?

Unused road signs from Downtown and Uptown. The car sign from Uptown is used in City Hall with a different color.

It's a manhole... and a lot of other stuff.

An early version of the vending machine and a hidden text that says "underground gate".

Old City
Old City

Hidden text in the textures of Old City. On the left texture, "ブッコワレ (Destroyed)". On the right texture, there are two writings: "ソフ地 (Soft - Ground)" and "室内オンリー (Indoor only)".

Wily's boat house

On the left texture, "大往生" means "a peaceful death", "マエ" means "front", "ヨコ" means "side", "戸" means "door". On the right texture, more unused text, those being from Lake Jyun's textures. The text in the water texture says "edge".

I'm so happy!

A happy face hidden in the textures of the portals to the underground ruins.


Part of the textures from the Beast Hunter mini-game has a circle, a question mark, a cross and a square. Only the question mark is used.

See You Again!

Bon Bonne's texture from the ending has an unused message saying "See you again!".


The Reaverbot Cannam has a small face hidden in its textures. It's believed to be the Unit-00 from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is supported by its texture in the demo version having the word "zero" written in Japanese above it. There also appears to be a silhouette of a woman (?) in the center of the textures.

Unused Items

The game has four unused normal items: EMPTY, JUNK-ITEM 25, JUNK-ITEM 26 and JUNK-ITEM 27, and one unused key item: KEY-ITEM 1E.

Unused Texts

To do:
There is so much more than just this.

Like with the unused dialogue listed above, there are also many unused text boxes that can also be displayed with the GameShark code 300987B5 00XX on the US version to force an interactive object to show the specified text (XX) in its place. The text displayed depends on the map. Invalid values will either do nothing, display "00" for each invalid value until it finds a valid one (like 00"The Yasmar Woods are this way.), or crash the game.


The SAMPLE text.

The text "SAMPLE." is the first text from some areas, the GameShark code 300987B5 0000 on the US version showing it when available. It is also possible to view it in the door of the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate if it is reached before fixing the Flutter by teleporting through maps or using moon jump. The code 300987B5 0008 will replace a text by "SAMPLE2." while on Cardon Forest.


Text 24 shows that the player was apparently able to search for Tron in the sewers:

It's a manhole...
You can hear foot-
steps coming from
Maybe this is
where that girl

Go inside
Don't go inside


Text 8B is "The Yasmar Woods are this way.

Boat Shop

During various parts of the game, the player can ask Data about their shield which will then prompt Data to ask you if you know how your shield works. When going to Lake Jyun, the player can again ask Data about their shield, but this time he will go directly into his explanation. Text EC shows that this dialog is still present at this location.

"Do you know how your shield works?

Of course! (Shows the unused "Then why'd you ask me?)
Um, no... (Goes to the used text)

Other Strange Text

With the use of certain cheats, such as changing the player's position and performing moon jumps, one can access areas to see texts that normally are not possible:

  • The two men behind the bank counter say "How'd you get in?" and "Was that door open?"
  • A lonely Servbot in the Old City appears at the top of the warehouse claiming "We're not d-d-doing anything in the warehouse, nope!"
(Source: Mega Man Legends Information Centre)

Debug Text

Access denied.

The pause menu contains debug text to change Mega Man's equipment. GameShark code 300A38F0 0009 on the US, 300A3C30 0009 on the Japanese, or 300A3958 0009 on the PAL version will make it appear, but the game will attempt to return to the pause menu. Increasing the code's value will show only some parts of the menu. Currently it's unknown if it can be accessed in a proper way or if it is still functional.

Crash Handler

You broke the game...

It's possible to make a crash handler screen appear by causing errors to the game with cheat devices. This example happened due to an overload of graphics, with one enemy's explosion multiplying indefinitely.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Title Screen (Japan) Title Screen (International)
So nice and tranquillizing... This place is creepy...

Aside from the logo, the background at the title screen was redone for the international versions.

Magazine Item

Erotic Magazine (Japan) Comic Book (International)
Felicia and Lilith? That's too hard! Time to action!

In a side-quest, Mega Man can find a magazine and give it to Jim. In the Japanese version the item is an erotic magazine, which was changed to a Comic Book overseas. In the Nintendo 64 version, only the item's name was changed while the magazine kept its original appearance. The PSP version, which was released only in Japan, changed the erotic magazine to the overseas comic book.

Animal Abuse

The dialogue for this sequence was translated, but the scene itself is absent in the international versions.

In the Japanese version of Mega Man Legends, the player was able to attack some animals without penalty. Mega Man could kick animals or shoot down birds with his Mega Buster. This was made impossible to do in Mega Man Legends. The exception to this change was the dull-colored dogs at the Old City, presumably because those are the only dogs—and animals—in the game that can attack and actually kill you, which would justify assaulting the dogs. However, in Rockman DASH, you could kick the dull-colored dogs multiple times after they got incapacitated, whereas in Mega Man Legends you could kick them only once for each of the dogs.

This change also took out the alternate option of saving Tron Bonne from the dog, Paprika, in Rockman DASH. Instead of reasoning with it like you can only do in the English version, you can kick the dog out of the scene and watch it run away squealing from Mega Man. If you choose that way, the proceeding dialogue involving Paprika will be different. Normally, Paprika will remain energetic after the event and even talk to Mega Man near the end of the game. If you kicked the dog, it will act sad and fear Mega Man. Although unused outside Japan, it appears all dialogue related to Paprika being kicked was translated, like "I had no idea... I've never see Paprika act up so much! But he's not like that for no reason! You must have done something to him! Admit it!" (Apple Market text 6D).


Japan International
another sun
Pop CD

One of the CD samples from the High Necked Record Shop was replaced in all international releases. All samples were removed from the shop in the Nintendo 64 version. Interestingly, "another sun" can still be found within the files of the international versions.

Japan International
(Anata no Kaze ga Fuku Kara)

In the Japanese version, the credits had this ending theme. In the international versions, it uses an instrumental soundtrack, and instead plays a number of dialogues spoken in the game throughout.

Version Differences

To do:
Document more differences, like the N64 version's poorer draw distance (needs screenshots) and slightly altered controls as well as the PC version. The currency symbol is a dollar sign in the PC version.
  • Press the search button in the PlayStation version at the old vehicle after crash landing on Kattlelox Island, and nothing will happen, but on the N64 version you get two new bits of information about the vehicle.
  • Orange houses have a "Peace" poster in the PlayStation version. In the N64 version, there's a "1963" poster.
  • Blue houses have a poster with a miniature pig and the words "Don't kick us!" in the PlayStation version. In the N64 version, there's a blown-up pig.
  • In the PlayStation version, there is a music track and voice clips from several parts of the game playing while the ending credits roll. On the N64 version, it was replaced with the music from the KTOX TV Station.
  • In the PlayStation version, there is a building with YAG written on it, the name of a Japanese animation school. In the Japanese version, talking with the girl in front of it or examining the pamphlet will inform the player of the phone number of the school, 0120-310-042. In overseas versions, it was changed to a computer game school, with the girl mentioning she wants to do games like Resident Evil. In the PSP version, it became a cooking school named VAC. The building is not present in the N64 version.
  • The picture on vending machines is different between the PlayStation, PSP and N64 versions. In the PlayStation version, it has the appearance of an Oronamin C, being named so in the Japanese version.