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WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

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Title Screen

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

Also known as: Made in Wario (JP), Wario Ware, Inc.: Minigame Mania (EU)
Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: March 21, 2003
Released in US: May 21, 2003
Released in EU: May 23, 2003
Released in AU: June 6, 2003
Released in CN: 2005

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! is the gripping tale of Wario and his friends forming their own game company. The result is a bizarre collection of very short (and often very strange) minigames called "Microgames", with a few "Wario" takes on other classic games thrown in for good measure.

Unused Games

Amusingly, Wario and friends had some leftovers, given that this was their first game both in the series and in canon. With a cheating device or a cheat option in an emulator, change address 03000E61 to one of the following game numbers.

Block Breaker

WarioWare Inc-UnusedGame1.png

Game Number: 2F
A microgame where only two blocks can be broken before time expires. The paddle gets smaller with each level. This was likely meant for 9-Volt's stage, as it is based on the early Nintendo arcade game Block Breaker.

F1 Race

WarioWare Inc-UnusedGame2a.png

Game Number: 5E
A microgame with all three level variations where the stats at the top of the screen never change. This was also likely meant for 9-Volt's stage as it is based on F1 Race, an early Famicom game.

Level 1 is merely a straight course.

WarioWare Inc-UnusedGame2b.png

Level 2 begins with a straight path, but curves halfway through.

WarioWare Inc-UnusedGame2c.png

Level 3 starts on a curve, and becomes straight near the end.


WarioWare Inc-UnusedGame3a.png

Game Number: 66
A microgame with all three level variations. This was also likely meant for 9-Volt's stage, as it appears to be based on Nintendo's late-1970s "Color TV Game 6/15" home console.

WarioWare Inc-UnusedGame3b.png

Level 2 has smaller paddles.

WarioWare Inc-UnusedGame3c.png

Level 3 has a pair of parallel paddles for each side.

Ping-Pong VS

WarioWare Inc-UnusedGame4a.png

Game Number: E5
A game presumably meant to be unlocked with the other VS titles.

WarioWare Inc-UnusedGame4b.png

First to five points wins. Like the other VS games, L and R move the paddles up and down for their respective sides.

(Source: TheMonkeyBob)

Unused Levels

Good luck with that.

Dodge Balls retains the higher level capabilities present in the demo from Wario World. While in the demo there are only six levels, in the final game there are nine levels altogether, and on the highest level there are ten balls for you to dodge.

Unused Graphics


WarioWare Inc-Wwjimmysmaller.pngWarioWare Inc-White Phone Folder.png

The menu graphics contain an unused smaller and darker thumbnail for Jimmy T and a white cell phone folder.

WarioWare Inc-IntroGrid.png

This is loaded into the VRAM of the Introduction grid in place of the microgames it does not have due to being smaller than other grids. Most likely used as a placeholder.

Wario's Games (Introduction)

WarioWare Inc-Repellion.png

Repellion contains an indicator to tell you which ship is yours.

WarioWare Inc-Wario Wear.png

Wario Wear has graphics for...a naked Wario. You're welcome.

Jimmy T.'s Games

WarioWare Inc-Baseline Bash.png

Baseline Bash has an exclamatory "AU" speech bubble.

WarioWare Inc-High Hoops.png

High Hoops has the words "Clear Line", plus an arrow and a line.

WarioWare Inc-Log Chop.png

Log Chop has a horizontal brick.

Dribble & Spitz's Games

To do:
There are unused alternate palettes for Bowser & Mario in the "Classic Clash" microgames.
WarioWare Inc-Bubble Trouble.png WarioWare Inc-Bubble Trouble-ring.gif

Bubble Trouble has graphics for a spinning ring.

WarioWare Inc-Space Escape.png

Space Escape has a large orb with a casing and 13(!) different projectiles.

WarioWare Inc-Repellion.png

UFO Assist has an indicator to tell you which ship is yours, much like in Repellion.

WarioWare Inc-Galaxy 2003.png

WarioWare Inc-Galaxy 2003 2.png

The boss game Galaxy 2003 has graphics for a fourth powerup and a thick white bar. There is also a rainbow-ish band off the right side of the play field.

Mona's Games

WarioWare Inc-Fries With That.png

Fries With That? has a graphic of a girl's head.

WarioWare Inc-Tilt-n-Tumble.png

Tilt-n-Tumble has a graphic for a smaller ball.

9-Volt's Games

WarioWare Inc-Duck Hunt.png

Duck Hunt has the onscreen information from the original NES game, but this is just a graphic that does not change.

WarioWare Inc-Donkey Kong.png

Donkey Kong contains the entire layout of 25m from the original game!

WarioWare Inc-Helmet.png

Helmet has the word "Home" written offscreen, next to the house.

Dr. Crygor's Games

WarioWare Inc-Cornonthecob.png

Among the graphics for Veg Out is a sprite of a corn cob, which doesn't appear in the microgame.

Kat & Ana's Games

WarioWare Inc-Flower Shower.pngWarioWare Inc-Flower Shower 2.png

Flower Shower has two other flower colors, plus graphics of the girl not holding the watering can.

WarioWare Inc-Leafy Greens.png

Leafy Greens has a pink poop that comes in multiple shades.

WarioWare Inc-Veggie Might.png

Veggie Might has the word "Work" and some kind of gem.

Hoppin' Mad and The Frog Flap both have the same tiles.

Wario's Games (Anything Goes)

WarioWare Inc-Wario Bros.png

Wario Bros. has graphics for the POW Block, death and "jumped on" sprites for both Wario and Mario, and a full number set (0 and 8 are used normally by the microgame).

WarioWare Inc-Wario Facial.png

Wario Facial has Wario's gloves and belt placed below the bottom of the screen.


WarioWare Inc-Pyoro.png

Pyoro has a small devil among its sprites.

Unused Music & Sounds

File Name Music Notes
A dummy sound played if the sound being referenced does not exist.
These two are test tracks for the different length microgames. 4 bars is the length of Orbulon's microgames, while 8 bars is twice as long. While there is test music for 2 bars, it is used for a couple of microgames.
Music track of unknown purpose.
The title music played at normal speed. The title screen does not last long enough to reach the loop, so part of this track cannot be heard normally.
Alternate versions of Jimmy answering his phone.
Tune for retrying from between the first and second bosses of Dribble.
Tune for retrying from between the second and third bosses of Dribble.
Tune for retrying from between the third and fourth bosses of Dribble.
Music for losing between the first and second bosses of Dribble.
Tune intended to be used before the second boss of Dribble.
Music for losing between the second and third bosses of Dribble.
Tune intended to be used before the third boss of Dribble.
Tune intended for speed up between the second and third bosses of Dribble.
Tune intended to be used after the third rest of Dribble.
Music for losing between the third and fourth bosses of Dribble.
Tune intended to be used before the fourth boss of Dribble.
Tune intended for speed up between the third and fourth bosses of Dribble.
The final two parts of the background music for Dr. Crygor. These are never reached because the background music restarts after every speed up and boss.
Sound of unknown purpose.
Sounds for the missing boss LP. GOMA ( Dummy )
Assorted microgame sound effects.
Sounds for a second Super Mario Bros. microgame.
Sounds for some kind of drum set.
Music for a 2-bar microgame.
Music for a 2-bar microgame that has to do with a train.
Music for a 2-bar microgame.
Music for a 2-bar microgame. It's the first few notes of the main Super Mario Bros. theme, using both male and female voices.
These three tracks are for a 2-bar Wario Land microgame. The main melody comes from the first game (and indeed, the first track closely resembles it), while the third iteration uses musical elements from the fourth game. The second iteration has some techno-ish sounds added.

A Wario Land microgame did not appear until WarioWare: Smooth Moves, which was based on Super Mario Land 3. Another appeared in WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase, based on Wario Land 4.

Music for a 4-bar microgame.
Music for a 4-bar microgame.
Music for a 2-bar microgame.
An alternate version of the tune for finishing Introduction.
Music track of unknown purpose. The only thing named similarly is m_BGM_BOMB_Demo_11, the speed up tune for Introduction.
Music for a VS minigame.
Sounds intended for the unused VS minigame Ping-Pong.
Sound intended for the VS minigame Dong Dong.
Wario saying "Yahoo!"
Jimmy saying "Good morning."
Jimmy saying "Hello?"
Jimmy saying "Good night."

Regional Differences


Japan US
WarioWare-NailCall-JP.png WarioWare-NailCall-US.png

The background of the Nail Call boss game was changed from brown to black.


Japan US
WarioWare-StackUp-JP.PNG WarioWare-StackUp-US.PNG

R.O.B.'s red colors were changed to gray, as they were when it was originally brought overseas, and the Famicom was appropriately changed to a front-loading NES. The color changes also affected the Robot Block logo, as it shares a palette with R.O.B.

Kat and Ana

Japan US
WarioWare-FruitFall-JP.png WarioWare-FruitFall-US.png

While the goal of Fruit Fall remains the same (catch a falling fruit in your basket), the "not fruit" graphic was changed from a poo to a diamond.