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Proto:Need for Speed: Carbon

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Need for Speed: Carbon.

To do:
  • Add more changes and differences from the final game if they are noticed.
  • Add the Xbox Live Arcade demo as prototype build because that build also has differences from the final game.
  • Add the Xbox 360 19th September 2006 preview as prototype build because that build also has minor differences from the final game.
  • OPM Demo: Move the technical changes to possible separate section that were made specifically for demo (as they would work as intended (or not if not finished yet in general) in full game builds around that time as this demo)
  • There was a Xbox Original Hard Drive dump that was dumped by JustAnyone that has leftovers from 2 or 3 builds that are very incomplete, possibly being from June and July 2006, it has fragmented data of game executable, having timestamp to 10 August 2006. Also those builds are impossible to run because as said before, they are very incomplete and because the executable was dating later than builds files.

A demo version of 2006's Need for Speed: Carbon was featured in the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo 60. The demo was built on July 1, 2006, three months before the final build. It is built on the remains of a build from earlier in development, likely from March 27, 2006.


  • The introduction sequence is slightly longer and slightly different.
  • Most NIS cutscenes are unfinished. Unlike Most Wanted (2005), which doesn't store car data in NIS files, these cutscenes can crash the game because some of the cars are not present in the demo, and because Palmont City does not exist in the demo, some of the cutscenes take place in an empty void.


  • The game's logo was different.
  • The font was bolder.
  • Most camera angles were different.
  • Because most menus are unfinished, some functions are broken, some strings and textures are missing, and some menus will bring up a placeholder menu (such as the career customization menu).
  • The title screen was completely different. It had the game's logo against a static black background, unlike in the final version, which included an animated background.
  • The loading screens were completely different and the loading screen tips are absent.
  • Some icons were slightly different.
  • The race start countdown was different.
  • The HUD had subtle differences.
  • The pause menu was slightly different.
  • All safehouses were slightly different.


To do:
Manage to load Main Menu in PS2 Demo [[1]]. Thank to Xan and need setup HostFS in order to get working
  • The overview map is almost completely different. It has no area filter, the districts have no territory textures, and the race positions are slightly different.
  • Selecting free roam from the career menu will softlock the game, probably because some free roam code was scrapped for demo purposes.
  • The car selection menu is slightly different. Pressing certain buttons will bring up a placeholder message.
  • The car customization menu is different.
  • You cannot choose any visual parts. Probably due to demo limitations or menus are not finished.
  • All autosculpt menus when entered if Non-AutoSculpt Part is installed, it will say "Broken Autosculpt Art".
  • The paint menu code is not really functional, but unfinished.
  • The vinyl menu is almost identical to the final version, however, some categories are missing and the vinyl takes a long time to update. It is possible to move the vinyls but it tends to freeze.
  • The window tint menu has missing strings, and the window tint itself doesn't change until you go to other menus.
  • Challenge series races have no descriptions.
  • The reward cards menu is almost identical to the final version, but there's no reward cards in the database, resulting in a placeholder unlock string referencing a cut Honda CBR600F4.
  • Reward cards had generic, placeholder names. Some reward cards had different objectives.
  • Loading screen tips were less descriptive, and some of them were written in a creative manner. Some loading screen tips were also cut.



  • Most of the interface sounds were reused from Most Wanted (2005) as a placeholder.
  • The sound when you finish a drift is not present.
  • No sound plays when a crew member is ready to be activated.


  • A slightly different version of Dynamite MC's "Bounce" is used as the menu theme.
  • An instrumental version of Eagles of Death Metal's "Don't Speak (I Came To Make A Bang!)" is used as the song for the San Juan race.
  • An instrumental version of Ladytron's "Sugar (Jagz Kooner Remix)" is used when the player finishes the circuit race.
  • "Drift Itsumo" had a slightly different mix.


  • The stock color for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR Edition (CT9A) was silver instead of red, and it's same for most cars.
  • Only 4 vehicles (Lamborghini Gallardo, Mazda RX-7 (FD3S), Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR Edition (CT9A) and Chevrolet Camaro SS 396 (Gen.1)) and few traffic cars in this build.


  • Aftermarket parts are known as standard parts.
  • Autosculpt parts had no name yet.
  • Performance parts are known as "stages". There are four stages for every car, unlike in the final version.
  • Headlight color customization was cut from the final game. It has two options but they don't work. Customized headlight colors can be seen in certain pre-release media, however.
  • It was possible to adjust the car's ride pitch, but it was cut from the final game.
  • License plates were going to be able to customize but it was scrapped, however, in the final version, Kenji's Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) in one cutscene includes a customized license plate.
  • The spoilers were reused from Most Wanted (2005), however, some spoilers were cut from the final game.
  • 30 autosculpt spoilers were planned but that amount was reduced.
  • There were five body kits for most cars instead of four or one.
  • Sunroofs were cut from the final version, probably kept in this demo as unused and placeholder.
  • It reuses Most Wanted (2005)'s color palette because the new paint system was still under development at that time.
  • Neville's vinyl was different, but it is not used.


  • Crew members were known as wingmen.
  • The camera system was reused from Most Wanted (2005).
  • The Phantoms are referenced in this game, including their respective crew vinyls, but they were replaced by the Black Hearts in the final version.
  • The Rotor 4 crew was known as 787.
  • NO OWNER crew was existed.
  • Player crew territory ownership color was different.
  • Only San Juan, Lookout Point canyon and drift tracks exist in this build.
  • Checkpoint mode was known as tollbooth, just like Most Wanted (2005).
  • Canyon Drifts have 3 Laps for some odd reason.
  • After defeating Darius, the Silverton Race Wars (Platinum Condos) would be unlocked.

Game World


  • The barriers were reused from Most Wanted (2005) as a placeholder.
  • The minimap texture had slight differences.
  • To reduce the size of the demo, Palmont, Canyons and its other sections were cut from the map, keeping Lookout point, San Juan and Drift course.

San Juan

  • San Juan was slightly different.
  • San Juan originally had five pursuit breakers, while in the final game, there's only one.

Lookout Point

  • There is no road block at the end of the route.
  • Canyon Cliff texture is different.