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Need for Speed: ProStreet

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Title Screen

Need for Speed: ProStreet

Developer: EA Black Box
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2
Released in JP: January 31, 2008
Released in US: November 14, 2007
Released in EU: November 23, 2007
Released in KR: December 10, 2007

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Need for Speed: ProStreet deviated from the free roaming formula of the previous three titles and took a dive into the scene of closed-track legal racing.

The PC port is also rather infamous for having a game-breaking bug in which you couldn't continue past the race results screen that would never get officially fixed until a modder came along almost 10 years later.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info
Debug Mode
Hidden in plain sight.
Unused Audio
"Come on, Chi-town, make some nooooooise!"
Unused Text
Unused Graphics
At least vinyls and decals are free.
Inaccessible Online Features
No Mario Kart Wii-style resurrection for these servers, it seems.

Special Vinyl Menu

Just like in Need for Speed: Carbon, a hidden vinyl menu labeled "special" exists. This menu was most likely used to easily apply specific decals to cars to speed up the livery creation process. There are even car restrictions in place, so certain vinyls can only be applied to certain cars.

It can be made available via modding.

Unused Tracks


Present only in the Asian release, files for what was once supposed to be Laguna Seca Raceway exist. Despite the name, the only thing that's actually there is a textured flat plane that emits dust and has a texture of Portland International Raceway on it, viewed through Google Maps circa 2007.



Present in only the leaked "Alpha 61" build for the PS2, placeholder tracks for both Laguna Seca Raceway and the Porsche Leipzig race track exist, despite the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions never actually receiving Leipzig. Continuing the trend of using early versions of already existing tracks being used as placeholders, these two are both of a very early version of Mondello Park.


Another unfinished track referred to as "ShutoExpressway" exists in every version. The track actually has a proper road spline, and even has some rough level scenery consisting of various windowed cuboids placed on some basic pieces of land. The destructible canyon barriers from Need for Speed: Carbon even make a return. It is unknown if the barriers were a cut concept or simply just a placeholder.

The track layout itself is a recreation of Shuto Expressway Route 11 and is fairly unique as it is the only track that allows driving on both separated and elevated sections of road at the same time. This track was most likely abandoned for the version of the expressway included with the Booster Pack.

In 1.0 version of this track found in Asian version,they are lack float buildings and dated August 28,2007 while 1.1 is October 11,2007


An unused track found in the Asian PC release of the game. Judging by its name, the track was designed to test lighting and other light behavior. This course shares a majority of its assets with that of Infineon, and even contains some unused Super Promotion assets.


Another unused track found in the Asian PC release. This course shares a similar base to L6R_Lighting as majority of its assets are derived from Infineon. As the name suggests, this track may have been used to test LOD (level of detail) mesh generation that is used throughout majority of Black Box's Need for Speed titles.


This track is another one found in the Asian release. This is similar to the Laguna Seca and Leipzig courses found in the Alpha 61 build of ProStreet for PlayStation 2 because of the fact it continues its trend and uses Mondello Park as a base. This track, like the name may imply, was used to test Black Box's "NIS" (non-interactive scene) files, which are used throughout Most Wanted, Carbon, ProStreet, and Undercover.


The final unused track found in the Asian release of ProStreet is a track named "TestTrack." It is not fully clear what this track could have been used to test, but it is similar to L6R_NIS and the Alpha 61 tracks due to the fact it is another track which uses Mondello Park as a base.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused/Leftover Features

A number of features seen in previous games can be found leftover in ProStreet; AI behaviors and setups for police vehicles and traffic cars, damage setups for them all including helicopters. Their vehicle behaviors are even valid, but don't do much (apart from SoundCop and ChassisSimple, the former silencing car audio while the latter having no notable effect on AI opponents but makes the player's car uncontrollable and shortly flip over) given police are completely absent in this game. Spike strip functionality also remains and can make sparks emit from the car's tires if the vehicle uses DamageRacer behavior, but does not affect performance nor handling in any way.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused/Placeholder Cutscenes


This is a placeholder for the game's final cutscene, "fmv17_showdown_king_def", only present in the Asian PC release and the Xbox 360 prototype. It is a recording of the cutscene played back from the in-game camera editor with noticeable rainbow banding, indicating that it was recorded off of a console. The other part of the cutscene telling the player that they have defeated the Showdown King has also been omitted.


A short placeholder for the Super Promotion unlock FMV, only present in the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions. The audio is that of a cut Need for Speed: Carbon PSA, which was found in a prototype of Need for Speed: Undercover.

The version that has been uploaded is located in the MOVIES\WIDESCREEN directory of the Wii version as it is of a higher quality; the contents are the same between versions.


Another short placeholder video left in the MOVIES directory of every game version. It is not referenced in the debug menu.


A short cutscene present in all versions that is also not referenced by the debug menu. The exact purpose of this file is unknown.


Yet another short placeholder video only present in the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions. The filename of the used cutscene shortens "defeat" to "def".

This can also be found in the MOVIES\WIDESCREEN directory of the Wii version.


Present only in the Asian release. It would've been a placeholder for the PSA that plays when starting up the game, but the PSA in this game shares a cutscene with the opening logo. For some reason, the audio is much longer than the actual video; the length and the various car noises hint at it being the audio for an early attract cutscene.


Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: The text for this cutscene exists in the PC version; can it be loaded?

This is an unused tutorial cutscene that was supposed to give players a general overview of the career. Judging by the text, it likely would've played in the "career overview" menu. The cutscene features a seemingly early version of the career map, and all of the text for it is still in-game, though some of it goes out of the baked-in text box.

Cut car brand

In Vited file, located in fontend/vehicles there are 2 brand was cut from this game, they are likely leftovers from previous titles:


Difference between 997tt_slotcar car

Only known difference from duplicate 997tt is has more top speed similar to ball car from previous title.This mean calmed this car is developer car used in development.

Wii Development Leftovers

All Wii releases have an .ELF file containing debug symbols named after the game, region, and stage of development present in the root of the disc.

However, in the Japanese Wii version, many more leftover files from earlier stages of development are present in the root of the game's filesystem.

DLF Files

These files can be opened with any text editor. They contain a list of all of the files burned to the disc along with their hash and the directory on the computer in which they originated from. The only differences between the three files are some of the hashes at the beginning of the file list. The first few lines from all files have been put here.

ProStreet08Japan.dlf ProStreet08JapanMilestone.dlf ProStreet08JapanRelease.dlf

DSF Files

These files contain everything necessary for the game to boot, all put into one large file. They seem to be game executables only meant to run on developer hardware, since trying to boot the game with them in Dolphin after separating their contents results in the debug log throwing an error.

APPLOADER ERROR >>> One of the sections in the dol file exceeded its boundary. All the sections should not exceed 0x80700000 (production mode)

RCF Files

These are referred to as the RVL_CONFIG_FILE by the file list. They share the same header as the DSF files and are all the same size. It's unknown what these files do.

Residual MetroWerks CodeWarrior Data

Two directories named ProStreet08Japan_Data and ProStreet08JapanMilestone_Data contain residual data from MetroWerks CodeWarrior, an integrated development environment commonly used for game development on the GameCube and Wii. The file CWSettingsWindows.stg present in the root of the directory appears to be a program settings file that stores what parts of the software were currently being used, [1] and the second file, TargetDataWindows.tdt, present in the Default_Wii_Project subdirectory, appears to point to various libaries used to compile source code. [2]

Platform Differences

PlayStation 2 and Wii Downgrades

  • All online content, including Collector's Edition and Booster Pack content, was removed, with the exception of a few preset cars.
  • Nine cars were removed, those being the Acura RSX (DC5) and Integra Type R (DC2), Audi TT 3.2 quattro (Type 8J), BMW Z4 M Coupe (E86), Chevrolet Corvette (C2) and Camaro Concept, Ford Mustang (SN95), Honda Civic SI (FG), and the Porsche 911 GT2 (997).
  • The wind tunnel that appears when customizing aerodynamic body parts was removed.
  • The Araxis Sweeper aftermarket hood and the O.Z. Leonardo aftermarket wheels were removed.
  • Only 23 purchased cars are allowed in the garage of a single save file, compared to 53 in every other version.
  • The next-gen versions have a fully animated and decorated hub that plays within the game world, whereas these versions simply use sets of still images. Funnily enough, they're screenshots from earlier in development!
  • There is a separate version of every licensed music track with added reverb that plays in the hub, which increases the filesize of the music data file by nearly twice the amount.
  • The amount of racers for regular Grip Races and Speed Challenge races was reduced to 6 in the Wii version, and reduced even further to 4 in the PlayStation 2 version.
  • Grip Class events are absent, likely due to the reduced racer count.
  • Visual car damage was heavily downgraded. The only forms of vehicle damage in these versions are scratches, shattered windows, and smoke emitting from the front of the vehicle.
  • The fidelity of volumetric smoke effects was downgraded in the Wii version, and downgraded even further in the PlayStation 2 version.
  • All tracks only have one time of day.
  • The "speed lines" behind the car make a return from Most Wanted and Carbon.
  • Track-side crowds were removed.
  • There are rocks on the Nevada Highway Speed Challenge course that aren't present in the next-gen versions.
  • Engine sounds in these versions use a combination of GIN and ABK audio files very similar to previous installments, instead of the reworked system used in the other versions that utilizes TMX audio files.
  • These versions use video files instead of NIS files to save memory in some cases where loading the scene would be too stressful on the console.

Version-Exclusive Differences

  • The Wii version lacks a Manual Clutch transmission option.
  • The Wii version's drag race control scheme makes it impossible to shift into reverse.
  • The Xbox 360 version adds the option to purchase things with Microsoft Points rather than in-game cash.
  • All in-game data management buttons in the PlayStation 3 version are replaced with ones that use the console's data management system.
  • Menu elements are scaled to the window size in the PC version.

Revisional Differences (7th generation version)


The original release version. The PC version included a code (COLLECTORSED) that could be used to unlock Collector's Edition content;

  • The Acura Integra LS, Acura NSX (NA2), Audi RS 4 (B7), Lexus IS 350 (XE20), and Pontiac Solstice GXP cars, which are only available with the purchase of the Collector's Edition.
  • Four Challenge race day events for Career mode; Autopolis II, Infineon, Nevada II, and Willow Springs.


Released on December 18th, 2007 for Windows, and in February 19th and March 21st for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 respectively. It disables the above code for the PC version, along with the unlockallthings code, but includes some free content of its own alongside two purchasable Premium Car Bundle packs.

  • Two race day events each for React Team Sessions and Super Promotion, respectively; Leipzig I & II, and Tokyo Expressway I & II.
  • Two free cars:
    • Plymouth Road Runner 383
    • SEAT León Cupra (1P)
  • Changed the performance of the DLC cars to use their own performance, instead of reusing the 1991 Nissan 240SX Fastback SE (RMS13)'s performance data.

Premium Car Bundles

To do:

The Premium Car Bundle packs include 12 cars altogether, and another two which require the purchase of them (namely the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 and the 1992 McLaren F1): The DLC was removed on September 1, 2021, with the delisting of some older Need for Speed titles, but can be made available in the PC version by falsifying or removing their 0x767fffc1 field via NFS-VltEd.

  • Aston Martin: DB9 and DBR9 GT1
  • Audi R8 4.2 FSI quattro (Type 42)
  • Dodge Challenger Concept
  • Honda S2000 (AP1)
  • Koenigsegg CCX
  • Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione II
  • Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
  • Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG (R230)
  • Porsche 911 GT3 (plus RS version) (997) & Carrera GT (980)

Regional Differences

To do:
Font differences between International, Chinese/Japanese, and Thai.
  • In the French, Japanese, and Swedish languages, Imperial measurements in strings were replaced with metric ones (e.g, quarter-mile drag races becoming 400-meter drag races).
  • In the Japanese version, certain cars were renamed to reflect what they were sold as in Japan:
    • The Infiniti G35 (V35) was renamed to the Nissan Skyline 350 GT (V35). It still retains Infiniti's position in the car lot.
    • The Mazdaspeed3 (BK) was renamed to the Mazdaspeed Axela (BK).
    • The Nissan 350Z (Z33) is instead the Nissan Fairlady Z (Z33).
    • The Nissan 240SX (S13) is instead the Nissan 180SX (S13).
    • The Toyota Corolla GT-S [AE86] is instead the Toyota Sprinter Trueno [AE86].
  • Additionally, the first names of Japanese racers have been abbreviated in the Japanese version. Oddly, this change also applies to a few other racers.
International Japan
Mamoru Arakawa
Seiko Makiguchi
Tsuneo Hamamoto
Takeshi Tatsumi
Ryota Iwahara
Shiheru Mitani
Takejiro Okuda
Hide Okui
Masao Hasekura 
Minoru Higashiyama 
Hitoshi Morie
Nobu Sawayama
Tobias Sachenbacher
Andreas Romanoff
Tristan Christopher
Masahide Omura
Kazutoshi Kawakami
Ryoma Shibasawa
Shinji Takasu
Ukyo Ihara
Masato Kihara
Sadatake Ueshima
Atshushi Muraguchi
Shinji Mori
Kaneko Hiroyori
Tomonori Uetake
Kohji Yamagata
Kazu Yoshida
Makoto Yoshizawa
Yoshiaki Kawakami
Takuya Kawayama
Satoshi Hosokaya
Mitsuharu Tanaka
Naoki Yoshihara
Hiroaki Terasawa
Munehiko Kawaguchi
Mitsuhide Nakamura
Yoshio Sato
Marcel Buddenseik
Gustavo Demetrius
M. Arakawa 
S. Makiguchi 
T. Hamamoto 
T. Tatsumi 
R. Iwahara 
S. Mitani 
T. Okuda 
H. Okui 
M. Hasekura  
M. Higashiyama  
H. Morie 
N. Sawayama 
T. Sachenbacher
A. Romanoff
T. Christopher
M. Omura 
K. Kawakami 
R. Shibasawa 
S. Takasu 
U. Ihara 
M. Kihara 
S. Ueshima 
A. Muraguchi 
S. Mori 
K. Hiroyori 
T. Uetake 
K. Yamagata 
K. Yoshida 
M. Yoshizawa 
Y. Kawakami 
T. Kawayama 
S. Hosokaya 
M. Tanaka 
N. Yoshihara 
H. Terasawa 
M. Kawaguchi 
M. Nakamura 
Y. Sato 
M. Buddenseik
G. Demetrius

Mysterious Steam Version

A Steam version added on May 4th, 2013 can be found on SteamDB (a year after the official servers were shut down). Nothing is known about this version. Electronic Arts may originally have planned to put this game on Steam's store or even into another game pack such as the EA Racing Pack, or as a promotional giveaway. The reasons to why the game was not put on Steam despite being in its database is currently unknown.


DLC cars in 1.0 version

Before DLC cars were released, these cars were in the game files albeit in unfinished state such as bodykits and most of them using the performance of the 1991 Nissan 240SX Fastback SE (S13). These can be obtained through two methods:

  • Edit your save file through hex editing
  • Using a save file from 1.1 in 1.0, note that the game will crash after pressing updating the cars' blueprint.

Here is an example of Dodge Challenger Concept

v1.0 v1.1
Nfsps Screenshot 2023.03.13 -
Nfsps Screenshot 2023.03.13 -
Nfsps Screenshot 2023.03.13 -
Nfsps Screenshot 2023.03.13 -