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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

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Title Screen

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Developers: EA Black Box (PC), EA Canada (Console)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Xbox 360
Released in JP: December 22, 2005, December 10, 2005
Released in US: November 15, 2005, November 22, 2005 (Xbox 360)
Released in EU: November 25, 2005, December 2, 2005
Released in AU: November 25, 2005 (PlayStation 2)

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Another contender for the title of "best NFS game" by the fanbase, Need for Speed: Most Wanted took the open world and (some of) the aftermarket car customization aspects of Underground 2, put them in a gritty city called Rockport, and trimphantly brought back the cop chases for good measure. Also, five grand... FIVE GRAND!

Deleted Cars

Nissan 350Z

The folder CARS/350Z indicates that a Nissan 350Z was going to appear. Unfortunately, the only remnants of the 350Z are two files in that folder (PREVINYL.BIN and VINYLS.BIN). It was featured in its prequel, Underground 2 and later featured in Most Wanted's sequel, Carbon. It was probably removed due to licensing issues because there are no Nissan cars in the final game.

BMW M3 E46

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Some pre-release screenshots and game files indicate that the BMW M3 E46 (the street model; the player's titular blue-striped car is the GTR model) was supposed to be in the game. However, the Windows and PlayStation 2 versions still have the body mesh and car logo in the files. The Windows version doesn't have any textures assigned for the vehicle, resulting in a black shape, but the PlayStation 2 version still has the texture mapping intact.

Traffic Vehicles

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The files also have some traffic cars that were cut, although they are fully complete. The vehicles are an ambulance, a camper, a truck hauling pipes, and a tanker truck. The ambulance only appears in the final game during the cutsecne after the race with Rog.

Need for Speed-Most Wanted-Ambulance.jpg