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Need for Speed: No Limits

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Need for Speed No Limits

Developer: Firemonkeys Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: September 30, 2015

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Need for Speed No Limits is an addition to the series made for mobile devices by the same developers who have made Real Racing 3. Released in 2015 along with the series' reboot title, the game has outlived every single mainline entries from its decade of release including the aforementioned reboot - with no signs of hitting the end of the road anytime soon.

Revisional Differences

Prologue change

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Originally, the prologue had the player driving a Ford Mustang GT (S-550) with a Ken Block livery until version 3.3, which it changed to the Dodge Viper SRT GT-S (VX) (along with AI cars). It also included the prerelease skin from the Ford Mustang GT (S-550) then later version 6.0 Gatecrasher update changed this car to stock kit for whatever version.

Rebranded Wheels

The rim licenses for RAYS Engineering were lost as of the Underworld: Downfall update, with their names re-branded to fictional NFS No Limits manufacturers.

Before Underworld: Downfall After Underworld: Downfall
Volk Racing TE37 Raijin T-90S
Volk Racing TE37tta Raijin T-90S Dish
Gram Lights 57F WORKS Motorsport Marque 99
Gram Light 57SX Tusk Sprinter
Schmidt Line 2TLg Tusk Runner

User Interface Changes

The user interface, along with the title screen and logo were changed as of the “Drift Macabre” Update in October 2021 to resemble Need for Speed: Heat instead of the 2015 reboot.

Redesigned Materials

On the “Underground Insider” Update, the materials names and images were changed, like engines being changed to show an electric motor, despite the entire car list being only internal combustion engine powered-cars, until the recent introduction of the DeLorean Alpha5 in the Thunderclap Update.

Unused Motorcycle

In version 4.2.3, a Motorcycle model was added to the game file and later removed in the patch. It is unknown if it was meant to be a playable bike or just for AI.

Hidden Frost Wrap Color Swatches

For whatever reason, there are some Color Swatches for Frosty fast but it never released for some reason.