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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Developer: EA Black Box
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in US: October 2, 2002
Released in EU: October 25, 2002
Released in KR: November 7, 2002

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 is a sequel to the original Hot Pursuit, which also serves as the series' foray into the sixth generation of consoles. The PlayStation 2 version is significantly different from the other versions of the game, being developed by EA Black Box rather than EA Seattle.


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Developer Notes

PS2 version has some leftovers with developers notes about creating tracks (files 0x406CB595, 0x407ECE16, 0x42C1DE36, 0x42D3F6B7, 0x45291F58 from ZZDATA.BIN).

From the file 0x406CB595:

General Comments

1 - Mip mapping can't be set up properly for everything?
2 - The fog needs to be tuned

Track 11 Markers
0 - Lift the checrons so they are above the wall
1 - Chevrons intersect the wall.  Move out and/or up
2 - Barrier alignment down here is suspicious
3 - Tops of the wooden barrier posts are much lighter than the rest of the wood (all around the track).  Darken
4 - Continue the barrier.  I can't drive off here so there should probably be a barrier
5 - Continue the barrier.  I can't drive off here so there should probably be a barrier
6 - Fairly harsh non-blend between textures
7 - Doing a wheel spin here kicks up dirt although I am on concrete (Park parallel to railing on curb)
8 - Doing a wheel spin here kicks up dirt although I am on concrete (Park parallel to railing on curb)
9 - Stand here look at buildings up track.  The light building between the dark ones, at the back.  Look at the roof.  It has z fighting (move the car slightly)
10 - Stand here and look at the tunnell towards the far exit.  Look at the texture how blocky (stretchec it is)
11 - Stand here amd look over the pond.  2 things -- see the roof of (9) and also see a sail boat refelction or something in the water?
12 - This fern doesn't flatten.  Not instanced?
13 - This fern is actually outside the driveable (base) and therefor doesn't flatten.  Move in or further out
14 - Piece of fence is missing
15 - This fern doesn't flatten.  Not instanced?
16 - This fern is actually outside the driveable (base) and therefor doesn't flatten.  Move in or further out
17 - The railing cuts through the tree
18 - This fern is actually outside the driveable (base) and therefor doesn't flatten.  Move in or further out
19 - This fern doesn't flatten.  Not instanced?
20 - See 19.  The whole clump is bad
21 - The railing needs to continue.  You can't drive where you think you should be able to
22 - (By gas station) This fern is actually outside the driveable (base) and therefor doesn't flatten.  Move in or further out
23 - Car falls into the world.  Missing topology?
24 - Fill this gap with a barrier or make it bigger.  You can WEDGE the car in sideways and get it stuck (or penetrating with the house) See me for more detail if needed - Stefan W
25 - There's a parking space right in the entrance to the gas pumps!
26 - (Towards tunnell from gas station) Fern up on the wall is in the wall 
27 - Fern is in the tree
28 - Fern is in the tree, also ferns in the wall (badly angled)
29 - Fern is in the tree, also ferns in the wall (badly angled)
30 - (Other non-tunnel side of gas station) -park agains the fence, you sort of fall through the world and sort through the fence.  Looks funny too. Rather move the fence towards the bridge and clean up the alignment here, as well as the trough
31 - Fern on bank too far into the earth
32 - Very harsh mulch / grass blend
33 - This railing sunken into the ground too much
34 - These ferns don't flatten (Both)
35 - (Down but shortcut through drain pipe) Drive back and forth against the wall here and watch the pop in of the trees in the upper left hand corner
36 - Need a wall of fence here
37 - Trough doesn't line up with the grate, too far out
38 - Trough and fence don't line up here.  Fence needs to angle in towards drain pipe
39 - Not serious but perhaps make the lip in the ground more obvious.  sort of looks like a bug
40 - Drive back and forth here and watch the world pop-in in the distance
41 - Fence and trough greatly diverge here
42 - (by covered bridge just before fire) Fence and trough not at all the same (shakey all the way between 41 and 42)
43 - Fence and trough not at all the same 
44 - Driver over this point with the fire to your back.  Watch the world pop above the covered bridge
45 - Move fern a little more out
46 - Look towards the wall right in front of this mnarker.  There's a hole in the tree wall (piece missing)  Put something there
47 - Move the fern in (or just remove it) it is very big!  Sorts funny with the car
48 - Rub the wall.  The car will just get stuck for no reason
49 - Problem fern
50 - Problem fern
51 - Problem fern
52 - Rub the wall.  The car will just get stuck for no reason.  The fence also doesn't lign up with the troff properly (I don't think)
53 - Shadow on road but not on the curb
54 - Rub the wall.  The car will just get stuck for no reason.  The fence also doesn't lign up with the troff properly (I don't think)
55 - Drive over this point and watch the world pop over the bridge behind the start line
56 - Not serious but wooden barrier and wall probably uneccesarily overlap starting here
57 - Drive over this point towards the overpass bridge.  Watch the tree shadow suddenly pop much darker.

From the file 0x407ECE16:


Figure out where it should rain

Track Markers

0 - (Follow the road to the right through the tree frim the start) Green light on the floor shouldn't be there
1 - The grill of the fire is smackable.  You can get it to behave really badly.  I don't think it is worth the effort, but it has to be fixed or removed
2 - (Ranger station parkade) Smackable garbage can doesn't have a bottom
3 - (Near the three tents) Weird collision with the tree
4 - (Not too serious) Fern planted too deep (disappears when it collapses).  Others around here are same
5 - More green light
6 - Fairly harsh texture seam
7 - Rub the wall.  The shadow goes up.  I think there's topology on this tree above you there (Both trees, check both sides)
8 - The shadow map is way too high of the ground on the bank at the top here
9 - The fence here is too low  (Different from both other ends)
10 - Fern on the bank is not good  (See further along too)
11 - Ferns don't collapse (From here, all the ay to the tunnel, none of the ferns collapse)
12 - Fairly significant crack (like a tear, more) in the world right here.  Verts not welded?
13 - (Other side of tunnell) Bush doesn't collapse and doesn't have collision
14 - Drive slowly to this point, along the track.  Look at the tree way down the track.  See the pop.  Wrong LOD?
15 - Look at the inside of the front tire of the logging track.  It doesn't have faces.  Obviously not a real tire
16 - I think the trough is maybe too far into the track here
17 - Non working Ferns again
18 - Pole might be planted too deep.  Open to interpretation, though.
19 - Pole might be planted too deep.  Open to interpretation, though.
20 - Trough problem.  Also no barrier.  Car falls out the world.  I can see the barrier is behind the world!
21 - Non working Fern
22 - Harsh colour change here
23 - (Not important) Lower this post slightly?  Will look better, I think
24 - (Not important) Maybe a bit too much orange on the floor here?
25 - (Not important) These three ferns seem weird.  I think they are angled.
26 - Trough and barrier doen't quite lign up here
27 - Look straight out from the track.  There's a gap in the tree wall.  Totally breaks the illusion of a forrest in there
28 - Stand here and look ath the buildings to the left.  Look back, at the first building.  Move slightly.  Look at the roof.  What is Z fighting?
29 - Look at the wall on the right.  There's a defenate texture seam.  I think the left portion might not mapped right
30 - I can sort of get onto the curb (both sides).  Is this desirable?
31 - (Probably okay) harsh texture seam on the wall on the left here
32 - Fern coming through the barrier here
33 - Floating fern up on the wall here
34 - Shadow really high off the top of the wall here.  Very visible
35 - Resolution of the texture here on the rock.  Very blocky
36 - (Very subjective) I think if you took out every second chevron, it might look better
37 - Non collapsing ferns
38 - Couple of issues (look back) -- 1) The containing wall isn't containing the earth, I see right through behind it (not too serious); 2) The trough just pushes you out - it doesn't match a wall or the lip of the earth
39 - Fern in the tree here
40 - Move this chevron closer to the wall.  I can squeeze between it and the wal and the collision system shoots me out the world! (Ask me for more detail if you need)
41 - Texture mapped badly here (from floor up against the cliff)?  Doesn't match the other texture.  Very blocky
42 - Fern outside driveable doesn't collapse and sorts funny with car
43 - Ferns planted at an angle still stick up through the car, even when collapsed
44 - Hole in the world you fall through
45 - Again, the texture on the bank here isn't great
46 - Harsh texture seam on the wall here
47 - There's no wall here or anything to explain why I can't get in here to this side of the bridge.

From the file 0x42C1DE36:

Track 21 Markers

General Issues:

0 - These rock formations in the median aren't much fun. They prevent this stretch from being a flat-out, top speed segment. Right now, they limit the racing that could go on here. (Also, the new lower formations act as jump ramps if you drive into them.)

1 - The mountains are missing textures.

2 - Invisible trough wall on the right.

3 - There are no guard rail supports on the guard rail on the left.

4 - You can drive into this rock.

5 - You can drive through this guard rail at this point.

6 - Close off this joiner.

7 - This right-hander needs chevron signs. (Also: flickering shadow map?)

8 - Close off this path.

9 - You can drive off this cliff here.

10 - This transition needs to be smoother, both geometry-wise and texture-wise.

11 - Funny invisible wall here. Possible to get car stuck in this spot.

12 - This acts like a jump ramp.

14 - You can fall through a hole in the ground here.

15 - Invisible wall here.

16 - Open this up or close it off better so players can't get stuck here.

17 - You can drive through this rock.

18 - Level out this indented area.

19 - I think this jump ramp is cool, but there's room for player error. If you take it slow, you can get stuck. And in the reverse direction, the lip of the ramp is not right.

20 - Invisible wall here.

21 - Take out this bump that acts like a jump ramp that could launch your car into the canyon.

22 - Missing guard rail supports here.

23 - You can drive through this side of the bridge.

24 - Being retextured?

25 - Level out this indented area.

26 - Level out this indented area.

27 - Unintended jump ramp exiting shortcut.

28 - Don't want to get stuck here.

29 - Place large smackable barricades here.

30 - Can you disguise the harsh seam on the right between the ground and the wall?

31 - Unintended jump ramp here.

32 - Deadly edge of fence sticking out.

33 - It's weird how this rock sticks out here. Can you move it in and extend the guard rail so it's contiguous?

34 - Waterfall textures look great at the top; less so at the bottom.

35 - The weed texture along the bottom of the cliff doesn't match the other weeds in the area.

36 - Fence off this area.

37 - Rail off or eliminate this ledge.

38 - Barrier missing here.

39 - Cars get stuck here if you fall off the left edge of the ramp.

40 - Invisible wall here.

41 - This outside edge needs a guard rail.

42 - This vista point doesn't make sense. It's too far off the drive to be noticed. Though it would make a nice run-off area if it was paved (like the vista point in Track 41).

42 - The road lines in this shortcut are confusing. 

43 - Chevrons all along this turn would be very helpful here.

57 - Sign not planted in the ground properly.
58 - Median rock formations need blending with ground (in general).
59 - Place chevrons around this corner.
60 - Weird road/dirt mapping here.
61 - Untidy placement of posts with rail. (Rail cuts through posts.)
62 - Place chevrons on outside of this corner.
63 - Place direction sign here implying function of the off-ramp that's barriered off here.
64 - Road lines don't blend well here.
65 - Extend existing chevrons farther out to here.
66 - Power poles floating in the air.
67 - Visible seams between dirt road and dirt shoulder (in general).
68 - Bad blend between paved road and dirt road.
69 - Level out this gutter with the dirt road.
70 - Weird square-shaped shadow map.
71 - Bush sticking out into road area.
72 - Flickering polys (duplicate geometry?).
73 - Shadows cast by the rock formations need to be consistent in direction and be more contrasted with the general lighting.
74 - This shortcut (and other dirt road shortcuts in general) need points of interest and smackables. There's no apparent reason why these roads exist. Perhaps a rest area, picnic area. portable toilets could help justify these roads.
75 - This "Last Gas" sign and other billboards would be more effective placed closer to the road. Players will notice them more easily.
76 - This jump is problematic. It needs to be more like a bridge so we can place a smooth AI route on it. (The mine tunnel bridge is a good example of this.) It also has to function in reverse, so it has to be much flatter than it is now.
77 - I don't like how it's possible to go over the jump and hit this rock without warning.
78 - These chevrons need to be V-shaped, so they point out the turn in both directions. Right now, they're backwards when driving forward on the track.
79 - This corner needs chevrons.
80 - Road mapping here is bad. The fork needs another texture for it to blend properly.
81 - No collision on this phone booth.
82 - Car gets stuck here when you drive off the edge of the ramp slowly.
83 - This corner needs chevrons.
84 - Look at the texture on this cliff face.
85 - This canyon seems oddly too bright.
86 - These chevrons need to be two-way (like for marker 78).
87 - Check the cacti along here. I think a lot of them are missing collision volumes.
88 - Missing geometry off-road.
89 - These barriers look out of place here. Can you instead extend the guard rail to plug this hole?
90 - The cacti on the side of the cliff look funny. From a distance, they look like power line poles. Can we get rid of them?
91 - The collision volume on the larger cacti needs to be higher. If you knock one over, you can drive through the top half of the cactus.
92 - Need a darker shadow map behind the waterfall. It's too bright in this tunnel
93 - Need to blend the wall and road more nicely here.
94 - Need to subdivide this dirt road texture. It's stretched out too wide.
95 - Place some fallen rocks in this area to complement the falling rocks sign.
96 - The seam between the red rock and the brown rock is too conspicuous.
97 - Can we have a row of billboards somewhere, like you often see on highways. I think it would help break up the space, improve the sense of speed, and give players more stuff to look at.

Orange - Stefan W

45 - This type of bush doesn't flatten (should do something)
46 - Can't be smackable.  Code for Smackable won't chenge.  behaviour (smacked) no good.
47 - This type of bush doesn't flatten (should do something)
48 - Drive through 47 to 48.  At 48, look at the bush that's like the one in 47 off in the distance pop (bad LOD)
49 - Odd looking at the base (grass maybe?).  End's in an odd way right around 49
50 - back the car up through 50 into 49.  See the camera clip through the wall.  Not set as solid wall in JR2?
51 - The way this wall sorts into the rock (explains 49) is not good.  Also missing geometry above (hole in the world)
52 - a) Way two walls meet not good. b) The wall without grass has topology set on it (see the shadow go up when you drive into it)
53 - "Rub" along the wall.  The car gets caught right here (EA Testers WILL flag as a bug!)
54 - Bad mapping on the rock right in the middle of the road here
55 - a) Waterfall comes through rock b) trough does't match railing c) Reverse through 55 into railing in 3rd person -- see underneath the road hloe in the world d) Checrons are duplicates (flash - not smackable)

From the file 0x42D3F6B7:

Track 22 Markers

0 - You can fall through the world here.

1 - Level out bump between main road and shortcut.

2 - Place smackble barricade here (and at reverse entrance).

3 - Exiting the airplane graveyard must be fool-proof.

4 - When driving in reverse direction, this looks like you can jump over the fence.

5 - Invisible wall here.

6 - Guard rail this area so players can't drive into the dead end down here.

7 - Take out this shortcut. It no longer serves a purpose.

8 - Please take out this shortcut. There's way too much potential for disaster down on the river. There's no way to convincingly constrain the player down there. You can get stuck in a corner. You can flip your car very easily. The walls intended to funnel the cars can actually launch them in the air. This is not Monster Truck Madness.

9 - Guard rails on this bridge need to be taller.

10 - Put a very heavy smackable barrier here (like a wooden wall?). Then...

11 - ... widen this tunnel so you can turn around without getting stuck. Then...

12 - ... form a bridge by connecting the two jump ramps together.

13 - Put another very heavy smackable barrier here...

14 - ... and here...

15 - ... and here.

16 - Plug up this dead end.

17 - Plug up this indent.

18 - Make it impossible to drive up this wall.

19 - Invisible wall.

20 - Solid barricade needed here.

21 - You can drive through this guard rail.

22 - Seam visible in cliff face.

23 - Invisible wall.

24 - Collision issues with this guard rail.

25 - Block off this joiner.

26 - Car gets stuck here.

27 - Invisible wall.

Orange - Stefan W

29 - Mapping of lines
30 - Road mapping
31 - Scale.  Park a car next to the barrier.  See how big (high) it is
32 - Orientation of Stop sign.  Should be on other side of the boom
33 - Mapping.  Very harsh seam
34 - Missing fence
35 - Invisible wall (missing fence)
36 - Plane wheels (at least) needs other texture.  Wheels sort into ground
37 - No collision on this piece
38 - Drive back and fourth through this point looking at the hanger.  Notice the duplicate (z fighting) geometry
39 - Invisible wall here
40 - Weird mapping here
41 - Drive through this point towards the hanger.  Look at the roof z-fight
42 - You fall through the world here
43 - Trough off here (Invisble wall).  No blend.  Fence pulled and other textures?
44 - Prevent the player from coming here.  Drive here and watch the outside the car camera clip through th eplane
45 - You fall through the world here
46 - Trough issues
47 - Mapping
48 - Cactus in plane?
49 - Duplicate geometry.  The world underneath the tarmac comes through
50 - The floor of the hut is off the ground.  See th ebarrels are through it
51 - Drive off the ramp slowly to land here.  See the hole through the world to left as you fall.  Now revers under plane.  Drop out of the world.  You have to reset to get back into the game
52 - These chevrons need to be V shaped so that traffic coming in the other direction (on right hand side lane where chevrons are) see an arrow that points left
53 - Looks like I should be able to drive in here, but I can't
54 - Weird sorting of sand and rock here
55 - Need a blend texture here.  Seam not acceptable
56 - Driving over this at speed wil flip the car.  Flatten
57 - Find a way to block off.  Invisible wall not acceptable (make it a groove, give the world a lip?)
58 - Flying rocks?
59 - Mapping
60 - Car gets stuck "rubbing" the trough.  You can also get the car to flip.
61 - harsh lighting seam
62 - Bad trough boundry
63 - If you drive over this slowly, you are screwed (apart from falling out the world currently). You will have to press reset
64 - Drive into the wall here.  You simply fall out the world
65 - Sign is floating
66 - Drive out the world here
67 - Tesselate the road more to get rid of the hard jaggies in the road lines
68 - Rock/wall intersection.  Bad sorting
69 - Wires on this pole don't line up with pole
70 - Mapping
71 - Mapping
72 - No collisions on the rock
73 - Mapping on this rock
74 - Invisible wall
75 - These arrows point in the wrong direction.  They are on the opposite side of the road and should be inverted for the sake of on-coming traffic
76 - No Collision on rock
77 - Wire on telephone pole out here doesn't line up with the pole
78 - You need a sign to indicate an upcoming corner (all over the track that's a problem)
79 - Floating telephone pole

From the file 0x45291F58:

0 - Make full pyramid of mip-maps for this texture