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Proto:Tetris (DOS, AcademySoft)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Tetris (DOS, AcademySoft).

A prototype of Gerasimov's Tetris was included on the Tetris Gold compilation CD-ROM, released in 1993.

Download.png Download Tetris (AcademySoft Prototype)
File: Tetris (DOS, AcademySoft) (Proto).zip (13 KB) (info)

Overall Differences

Title Screen

Proto Final
TetrisProto (DOS, AcademySoft)-title.png Tetris10-(DOS, 1986)-title.png
  • The title screen has rougher color cycling that doesn't always fully cover areas. Much like v1.0, the overall game isn't adjusted to run at the same speed on all machines.
  • The copyright info and creator info are all maroon-colored and are in different positions, with the line containing AcademySoft's credit being much shorter.
  • Line clears are instanteous.
Proto Final
TetrisProto (DOS, AcademySoft)-setlevel.png Tetris10 (DOS, AcademySoft)-setlevel.png

The level select prompt uses a different message and positioning (the leftmost middle, roughly).

Gameplay Screen

Proto Final
TetrisProto (DOS, AcademySoft)-gameplay.png Tetris10 (DOS, AcademySoft)-gameplay.png
  • The Help and Statistics sections are in different positions.
  • The statistics for Tetriminos are colored blocks, rather than using each piece's shape.
  • The score number is gray. The final changed it to brown, presumably to help it stand out more.
  • The dark blue bullets are missing from the matrix.

Game Over

Proto Final
TetrisProto (DOS, AcademySoft)-gameover.png Tetris10 (DOS, AcademySoft)-gameover.png

The lettering is dark blue with a black background.

Odd Point Subtraction Feature

For some reason, there is a feature in which if you press Numpad 6 during gameplay, your points will be subtracted - or if you have none, your score will be negative.

TetrisProto (DOS, AcademySoft)-negativepoints.png