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Proto:Tetris (DOS, AcademySoft)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Tetris (DOS, AcademySoft).

This prototype of Gerasimov's Tetris is contained within the Tetris Gold compilation CD-ROM disc, released in 1993.

Download.png Download Tetris (AcademySoft Prototype)
File: Tetris (DOS, AcademySoft) (Proto).zip (13 KB) (info)

Overall Differences

Title Screen

Prototype Version 1.0
TetrisProto (DOS, AcademySoft)-title.png Tetris10-(DOS, 1986)-title.png
  • The title screen had rougher color cycling that would not always fully cover areas, and much like Version 1.0, the overall game wasn't adjusted to run on the same speed on all machines.
  • The copyright info and creator info, on the prototype, are all just maroon-colored, and both are in different positions compared to Version 1.0, with the line containing AcademySoft being much shorter, being just AcademySoft 1986.
  • Line clears are instanteous.
Prototype Version 1.0
TetrisProto (DOS, AcademySoft)-setlevel.png Tetris10 (DOS, AcademySoft)-setlevel.png
  • The level select screen for the prototype says What's your level, roughly positioned in the leftmost middle as opposed to v1.0's Enter your level, being in the direct middle.

Gameplay Screen

Prototype Version 1.0
TetrisProto (DOS, AcademySoft)-gameplay.png Tetris10 (DOS, AcademySoft)-gameplay.png
  • The statistics for Tetriminos are just colors in the prototype, and are on the left, as opposed to the actual Tetriminos being depicted on the right in v1.0 and v3.12.
  • The score number is gray in the prototype, but brown in v1.0.
  • H E L P is on the right in the prototype, but was moved to the left in v1.0.
  • The dark blue bullets are missing from the matrix in the prototype.

Game Over

Prototype Version 1.0
TetrisProto (DOS, AcademySoft)-gameover.png Tetris10 (DOS, AcademySoft)-gameover.png
  • In the prototype, the Game Over letters are dark blue with a black background.

Odd Point Subtraction Feature

For some reason, there is a feature in which if you press Numpad 6 during gameplay, your points will be subtracted, or if you have none, your score will be negative.

TetrisProto (DOS, AcademySoft)-negativepoints.png