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Tetris: Axis

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Title Screen

Tetris: Axis

Also known as: Tetris (EU)
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: October 20, 2011
Released in US: October 2, 2011
Released in EU: October 21, 2011
Released in AU: October 27, 2011

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

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Tetris: Axis is a 3D Tetris game for the 3DS, guest starring Bomberman. In 2015, this and the original Game Boy game were pulled from the Nintendo eShop due to Ubisoft licensing the exclusive rights to Tetris for Tetris Ultimate.

Unused Graphics

Tetris3d HuIllegalCopy.png

All rights of this software and package are reserved by their respective owners.
Online distribution of this software without the permission of the copyright holders is illegal as per Article 113, Paragraph 1 of Japanese copyright  
law.  Additionally, as of January 2010, it is forbidden to knowingly download illegally-distributed material or duplicate it for private use.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

HuIllegalCopy is an unused, untranslated copyright screen.

Unused Music

STRM_MARIOKART.bcstm is the title screen music from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, a leftover default music file from the 3DS SDK.

Unused Enemies

TetrisAxis CPU 11 render.png

CPU 11 seen in-game

A perfectly functional unused 11th CPU opponent intended for the VS CPU mode. Oddly, the player is not given an option to continue upon beating, only "Retry" and "Quit." They can be enabled in-game using the following Gateway code:

D3000000 08000000
0000AEDC 0000000A
D2000000 00000000