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Tetris (CD-i)

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Title Screen


Developer: Philips P.O.V.
Publishers: Philips Media (US/EU), Marantz Japan (JP)
Platform: CD-i
Released in JP: 1992
Released in US: 1992
Released in EU: 1992

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Just about the most chill and relaxed version of Tetris ever made.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Abstract/Bibliographic Text

...a classic game in a class of its own.

Originally conceived by Alexy Pajitnov and Vadim 
Gerasimov of the former USSR, Tetris is 
recognised all over the world for its elegant 
simplicity and challenging game play.

Tetris CD-I is the ultimate Tetris experience.

Spectacular video nature scenes and an original 
CD score by Jim Andron complement classic Tetris 
game play and elevate this phenomenon to new heights.

In CD-I, the classic becomes a legend.

Produced by Philips POV Entertainment Group

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Programmer		Mike Berro
Prototype		Ken Jordan
			Gary B. Smith
Lead Artist		Les Doughty
QA Testers		Janis Beckenbach
			Greg A. L. Hemsath
Executive Producer	Sarina Simon
Senior Producer /
Creative Director	David Reardon
Associate Producers	Carrie Daccardi
			David White
Director of Technology	David Todd
Director of Photography	Mackenzie Waggamen
Grips			Joseph Keppler
			John Scarpaci
Image Capture		David Todd
Music			Jim Andron
Coordinator		Charlene Bonhoff
Software Tools		Mike Berro
			Joe Burks
			Ken Jordan
			Brandie Lynn
			Dan Pinal
			Gary B. Smith
			David Todd

Tetris ©1987 V/O Electronorgtechnica (ELORG) ©1992 PIMA
Allrights reserved
Tetris is a registered trademark of ELORG.

Copyright 1992 American Interactive Media
All rights reserved

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