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Proto:Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)/PS2 Alpha 124

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A later build of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, known as "Alpha 124" dated September 20th, 2005. Clearly much closer to the final game than the PS2 demo, but it still has differences worth noting.


  • The loading screen was different. It had graffiti stains in the background, which were replaced by an animated bar.
  • The pursuit duration milestone's string is missing, as it's displayed in-game as "FENG: Default string error".
  • All of the event and place markers were different.
  • The Challenge Series' lock icon was white.
  • With the use of a debug menu, menus for online multiplayer, which was cut from the console versions, can be seen.


Webster's Blacklist profile image was different. He has an extremely smug expression and is facing the camera, unlike his final render where he looks over his shoulder.



  • The clicking sound was different.

Engine sounds

  • GIN_BMW_LagSeca_V2 sounded more aggressive and was bass-boosted.
  • GIN_TRCK_Accel and GIN_TRCK_Decel are slightly shorter.
  • The over-revving sound of the BMW M3 GTR was different.
  • The sweetener sounds for the Dodge Viper SRT-10 were different.
  • The Aston Martin DB9 used the Lamborghini Murciélago's engine sound entries, including the unused Lamborghini Diablo engine sound.


  • You could originally encounter cops during drag races and during boss races.
  • Speedtraps were in a primitive state. Instead of the usual camera-like checkpoints, it uses tornado-shaped checkpoints, similar to those found in the July 2005 PlayStation 2 demo.
  • Razor is nowhere to be seen during his first blacklist race due to a glitch. Also, the finish line is floating mid-air.
  • The final pursuit is slightly different (due to a glitch). Instead of driving the BMW M3 GTR, you are driving the last car used before the pursuit. This can be fixed by starting your pursuit in the main menu. Also, upon finishing the pursuit, no ending credits are shown, it instead returns to the main menu, and attempting to enter career mode again will repeat the final pursuit, instead of sending you to your safehouse like in the final game.


  • The story intro used the cooldown music, probably as a placeholder.
  • The sequence when a cop is seen is slightly unfinished, as the world doesn't pause for a second like in the final version.
  • Rog's dialogue in the prologue doesn't play despite the audio files being stored in the NISAUDIO.BIG file, although by this point he drives a Pontiac GTO, rather than the Mustang used in the PS2 demo.