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Mortal Kombat 3 (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Mortal Kombat 3

Developer: Midway Games
Publisher: Midway Games
Platform: Arcade (Midway Wolf Unit)
Released in US: April 1995

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Mortal Kombat 3 is, of course, the third game in the series. It's also the point where things start getting a bit goofy.

EJB Menu

The EJB Menu is an alternate test menu that can be accessed through this button code in attract mode:
1P Block (×5), 2P Block (×10), 1P Block (×3), 2P Block, 1P Block (×2), 2P Block (×2), 1P Block (×3), 2P Block (×3)

The code is even more difficult to enter than the past two games' codes, and it's almost impossible to actually put in on time. Put the following MAME code in mk3.xml to simplify the code to 2P Block (×3):

  <cheat desc="Simplified EJB Code">
    <script state="run">

You're never going to see this in an actual arcade. Or will you?!?

  • Diagnostics Tests: Identical to normal test menu.
  • Coin Bookkeeping: Identical to normal test menu.


  • Game Audits: Acts like the normal test menu, but with four extra audits on the first page:
Sec Chip Failure
Error Traps
System Lockups
Illegal Opcodes
  • Volume Adjust: Identical to normal test menu.
  • Credits: Displays the game credits. Who knew?
  • Enter Initials: Jumps to the high score initials screen. The number of wins seems to be random, but it increases every time.


  • Character Endings: Jumps to a new sub-menu. This displays the selected character's ending and the game credits.
  • Penacho/Miller Game: Jumps to that Galaga-type minigame.
  • Smoke: Unlocks Smoke.
  • Un-Smoke: Unlocks Unsmoke. Err, un-unlocks Smoke. Relocks Smoke?
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Sprites


MK3 Bell.png

Using a MAME cheat to break the screen limitations (so you can walk off the edge) reveals an actual BELL in the Bell Tower background. Early gameplay footage shows this and several other bell sprites used in the Bell Tower's foreground and background.

Sheeva's Skeleton

MK3 Kano-SheevaSkeleton 4.gif

Evidently, Sheeva was supposed to have a unique skeleton sprite for Kano's skeleton rip Fatality.


MK3 FrogFinisher.gif

Perhaps evidence that the ninjas were planned for inclusion at one point. This was later used for Ermac's Animality in Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

MK3 SnowmanFriendship.gif

More possible evidence. This was later used for Classic Sub-Zero's friendship in Mortal Kombat Trilogy, as a variant of jack-in-the-box Friendship that Scorpion and Reptile had in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.


MK3 MotaroBioScreen.png

Perhaps evidence that Motaro was meant to be a playable character? This was eventually used for Motaro's win screen when beating the game in Mortal Kombat Trilogy (except the N64 version).

MK3 MotaroLegRaise.gif

Motaro raising up his front legs. Could have been meant for a victory pose. It also seems to have been meant to be used in combination with the teleportation move.

MK3 MotaroTeleport.png

Motaro doing the teleport. Seems to go with the other front leg raising sprites.

MK3 MotaroOverheadThrow.gif

Looks like Motaro was going to throw the opponent over his head. This was used in Mortal Kombat Trilogy as, appropriately, his throw move.

MK3MotaroArmRaise.gif MK3MotaroArmRaiseHead.gif

Motaro raising his arm. The mouth moving sprites also go with this, which seems to imply that Motaro was going to have a taunt where he spoke or simply speak at the end of the round.


MK3 NightwolfAxeSwing.png

Nightwolf swinging an axe with no green glow applied to it.

MK3 NightwolfUnknown.png

Unknown Nightwolf sprite, but perhaps it was meant for his holy light Fatality?

Shang Tsung

MK3 ShangTsungCombo.png

Sprites meant for a Shang Tsung combo.

Shao Kahn

MK3 ShaoKahnSledgehammerSwing.png

Shao Kahn swinging his sledgehammer.

MK3 Drill.gif

A drill meant to be used as either Shao Kahn's Fatality, or merely a special move. A similar sprite is present in Mortal Kombat Trilogy, although that one is shown to be rising out of the ground.


MK3 SindelCombo1.png

Sindel sprite meant for a combo.

MK3 SindelCombo2.png

Sindel sprites meant for a combo.

Red Herrings

All text is found in chip MK321u.bin, interleaved.

Audits and Transformations

Like Mortal Kombat II, there are a few fake audits. The two in this game are "JOHNNY CAGE TRANSFORMATIONS" (replacing Kano Transformations) and "SHAWN ATTACKS" (left as-is).

A related line can be found at 0x0299BA, after all other match end text, with Johnny's name spelled incorrectly:


Win Text

As in Mortal Kombat II, there's win text in the ROM (starting at 0x02993E) for characters that don't actually appear in the game. This can be further proof that the ninjas were planned for inclusion at one point.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Kombat Kode

Text for an unused Kombat Kode is stored at 0x02A4FE:


This Kombat Kode was later implemented in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and in ports of this game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)