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Tetris (Tengen, NES)

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Title Screen


Developer: Atari Games
Publisher: Tengen
Platform: Unlicensed NES
Released in US: May 1989

LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Tengen's Tetris is essentially a straight port of Atari's arcade game. It was pulled from shelves after a mere month due to complicated licensing disputes with Nintendo. It had a few features Nintendo's later version (released six months later) did not have, and some consider it the better Tetris game of the two.

Level Select

Pause the game and press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, B, B to activate a level select. Pressing A increases your level, allowing you to go beyond the usual 9 levels, up to Level 17.

VS Unisystem Unused stuff

Hi-Score Clear

At the title screen, press Up + Down + A + B + Select at the same time, you can combine the different buttons on both controllers, just press at least one of that buttons on any controller. This will erase the Hi-Score tables.

1-Player Cooperative Mode

Game Genie code GASUAILA re-enables the fourth game mode - 1-Player cooperative with CPU-controlled second player. The cursor screen coordinates for the fourth option at the title menu are incorrect, but selection is working anyway.

Hi-Score View

Tetris (VS)-hiscoreview.png

Additionally, at the title screen, press B, A, B, A, Select, Select on any controller. This will display a system hi-score table list.

Handicap Mode Select

Tetris (VS)-handicap.png

Use the Game Genie codes TEUUGKXL KUUUIGUL (obviously, on emulator only) to replace the level select mode with an unused handicap select mode, which is present otherwise in the Console version rather simplified. This particular screen has the cursor position slightly misplaced, but options works fine. Also, you can notice that there a different copyright text is present.