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The Simpsons: Hit & Run

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Title Screen

The Simpsons: Hit & Run/en

Developer: Radical Entertainment
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
Platforms: Windows, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Released in JP: December 25, 2003 (Xbox)
Released in US: September 16, 2003 (GCN/PS2/Xbox), November 13, 2003 (Windows)
Released in EU: September 16, 2003 (GCN/PS2/Xbox), November 21, 2003 (Windows)
Released in AU: 2003

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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If The Simpsons and Grand Theft Auto had a love child, the result would most likely be The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Surprisingly, the end result is a pretty solid clone and what many consider to be the best Simpsons game. Not only that, but there's a lot of interesting unused content lurking inside, and we're not kidding when we say a lot.

I wish I had a dog with a saddle.


Unused Stage Messages
You were meant to race the Curator?
Unused Mission Objectives
Radical commented out quite a lot of stuff here.
SHAR Ice Cream Icon.png
Unused Vehicles
The number of vehicles was supposed to be higher.
SHAR gaghomer.png
Unused Models
Look at these 'beautiful' unused models!
TheSimpsonsHitandRun Sitnrota.png
Unused Graphics
Graphics found in the game's files that have no purpose or use.
Unused Voice Clips
Answering Machines? Dialogue for destroying a Wasp Camera?

Unused Levels

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List that data. Also, replace mission data from Levels 2, 3, 5, or 6 with this one to see at least what does.

Inside the PC version's "\scripts\missions" directory are two folders labeled level08 and level09, suggesting that the game had planned to have a total of nine levels instead of seven, but the eighth and ninth level didn't make the cut for unknown reasons. It might have been a placeholder.

The game makes another reference to the eighth cut level in "\art\missions", where a folder labeled level08 can be found. However, unlike the script folder, there are two files inside this folder, though these only seem to contain position data for an unfinished mission. Unlike level08, there is no art folder for level09.

Unused Areas

Inside Burns' Mansion in Level 1

Inside the Mansion.

It is possible to get into the front garden and the interior of Mr. Burns' mansion in Level 1, but it requires skill. First, have the jump code activated and with a car big enough to fit through the secret "entrance" in the Nuclear Power Plant. When you have got in and made it to the doors, they will be closed. You can still get in by using the jump code to get in through the walls. The mansion has nearly the exact same appearance as it does in Level 4, except the gag from Level 4 is missing. In addition, the furniture is missing.

Once you are in, it is nearly impossible to get out: you have to jump the car high enough to get out of the mansion from the garden. If you attempt to get out of the mansion through the front yard, you will respawn in the Nuclear Power Plant.

Unused Bonus Track

Homer on the bonus track.

Present in the game's files is an oval-shaped Springfield 500 track that takes place in a stadium. Being in a mostly complete state, it may have been an early concept or just cut because it was probably considered too short. The track itself resembles the racing track from the episode "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily". Although there are various ways to access it, the fastest and easiest way is to replace l1i00.p3d in the art folder with b00.p3d.

Drive to the school in Level 1, everything but some parts of the scenery and the bonus track in the distance will be invisible. Now you can drive to the bonus track. It is very easy to crash it this way, but again, this is the easiest way to access the track.


The Test Level

An unused monochrome test model for a bonus track map, found in the art folder. It is most likely left in the game as a placeholder for a test map. It does not appear to be based on any of the seven present bonus tracks, as it features several holes, ramps, and bumps that would make it appropriate for an off-road track.


The Second Test Level

A similarly titled test model to testlevelb02l also found in the art folder, albeit with a more flat terrain, and having a stop sign wall texture, presumably a placeholder for actual racing walls. Much like testlevelb02l, it is not based on any present bonus track, and is most likely a placeholder.

Past the Bridge in Level 7

The 939 Area, Accessed using cheats

In Level 7, the 939 area of Evergreen Terrace is fenced off from both sides of the map (from the Power Plant, a door barricade is in place, and from the school, the bridge is broken and covered by spotlights and military installation), but with the cheat codes that allow cars to jump by honking the horn and gain invincibility, the player can get past the school bridge barrier and go to the bridge. Any car will work, but the RC Car is recommended, as it is the easiest to fit. The bridge has weird collision - The walls or watchtower are not solid.

After the layer manages to get past the bridge, one can go to the other side, however, the area is incomplete and isn't solid. The houses look a bit different, as they are missing their walls and gates, and there are two floating "Springfield Gasoline" signs where the gas station is supposed to be. However, if you manage to get to the roof of the non-solid house that replaced the ramp going beyond and respawning and going back, the jump camera enables. Interestingly, there are spawn points from the other side of the blockades along with solid ground which can be driven on, making it easier for the player to get to the other side of the bridge. This shows that this area could be accessed legitimately at one point.

In 2017, a former Radical Entertainment designer confirmed on the Donut Team forum that the area was cut to make workload more manageable for artists working on the level.

(Source: Noviwan, Donut Team Community)

Inside the Nuclear Plant in Level 7

Behind the mysterious door. Spooky!

Just like the bridge, the Nuclear Plant in Level 7 is blocked off, but is possible to get past with the same cheats. This time, any car can work always. However, after that, the area is just nothing. The mini-map continues like it did in Level 1 and 4, but after where the hall is supposed to open up, the mini-map shows the end, but the sound that is heard in the plant in Levels 1 and 4 plays. However, the fun doesn't stop there! If one goes further, the sound that plays in the room where nuclear waste from the pipes and into the nuclear lake plays, and if one goes even further, they will eventually hear the unused Level 7 version of the Stonecutters' Tunnel theme.

Unused Gags

In the files, by using text editing programs, the player can find three unused gags all meant for Evergreen Terrace (Levels 1, 4 and 7) and one for the Springfield Squidport (levels 3 and 6). These gags do not have a set place for where they appear, or have been commented out, making them unused. Setting a place for them in the game will allow them to spawn.

  • There was originally supposed to be a red and blue merry-go-round that was intended for both the playground near the Springfield Elementary School and in Evergreen Terrace, but the gag was cut for unknown reasons. When the player clicks on the gag, it would spin around.
  • Near the Tomacco field, there was supposed to be a flock of crows that flew away if the player got near them. The animation is glitched and incomplete, with the crows left hovering in the air afterwards, which is possibly why it got cut.
  • In the Android's Dungeon, there was supposed to be a doll that blew up. It would produce an inflating and deflating sound when activated. However, the doll has no model and it is completely invisible, but it still produces sounds.
  • There was supposed to be a bat gag for Level 7 which would've functioned like Level 1 and 4's crow gag.
  • At the Planet Hype, there was supposed to be a gag for Level 3 where Moleman was stuck in his pink car. The gag can be seen on a picture in the scrapbook for Level 3. However, the gag's graphics itself appears to have been deleted from the game. In level.mfk, alongside with another gags, line «**//moleman in cadillac**» with it's settings has been found.
(Source: level.mfk files)

Misplaced Objects

By using cheats or mods to go out-of-bounds in the level maps, the player can see some unused objects that are either erroneously misplaced or some leftovers that seemed to be from earlier in development.

The paintings

In Level 1, there are two portraits that appear to be Simpson-styled versions of the painting "American Gothic". These were most likely intended for an earlier revision of the Stonecutter's Tunnel.

The washing machine.

In Level 1, Level 4, and Level 7, there is a washing machine found. This is most likely a mis-spawn, as the washing machines are actually meant to appear outside Muntz's House. Strangely, there is a cow's head placed next to the washing machine in Level 1.

E3 Levels and Missions

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See if it's possible to swap the Level data for the E3 demo with that of the final one and check if the Easycop AI used anywhere else

The game has a bunch of unused level scripts that are intended for an E3 demo.

E3 Rewards

Inside the "missions" folder, there is an E3 version of the rewards.mfk file, named e3rewards.mfk. The rewards.mfk file is what tells the game how the player unlocks certain vehicles/clothes. Replacing it with the final game's file crashes the game, but by simply viewing the file in a text editor we can see quite a number of differences:

  • Both the Kremlin and Moe's Sedan are for sale from Gil in Level 1, instead of the Duff Truck and the Surveillance Van
  • Every vehicle for sale in Level 1 is priced at 40 coins, Level 2 & 7's are 25 coins and Level 3, 4, 5 & 6's are 10 coins.
  • Homer's "Scuzzy" outfit is for sale in Level 1
  • Bart's default car in level 2 is the Lil Bandit
  • Mr Plow is now the reward for beating all of the street races in Level 2, and Homer now sells the Family Sedan
  • Otto's School Bus, Malibu Stacy Car, Duff Truck and Book Burning Mobile are all sold by Gil in Level 2
  • Bart's "Bartman" outfit is for sale in Level 2
  • In Level 3, the Book Burning Mobile is the Street Race prize, and also sold by Gil
  • In Level 4, The Police Car is for sale instead of the Clown Car. Interestingly, the Police Car is actually still in the final rewards.mfk file, just commented out using "//"
  • The Donut Truck and Book Burning Mobile are both for sale in Levels 4, 5 & 6.
  • Bart's "Bartman" outfit is still for sale in Level 6, despite being in Level 2 as well.
  • The Hovercar is the default car for Level 7, while the 70's Sports Car is the Street Race reward.
  • Homer's "Muumuu" outfit replaces the "Scuzzy" outfit and the "Chosen One" outfit replaces the "Evil" outfit.
  • The Clown Car is being sold by one of the Zombies, and the Kremlin and Canyonero are being sold by Gil

E3 Level.mfk

Within the Level 2 folder there is an E3 variation of the level.mfk file. It is almost identical to the final game, with a few minor changes:

  • It only loads two missions, the E3 version of Better than Beef, and Detention Deficit Disorder.
  • Homer's electrocuted model is loaded, presumably by mistake.
  • The Lil Bandit is loaded as the default vehicle, however both the Red Ferrini and Honor Roller have scripts to be loaded instead, both being commented out using "//"

E3 Leveli.mfk

Also within the Level 2 folder, there is an E3 variation of the leveli.mfk file. Again, there isn't much different from the final game:

  • The Lil Bandit is loaded as the default vehicle
  • Bonus Mission and Street Race Npcs have no dialog
  • Various pedestrians in certain areas were changed

E3 Better Than Beef

Within the Level 2 folder, not only is there an E3 version of Level 2, but there's also an unused version of the mission Better Than Beef that was meant for E3. The mission itself is close to that of the final, and can be played by replacing m5i.mfk with the e3m1i.mfk file inside the Level 2 folder, and then editing the first line with a text editing program to prevent the game from crashing during loading from:


The level itself has several differences. First, you're given more time in this version, Apu uses a different AI (Easycop.con in the \scripts\cars\pursuit folder), and "Curious Curator" doesn't play when Apu appears. You also have to talk to Cletus after arriving at the Krusty Burger. In the final, the conversation happens automatically.

E3 Rigor Motors

Like Level 2, Level 7 also has a file that appears to be an E3 Rigor Motors (judging by the positions mentioned in the file) that was used for a similar or the same demo. However, unlike the early Better Than Beef, the mission script is incomplete, and all that remains is a "dummy" objective that's obviously meant for testing, so there isn't anything left.

Collision Debug


By using a cheat code in the in-game options menu, one can toggle a debugging tool for collision. The area where the player's character or car is marked red, while the areas that aren't are white. It continuously changes as you drive along, the areas shown being the closest to you.

To access this in the GameCube and Xbox versions, head to the Options menu, hold L + R, and press B, A, B, Y. To access this in the PlayStation 2 version, head to the Options menu, hold L1 + R1, and press ○, ✕, ○, △.

Fair warning: on original hardware, this function is known to cause slowdowns.

Version Action Replay Code
US (Gamecube) 040F2AA8 38600001
0411D4DC 38600001

(Source: Ralf@gc-forever (Action Replay Code)

Unused Music


These three trumpet tracks that get slightly higher in key go unused. The only logical place where they could have been used are after completing the Street Races, since there are exactly three races in each level, but there is normally silence at the end of each Street Race when the character celebrates. The only cue that goes used is the faint jingle noise heard after all street races.


A cue meant for Level 1, but unused since it is placed in the wrong folder within the files.

Ice Cream Truck Jingle

Technically, this is not unused - if you cheat the phone booth to spawn in the absent Ice Cream Truck (see above), you can hear this tune that comes out of the truck. Because the truck does not appear normally, it's unlikely the player will ever hear this.


This song plays when the player fails the second part of There's Something About Monty..., except you can't hear it normally because it's impossible to fail the second part of the mission. The previous mission stages are fallible and reuse halls_balls from Milking the Pigs, but not when you have to get to Mr. Burns' office. The reason why the second part isn't failable is because there isn't any condition that you can violate to fail the mission itself and trigger this.

However, if the mission file (m4i.mfk) is viewed with a program such as Notepad++, you can see an unused time limit that the developers commented out by adding "//" to the beginning of the line. If you delete these slashes and then save the file, you can re-enable the timer for this part of the mission. If you let the timer run out, this plays.

The timer was likely dropped because the developers may have thought it was too difficult as it is hard to climb Burns' Office within a short time limit, considering making a mistake usually results in the player having to start over from the beginning of the mission. However, since none of the game's other missions use this song where you can fail, this jingle goes fully unused.


A strange unused song that can be heard in Level 7 if the player uses cheats to get outside the map near the Power Plant. The song is a slowed-down radio version of Bach's "Toccata and Fugue". This song was intended to play in the Stonecutters' Lounge, but goes unused since the area was cut in development.


A slowed down, mechanical sounding version of Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag. The song was intended to play in the rooftop garden of the Kwik-E-Mart during Level 7, replacing the song heard in Level 1 and 4. However, in the final game, no music plays on the rooftop garden.


Judging by the name, This song was meant to be played when the timer is under 10 seconds in the mission "Blind Big Brother" (The music for the mission being titled "powerplant_main") but for unknown reasons it does not play. It joins together seamlessly with the mission failed theme further proving that it must have meant to be played here.


Found in Level 7 if the player uses cheats to get outside the map near the blocked-off bridge. Given the name, this music may have also been intended for the Stonecutters' Hall, since the file name for the track that plays at the Duff Brewery has a similar title (duffbeer_spoof) and that the song resembles the actual Stonecutters' theme song in Homer the Great.

Revisional Differences

To do:
Confirm if the Player's Choice GameCube release fixed some of the issues. Also, upload some of the pictures.

Hit & Run was released on all major platforms at the time, and a couple of minor changes were made to each release.

  • The GameCube port seems to be based on an earlier build of the game, as it has some oddities within it:
    • Flaming Tires (Level 7's Bonus Mission) is replayable due to what appears to be an oversight. While the red exclamation mark will not appear over Smithers' head, the blue glow underneath his feet will. This oversight is shared in some early copies of the PlayStation 2 version.
    • The Hovercar's transparency effect doesn't appear to work properly, causing the windows on the car to not be transparent. This also unintentionally breaks the refraction effect meaning the characters cannot be seen once the car turns invisible.
GameCube PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows
I can't see a damn thing! SHAR-HovercarPC.png
  • Evergreen Terror's theme has a hard-to-hear guitar midway that was amplified in other releases:
GameCube PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows
  • Various textures had to be scaled down in order to accommodate for the smaller disc space.
GameCube PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows
SHAR cDonutDoorPNorm.bmp GCN.png SHAR cDonutDoorPNorm.bmp PC.png
  • The PlayStation 2 and Xbox ports seem to be a bit more complete in comparison to the GameCube one: the Hovercar window issue was fixed, Evergreen Terror now has proper instrumentation, and the Flaming Tires Mission glitch was fixed.
    • The PlayStation 2 port, runs at a lower framerate due to weaker hardware (almost less than 30) and this does screw up the physics slightly.
    • The Xbox port has a built-in "widescreen" option that every other version lacked.
  • The PC port adds a "Lemonade Stand" prop in Level 1, re-did the entire HUD and some textures to support higher resolutions, and has the bugfixes that the PlayStation 2 and Xbox ports had.
PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube Windows
SHAR No Lemonade.png Lemonade, anyone?
  • However, the PC release is missing several visual enhancements, such as the "lens flare" effect from the sun seen in Level 1.
PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube Windows
SHAR-LensFlareGC.png Odd, eh?
  • The refraction effect that the Hovercar used in the console releases is missing entirely, resulting in it simply becoming semi-translucent.
GameCube Windows
I would have put a picture of the PS2/Xbox version here, but I don't own either consoles SHAR Hovercar PC.png
  • The "steering" animations for the player go unused due to what appears to be a technical oversight.
  • The Signs outside the School and the Community Center are not random, like in the console version.
PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube Windows
SHAR SchoolSign GCN.png SHAR SchoolSign PC.png
PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube Windows
SHAR CCSign GCN.png SHAR CCSign PC.png
  • The icon for Snake behind bars from the mission "Slithery Sleuthing" was changed for the PC release.
Console Windows
Oh look, blurry console HUDs. SHAR-SjailPC.png