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Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online

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Title Screen

Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online

Also known as: Super Famicom - Nintendo Switch Online (JP/CH)
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: September 4, 2019

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Now you're playing with power... super power... online! Much like its NES counterpart, this Switch Online-exclusive app provides players with a collection of SNES games powered by the SNES Classic Edition's "Canoe" emulator.

Debugging Content

The Lua scripts mention many debugging functions including a Debug Menu, debug info printing, debug info tracing, debug saving, and debug store.

SNES Mouse Support

The new file format for SNES ROMs uses a footer with metadata with a Game Preset ID and other things.

The emulator enables the SNES Mouse if:

  • Setting 0x6D is present in the footer and is set to 1.
  • The Game Preset ID setting is set to 0x11A0, 0x11A2 or 0x11A3.

While left- and right-clicking work, you currently can't move the Mouse in any way.

Regional Differences


The controllers in the menu icon and splash screen change to match the region.

Game Lineup

There are a handful of games that are (as of 7/20/2021) only available in certain regions.

Exclusive to Japan and Hong Kong

Exclusive to North America, Europe, Australia, and China