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欢迎来到 The Cutting Room Floor。我们现有 21,556 篇条目,而且数量还在不断增加

The Cutting Room Floor 是一个专注于发掘和研究电子游戏中未使用或删减内容的网站。许多游戏有着除开发者外不为大众所知的内容,包括调试菜单、未使用的音乐、图像、敌人和关卡 — 它们也有可能本应公开,但由于时间或资金不足而被删减。


Did You Know...

  • ...that Mickey Mania on the Genesis has a special message that can only be seen by changing the region of the console after the game has loaded?
  • ...that LEGOLAND once had a difficulty system based on age?
  • ...that Homefront: The Revolution contains almost the entirety of TimeSplitters 2?
  • ...that a Dreamcast port of Half-Life was finished but not released?
  • ...that Side Arms Hyper Dyne uses "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to test the game's sound engine?
  • ...that there's space in the NES Metroid cart for a save battery?




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