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The Cutting Room Floor

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The Cutting Room Floor - сайт, посвящённый поиску и исследованию контента, удалённого из видеоигр. Начиная отладочными меню и заканчивая неиспользованной музыкой, графикой, врагами или уровнями, во многих играх остался контент, который не должен был увидеть никто, кроме разработчиков - или же вырезанный из-за временных или бюджетных ограничений.

Взгляните на нашу коллекцию игр. Если вы готовы что-либо изучить, то откройте список неоконченных статей и посмотрите, если вы можете чем-то нам помочь. Если у вас осталась лишь память о каком-либо неиспользованном меню или уровне и вы уже не знаете, как к нему получить доступ -- то создайте новую страницу и запишите, что вы знаете -- и мы обратим на это внимание.

Избранная статья

Fallout- New Vegas-title.png

Fallout: New Vegas

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Released: 2010, Windows

Throughout the years since its creation, the Fallout series has been burdened with many hardships, from multiple canceled sequels to the bankruptcy of its original publisher. With each installment the series was passed from one developer to another, until it was handed to Obsidian Entertainment where currently several big names from Fallout and Fallout 2 are employed. Fallout: New Vegas was the result.

While taking its engine from Bethesda's Fallout 3 and much of its content from Van Buren (Black Isle's regrettably canceled third installment), New Vegas is very much a successor to Fallout 2 in terms of story and atmosphere. And despite its modest (compared to Fallout 3) budget and development cycle, it managed to please both long-time series fans and newcomers alike for the first time since Fallout 2. Being a western RPG (and an Obsidian-developed one in particular), there are more than a few screws loose and a couple of unused parts they forgot to take out of the box. The New Vegas edition of G.E.C.K. makes it easy for anyone to slice open the game's belly and play with its guts.


Все избранные статьи

Did You Know...

  • ...that the programmer of Death Stalker put a message in the game's code after he was locked out of his car?
  • ...that Legoland once had a difficulty system based on age?
  • ...that Samurai Shodown Anthology has movelists for the unplayable characters - but got all but one of Yumeji's moves wrong?
  • ...that the enemy troop leader in the arcade Alien vs. Predator actually has a name? And it may have been possible to fight him?
  • ...that Side Arms Hyper Dyne uses "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to test the game's sound engine?
  • ...that there's space in the NES Metroid cart for a save battery?

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  • Справочники по поиску отладочных меню, неиспользованной графики, скрытых уровней и т.д.
  • Список того, что нужно сделать

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