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The Cutting Room Floor 是一个专注于发掘和研究电子游戏中未使用或删减的内容。从Debug菜单到未使用的音乐、图像、敌人和关卡,许多游戏拥有注定不会被开发者以外的人看到的内容 — 或者,本应能被任何人所知,但由于时间或资金而被删减的内容。



Bond needs to phone home

Sonic Adventure

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Released: 1998, Dreamcast

Sonic Adventure is Sonic's big step into 3D platforming, but depending on the person you ask, it may either hold up or be a step in the wrong direction. Nevertheless, it is a staple among the Dreamcast library even to this day.

A lot of content was removed during its development, including a giant mechanical dragon. Due to the game being rushed out for the holidays for its Japanese release, there's even more unused content found only in the Japanese release, as it hadn't been cleaned to make way for new content.

There are also many prototypes, the earliest of which contains a good amount of content either changed or deleted for the final version.



Did You Know...

  • ...that The New Tetris contains a gigantic amount of hidden rants and ASCII art? And that it took hackers only three days to find?
  • ...that the Koopa Kids were set to reappear in Super Princess Peach?
  • ...that Side B of the Apple II Karateka diskette has an upside-down version of the game?
  • ...that the NES port of Donkey Kong has unused graphics for a bonus item that doesn't appear in any other version?
  • ...that Metroid Prime has an unused intro narration that was later repurposed for Super Smash Bros. Brawl?
  • ...that Somari was once just called Mario?



  • 创建与编辑词条的说明
  • 帮助你寻找Debug模式、未使用图像、隐藏关卡等的指南
  • 一个写明所需完成的列表


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