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Proto:Star Wars Arcade (32X)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Star Wars Arcade (32X).

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Some prototypes of Star Wars Arcade were among the hundreds of prototype ROMs released by drx in 2008.

August 30, 1994 Prototype

(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)
  • The header has a working name, "Mars Star Wars," "Mars" being the codename of the 32X.
  • There is no music or voice samples during gameplay.
  • The Star Wars theme is a native Genesis/32X song, as opposed to a PCM capture. The song does not continue while the player is on the main menu.
  • The LucasArts logo, "Long time ago..." text, and copyright disclaimer are all missing.
  • Missions can be skipped by pausing the game and pressing A.
  • There's no indication as to how many continues a player has (as the game always says 0).
  • 32X mode is absent; the game immediately loads the mission selection screen from Arcade mode.
  • The player can pause at any time.
  • The introduction to training mode is absent.
August 30, 1994 prototype Final
Star Wars Arcade (32X) (Prototype - Aug 30, 1994) (hidden-palace.org)000.png Star Wars Arcade 32X (JU) 000.png

The intro is not only incomplete, but uses thinner text.

August 30, 1994 prototype Final
Star Wars Arcade (32X) (Prototype - Aug 30, 1994) (hidden-palace.org)002.png Star Wars Arcade 32X (JU) 001.png

The mission screen for Level 2 has jumbled animation, due to errors loading the data. As a result, only the first frame shows up correctly in the prototype. Also, note the mild typo with "destory".