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Proto:LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (PlayStation 2)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (PlayStation 2).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

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A prototype of the PS2 version of LEGO Star Wars: The Original Trilogy was released by Hidden Palace on March 20, 2021 as part of Project Deluge.

The prototype is dated June 13th 2006, only 3 months before the official release of the game. However, it still contains a number of differences from its final counterpart.

Debug Menu

A fully functional debug menu is accessible via the input code △○○×××▢▢▢▢△△△△△ (or YBBAAAXXXXYYYYY for Xbox Controllers) while in gameplay, causing Game Options to appear on the pause menu.

The "game options" shown in-game.
The list of debug options shown in-game.

Debug Menu Features

  • Go To Chapter - Lists any map present in the game, including the Art levels, and lets you go directly to them.
  • Go To Level - Lets you go directly to title screen, cantina hub or credits screen.
  • Go To Door - Views all doors in the current area that function as warps to other areas of the map and lets you go to them.
  • Restart - Restarts the current level.
  • Open All Doors - Opens all doors in the current area.
  • Game Mode: Story/FreePlay - Lets you switch between freeplay mode and story mode mid level. Has the unintended effect of breaking cutscenes when loaded in freeplay mode (can be loaded from the Go To Chapter menu).
  • Panel: On/Off - Toggles the visibility of the HUD when not in the pause menu.
  • Lift Player: On/Off - Allows you to moon jump when pressing Y when on.
  • FPS Display: On/Off - Toggles the visibility of the FPS display. Can be used to help verify speedruns.
  • Level Steaming: On/Off - Toggles if the next section of a level is preloaded or not.
  • Streaming Display: On/Off - Shows when the next areas of a level are being preloaded.
  • View Camera: Pad 1/Pad 2/Off - Allows the selected controller to be used as a debug camera controller.
  • Open All Levels - Opens all levels in the cantina hub.
  • Open All Levels (Not Final Chapters) - Opens all levels in the cantina hub apart from chapter 6 from each episode, which are usually unlocked with gold bricks.
  • Collect All New Mini-Kits - Sets the mini kit counter for all levels to 10.
  • Finish All True Jedi Bars - Sets the true jedi completion for all levels to true.
  • Collect Story Characters - Unlocks all story progression-related characters.
  • Collect All Characters - Unlocks all unlockable characters.
  • Buy All Shop Extras - Unlocks all shop bought extras in the extras menu.
  • Buy All Shop Characters - Unlocks all shop bought characters.
  • Buy All Shop Hints - Unlocks all shop bought hints.
  • Buy All Shop Gold Bricks - Unlocks all shop bought gold bricks.
  • Collect All Red Bricks - Sets the red brick collected for all levels to true.
  • Finish All Missions - Sets all the bounty hunter missions to completed.
  • Do All Episode Bonus Stuff - Sets all the episode bonus levels to completed.
  • Collect All Old Characters - Unlocks all characters which would be unlocked with a Lego Star Wars: The Video Game save.
  • Collect All Old Characters - Unlocks all mini kit vehicles which would have been unlocked with a save from the first LEGO Star Wars game, LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, if this prototype were able to distinguish the difference between the save files on the memory card.

Differences from the Final Build

The 6th chapter of each episode is unlocked using gold bricks as opposed to just being available after beating the 5th chapter.

The door of Episode 4 Chapter 6 when it is locked. The door of Episode 4 Chapter 6 when it is unbuilt. The door of Episode 4 Chapter 6 when it is built.
Lsw2 chapter6 locked.png
Lsw2 chapter6 unbuilt.png
Lsw2 chapter6 built.png

Different Extras Name

One of the extras named "Fertilizer" was originally called "Poo".