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Star Wars: TIE Fighter (DOS)

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Title Screen

Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Developer: Totally Games
Publisher: LucasArts
Platform: DOS
Released in US: July 17, 1994 (DOS), 1995 (Mac), 1998 (Mac)

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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A game about X-Wings Tie-Fighters.

General Hidden Mission Text

In the mission files, there's sometimes some text near the craft designation. In case of the player's craft, you may sometimes see the text "Woden" or "Madmax".

Some unused text in the files appear to be a standard copy of already existing text, with the first letter replaced with a Null. Usually, such text is an uncleaned memory buffer referencing a previous line.

"Oom on you"

The phrase "oom on you" appears in various mission files. Across the original DOS version and Collector Series edition, the files contain the phrase seem to differ slightly.

In the DOS version, the following files contain that phrase: B2M3IW.TIE, B5M1IW.TIE, B5M3GW.TIE, B5M4AW.TIE, B6M1AW.TIE, B6M2AW.TIE, B6M3GW.TIE, B6M4GW.TIE, B7M3AW.TIE, B7M4DW.TIE, HA1W.TIE, HA2W.TIE, HB1W.TIE, HB2W.TIE, HD1W.TIE, HD2W.TIE, HF1W.TIE, HG1W.TIE, HI1W.TIE, HI2W.TIE


Some missions have messages when you destroy your own capital ship. In the files HB3M.TIE, HD4M.TIE, HF4M.TIE and HI3M.TIE, the following sentence fragments can be located within the field containing the message (but isn't visible).

  • "TOR! IVERSE ALPHA 1!!!"

In case of HD4M.TIE, the player's craft is Alpha 2, not Alpha 1.

These are fragments of previous messages for attacking and destroying an imperial star destroyer on your own side, overwritten twice.


Most missions contain the following credits, not normally visible. The two authors inserted their own credit string for their half of the created missions.

  • "This mission designed for Peregrine Software, Inc. by >David Wessman"

Starting with Battle #10:

  • Battle 10 Mission 1, 2: "This mission designed by David Wessman 1994"
  • Battle 10 Mission 5: "This mission was created by DAVID MAXWELL$for ToTaLlY gAmEs 1995."
  • Battle 11: "This mission designed by David Wessman 1995"
  • Battle 12: This mission was created by [David Maxwell]$for Totally Games 1995
  • Battle 13, Mission 1-4: "This mission was created by David Maxwell$for Totally Games 1995"
  • Battle 13, Mission 5-8 "This mission designed by David Wessman 1995"

The missions that do not contain these credit strings:

  • Battle 3 missions 1 and 2
  • Battle 7 Missions 1, 2 and 3

TIE Fighter Combat #1: Gunnery

Failing the mission gives the message "Unauthorized destruction of Imperial property is forbidden! That was the wrong kind of initiative!". However, the objective system makes it impossible to explicitly fail the mission without dying.

It was intended to trigger if Imperial Platform B Training was destroyed, along with many waves of Gunboats and TIE Advanced attacking in revenge...which isn't possible because the training platform is invulnerable.

Missile Boat Combat #2: Anti-Warhead defense

This difficult mission requires you to defend a weak transport from warheads. While the initial wave is easy, the bonus objectives require you to defend against additional waves with much faster warheads that do about the same amount of damage.

You receive the message "Outstanding, Mu 1!" when you complete all bonus objectives. This message was also intended to say "You are like Woden, Sky God of War!", but was cut by a simple NULL terminator.

Battle Five: Battle for Honor, Mission #1: Mineclearing

Failing the primary mission results in the two lines "The logs will show you were killed in a minefield" and "Your family will receive a certificate with the Imperial stamp".

There are no primary objectives to fail, and thus this text will never appear.