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Star Wars: The Clone Wars (GameCube)

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Title Screen

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Developer: Pandemic Studios
Publisher: LucasArts
Platform: GameCube
Released in US: October 28, 2002
Released in EU: November 15, 2002

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

To do:
  • See if the debug console or the shortcuts seen below can be accessed with the GameCube keyboard controller.
  • Check out config.ini, since Dolphin can now run the game and there appears to be some interesting things here.

Fun trivia. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is one of those cases where they might have accidentally released a debug version of the game.

Settings File

/Data/game/game_keys.cfg contains shortcuts used for Battlezone II: Combat Commander, which was also developed by Pandemic Studios.

// Copyright 1997-98 Activision Studios, Strategy Group
// Battlezone II - Setup for game mission
// Camera views
Bind("+shift F1", "view.set.cockpit");
Bind("+shift F2", "view.set.forward");
Bind("+shift F3", "");
Bind("+shift F4", "view.cockpit");
Bind("+shift F5", "view.interface");
Bind("+shift F9", "view.set.schematic");
Bind("+shift F10", "view.set.satellite");
Bind("+shift F12", "view.set.freeeye");

// Editor keys
Bind("+ctrl E", "mission.edit");
Bind("+ctrl M", "mission.model");

// Game keys
Bind("+alt P", "mission.pause");
Bind("Pause", "mission.pause");
Bind("Escape", "mission.exit");
Bind("+ctrl S", "");
Bind("+ctrl O", "game.load");
Bind("+alt F", "game.framerate");
Bind("+alt G", "game.printscreen");

// Escape screen
//Bind("Escape", "mission.escape");

// Playback controls
Bind("+ctrl R", "playback.restart");
Bind("+ctrl P", "playback.stop");

Leftover .BAT files

A few .BAT files were left in the root folder for the game.


SETODENV DvdRoot "%~d0%~p0"
ODEMRUN -ef "%~d0%~p0Clonewars.elf" -d=%~d0%~p0clonewars.ddf -a


REM -------------------------
REM  moving any existing dpf files
REM -------------------------
move /Y d:\clonewars\gcbuild\clonewars.dpf d:\latest_dpf\

REM -------------------------
REM -------------------------
erase /F /S *.bin
erase /F /S ..\GCBuild\*.bin

REM -------------------------
REM          MEMMAP
REM -------------------------
move /Y memmap.bin ..\GCBuild
move /Y memmapD.bin ..\GCBuild

REM -------------------------
REM -------------------------
wscript CreateBins.vbs %0 "BinFiles.txt" "..\GCBuild\Clonewars.elf" "" "..\GCBuild\Clonewars.ddf"

fastload - CWGC.bat

SETODENV DvdRoot "%~d0%~p0"
ODEMRUN -ef "%~d0%~p0Clonewars.elf" -d=%~d0%~p0clonewars.ddf -a /fastload


wscript GetUnitMemory.vbs %0 "ODFFiles.txt" "..\GCBuild\ClonewarsD.elf" "C:\CloneWars\GCBuild\DATA\MissionData\UnitTest\unittest.odf" "..\GCBuild\Clonewars.ddf"


ps2run -r
ps2asset /artistbuild /noresize /checkdates /dest ..\FinalPS2\addon


ps2asset /noresize /checkdates /dest ..\FinalPS2
cd ..\FinalPS2
ps2run -r
attrib -r data.zwp*
attrib -r packlist.txt*
del data.zwp.old
ren data.zwp data.zwp.old
del packlist.txt.old
ren packlist.txt packlist.txt.old
del paths.txt
ls -R data |grep ":" |sed -e "s/data/\\\data/" | sed -e "s/://g" | sed -e "s/\//\\\/g" > paths.txt
zwagapack c data.zwp @packlist.txt

Debug files

In the root of the game disc are a bunch of files related to debugging. Clonewars.elf and Clonewars.dsf appear to be the game's executable with debugging symbols added to it, Clonewars.dlf is a listing of all of the files on the disc, and Clonewars.ddf simply just contains some information about the game itself.


; C:\CloneWars\GCBuild\Clonewars.elf
DiskInfo="Star Wars : The Clone Wars"

1="*.bik", 1
2="*.bin", 1