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Star Wars Episode I: Racer (Dreamcast)

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Title Screen

Star Wars Episode I: Racer

Developer: LucasArts
Publisher: LucasArts
Platform: Dreamcast
Released in US: April 4, 2000
Released in EU: August 4, 2000

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer is a Star Wars-based racing game.

Debug Menu Text

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: See if it can be accessed. Also, check to see if the PC port contains the debug text.

Present at 0x95F84 in 1ST_READ.BIN is the text for the debug menu found in the Nintendo 64 port.

Name: %s %s
Anti Skid
Turn Response
Max Turn Rate
Max Speed
AirBrake Inv
Decel Inv
Boost Thrust
Heat Rate
Cool Rate
Hover Height
Repair Rate
Bump Mass
Dmg Immunity
ISect Radius
AI Look Ahead
Debug Level
Invincibility On
Invincibility Off
AI Level x10
Death SpeedMin
Death SpeedDrop
Spline Markers On
Spline Markers Off
Mirrored Mode On
Mirrored Mode Off
Edit Vehicle Stats
~cRestart Race
~cGame Cheats
~sPlayer 1 Paused
~sPlayer 2 Paused

(Source: Ferrox)