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Proto:LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (PlayStation 2)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (PlayStation 2).

This article is a work in progress.
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Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

A prototype of the PS2 version of LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game was released by Hidden Palace on March 20, 2021 as part of Project Deluge.

Dated January 10, 2005, this appears to be a pretty early build. Despite this point in development being only three months from release, it contains a lot of debug features and even has the unused Anakin's Flight level fully intact. It also features plenty of differences compared to the final build.

Debug Menu

A fully functional debug menu is available at any time in the pause menu, labeled as LEGO Options.

"LEGO Options" in the pause menu.
Debug options as listed in-game.

Debug Menu Features

  • Go To Scene - Lists all playable maps and every viewable cutscene in the game.
  • Go To Level - Allows you to go back to the title screen and view the credits.
  • Go To Door - Lists all doors that can be warped to in any area you're currently in. Dexter's Diner allows you to warp to any point in the entire game while in this menu.
  • Restart - Restarts the current level.
  • Open All Doors - Opens all doors in current point in the level.
  • Game Mode: Story/FreePlay - Lets you switch from story mode to free play mode mid-level. Has the unintended effect of breaking cutscenes when loaded in freeplay mode (can be loaded from the Go To Scene menu).
  • Panel - Toggles the visibility of the HUD when not in the pause menu.
  • Lift Player: On/Off - Allows you to moon jump when pressing R1 while on.
  • FPS Display: On/Off - Allows you to view the FPS in-game.
  • Level Streaming: On/Off - Toggles if the next section of a level is preloaded or not.
  • Streaming Display: On/Off - Shows when the next areas of a level are being preloaded.
  • Difficulty: Difficulty 1-10 - A difficulty selector from 1 to 10.
  • Open All Levels - Opens all levels in Dexter's Diner.
  • Collect All Mini-Kits - Sets the Mini-Kit count in all levels to 10 and has all Mini-Kit builds to appear outside.
  • Collect Story Characters - Unlocks all progression-related characters.
  • Collect All Characters - Unlocks every character in the game.
  • View Camera: Pad 1/Pad 2/Off - Allows the selected controller to be used as a debug camera controller.
  • Keycard - Allows you to write data to a separate keycard presumably meant for development purposes. All audio will be disabled if the game isn't reset as prompted.

General Differences

Prototype Final
Save your game, you must. Save completed, it has.
  • The icon used for saving the game features a fully modeled PS2 Memory Card with Yoda's face on it, as opposed to just having Yoda's face be the icon for saving the game. The design for Yoda's head also appears to be slightly different in the model.
  • The iconic loading screen with the headshot icons for Player 1 and Player 2 has not yet been implemented.
  • Studs are called Coins here.
  • The light setup for every single level uses the same plain presets.
  • The Force effect has a more primitive appearance. The effect is made out of lots of blurred circles instead of a glowing aura.
  • Quitting to the title screen and then starting a new game will spawn you in as the characters you had equipped before quitting.
  • Hints don't have Dexter's face on them.
  • The swirling effects around Blaster grapple spots are green.


Darth Sidious

Prototype Final
I am the Senate. Looks like this new design is fully operational.

Darth Sidious has an early design and early animations. He has a skin tone that resembles his first official minifigure from the year 2000, and he also borrows animations from other characters in this build instead of having his own unique ones. His icon also reflects his early design.

Level Differences

Every level in this version of the game is different in one way or another. Some levels are much less finished than others.

Dexter's Diner

  • The music is different. The final game uses the same music in the opening cutscene for the level "Escape from Naboo."
  • Lots of areas in the diner use different camera angles.
  • Nothing you do in the diner will award you Studs.
  • You can't turn the lights on using the Force.
  • The trash bin things by the mini bar hatch doors are not present.
  • The diner only has shaker, stool, and chair props. Props such as the soft serve machine haven't been added.
  • A salt shaker on a booth table in The Phantom Menace's room will instantly explode upon entering.
  • Using the Force on booth chairs will turn them upside down onto the table instead of shaking them.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto EpisodeDoors.png The low resolution screenshot doesn't help to show the differences, does it?
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto EpisodeExit.png LegoStarWars EpisodeExit.png
  • The exit for an episode's room has the episode number icon on them instead of Dexter's face.

Early Shop

Prototype Final
Dexter's seen better days. That's better.
  • The shop in the Dexter's Diner hub had completely different things for sale, including Hearts and default Blasters (a bit redundant considering a lot of characters already have one), items not purchasable in the final build.
  • Nothing in the shop is actually purchasable besides characters and hints.
  • Dexter himself lacks any animations and the entire shop menu is very clearly a work-in-progress.
  • Extras as seen in the final game haven't been implemented yet at all, and the extra Blasters (Bigger, Classic, Silly) have early models attached to them.
  • When selecting characters and hints, they will physically enter and leave the shop through the hatches found at the ends of the bar counter.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto CharacterShop.png LegoStarWars CharacterShop.png
  • Characters use their internal names in the shop.
  • Every single character has a different price in the prototype from their final version.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto HintShop.png LegoStarWars HintShop.png
  • Hints have placeholder prices: they increment in the pattern 10 Studs, 100 Studs, 1000 Studs, 0 Studs.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto CodeMenu.png LegoStarWars CodeMenu.png
  • The code menu uses an extremely primitive UI that doesn't seem to function at all.


  • It uses the same music as Dexter's Diner.
  • The chairs dance around for a much shorter time when acted upon with the Force.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto NegotiationsGrapple.png LegoStarWars NegotiationsGrapple.png
  • A part near the end has a Blaster grapple spot that isn't in the final.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto NegotiationsDroideka.png.png LegoStarWars NegotiationsDroideka.png
  • The droideka scene near the end utilizes a different camera angle.

Mos Espa Podrace

  • There is no music.
  • The overlay that shows what lap you are on is not present.
  • The race ends after the second lap.
  • The speed-up boosts are grey and blue instead of white and green; they are also not at all LEGO-themed.
  • The time limit does not exist.
  • Everything destructible is gone except for the crystals and the barrier that blocks off the ramp, making it impossible to completely fill up the stud bar.
  • All cutscenes that happen during the race are missing, with the exception of the Tusken raider scene. This also includes the scene that plays when you die.
Prototype Final
You're a funny little boy. LegoStarWars AnakinPodraceIcon.png
  • Anakin's podracer icon uses his own icon as a placeholder.
  • Anakin's podracer animation will only appear to sharply steer left or right, no matter how subtle the controller input is.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto TPM Sebulba.png LegoStarWars TPM Sebulba.png
  • Sebulba is completely untextured except for his eyes.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto PodracePit.png LegoStarWars PodracePit.png
  • The pits are nothing like their final game counterparts; the pits are two large, jagged holes instead of multiple smooth holes spread out. There are also speed boosts on each side of the hole in the prototype. The left boost is a ramp that leads to a Mini-Kit.

Anakin's Flight

The famous cut level Anakin’s Flight is fully playable in this prototype build. All the level's cutscenes that were touched up and finished for LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga are here and accounted for, albeit unfinished. It can played through its own door in Dexter's Diner or through the debug menu. Playing the level through story mode will spawn the player at the very last scene of the level, labeled as "Anakin_E" in the game's files. However, using the debug menu allows you to see the rest of the level as it was originally designed.

  • "Anakin_A" starts with Anakin approaching the Droid Control Ship, shooting down enemy ships along the way.
  • "Anakin_B" starts with Anakin flying around the Droid Control Ship, shooting turrets and radars. This segment doesn't end and you need to select another scene within the debug menu to continue.
  • "Anakin_C" has Anakin inside the ship, blasting through doors and shooting more turrets. This scene also doesn't transition into the next one, as Anakin will fly into a door that is impossible to open.
  • "Anakin_D" has up to two players shoot an endless barrage of Droids and Droid Troop Carriers in a turret section. You're supposed to destroy a reactor in this scene but destroying it doesn't progress the level.
  • "Anakin_E" is where the level begins in story mode, as he escapes the Droid Control Ship as it gets destroyed.
  • Both "Anakin_F" and "Anakin_H" once again has Anakin fly around the Droid Control Ship endlessly, only this time there aren't any enemies at all. There also isn't any collision in anything besides the floor. These scenes were most likely made as tests for the flight path around the ship, given the fact that they're after the scene where the level properly ends.
Droid Control Ship Mini-Kit as seen in the outside hub.
  • The level even has its own Mini-Kit set that is completely removed in the final build due to the level's removal. Though there are no LEGO Canisters that spawn anywhere in the level itself, and thus it can only be seen by unlocking all the Mini-Kits in the debug menu.

Darth Maul

  • The level has no music.
  • The first area's fight is different. Familiarly, you have to attack Darth Maul with the flying ship parts, until he runs away. In this version, there are no battle droids, and Darth Maul does not have a health bar in this phase.
  • The AI will get stuck in the first room upon approaching the platforms that 2 players must lift through the Force.
  • Windows throughout the level have a light effect, showing rays shining through them.
LegoStarWars Proto DarthMaulWalkways.png
  • The third room has walkways in-between the platforms, removed in the final game.
  • The beams that lift you up to the platforms have a much simpler design.
Prototype Final
Roger roger. Uh oh.
  • The cutscene of the commander droids calling backup is at a different angle, and it depicts the droids running from offscreen instead of flying down from crates.
  • Because of the early commander droid mechanic, no new droids will spawn unless the commander is offscreen.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto DMCornerCamera.png LegoStarWars DMCornerCamera.png
  • The walkways to the commander droids have a different camera angle.
  • The walkways themselves have much less detailed textures.
  • The last room's boss fight is very different:
    • The first phase is similar to the final game, but you must drain all of the health from Darth Maul before moving on to the second phase, whereas in the final game it will move on to the second phase when Darth Maul reaches 5 hearts.
LegoStarWars Proto DMFinalPhase2.png
    • The second phase is very different. Darth Maul will jump across the platforms and throw flying objects at you as usual - however, in the prototype, the goal is not to deflect the objects back to him, but to use the Force to destroy the platforms he is standing on. Also in the prototype, the objects flying towards you move much faster and at a different camera angle making them appear smaller.
    • The third phase is also very similar to the final game. However, unlike the final game, Darth Maul has a full healthbar.
  • The game does not give you a hint telling you to tag your teammate before being put in a Force hold.

Discovery on Kamino

  • This level has no music or unique sounds.
  • The opening cutscenes have no model for the saberdart.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto KaminoEntry.png LegoStarWars KaminoEntry.png
  • R4-P17 appears to be in some sort of default pose during the cutscene where Obi-Wan meets Lama Su and Taun We, as her zapper is clearly and unintentionally visible.
  • The door is already open in the cutscene before Obi-Wan and R4-P17 enter, but Obi-Wan still has an animation for waiting for the door to open.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto KaminoCloset.png LegoStarWars KaminoCloset.png
  • There is a shelf in the closet near where you first enter the Tipoca City building.
  • The mines found throughout the level are only toggleable by directly attacking it and will instantly kill anyone in radius.
  • The scene revealing the clones is in a primitive state. It doesn't show the adult clones, and it also lacks Obi-Wan's reaction.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto KaminoDroidPanel.png LegoStarWars KaminoDroidPanel.png
  • The astromech droid panel that opens the door to the rooms has R2-D2's image on it.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto KaminoWindow.png LegoStarWars KaminoWindow.png
  • The outside of the windows are much less visually appealing. There is also a blue stud in the middle of the stud row behind the window.
  • In Jango Fett's room, you can use the Force to put the chairs on top of the table instead of making them dance to jazz music.
  • Rockets don't fly out Jango Fett's closet when it is opened.
  • You can't use the Force to turn the Jango Fett portrait into a clonetrooper portrait.
  • There's no dancing animation when the disco mode is enabled in the research room.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto KaminoMinikitPuzzle.png LegoStarWars KaminoMinikitPuzzle.png
  • The puzzle that shows where to step on the light buttons in order to get a Mini-Kit has a different base on which the lights are laid out on. The lights themselves are smaller.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto KaminoTable.png LegoStarWars KaminoTable.png
  • In the room that leads to the outside, nothing on the table can be played with using the Force. The table and cups are also untextured and the chairs can be walked through.
  • The cutscene showing Jango placing down landmines is absent.
  • The view of the inside of the city that is seen from the walkway was not added yet. Instead, there is a repeating texture pattern.
  • The building that has a moving platform and targets is half untextured.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto KaminoCeilingBricks.png LegoStarWars KaminoCeilingBricks.png
  • The blocks blocking the astromech droid panel are transparent and blue.
  • The Dark Side door is less obviously meant for use with the Dark Side, being a gate with bright colors instead.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto KaminoFightIntro.png LegoStarWars KaminoFightIntro.png
  • The exterior of the building leading to the boss fight is incomplete, so you can see floating doors and objects in the boss fight intro.
  • Boba Fett doesn't show up inside the Slave I during the battle.
  • In Jango Fett's third phase, you cannot deflect his rockets back to him. You must either attack him with your lightsaber or deflect the ship blasters onto him.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto KaminoOutro1.png LegoStarWars KaminoOutro1.png
  • Obi-Wan's lightsaber and tracking device don't appear in the final cutscene. The cutscene also has earlier lighting for the level.
Prototype Final
LegoStarWars Proto KaminoOutro2.png LegoStarWars KaminoOutro2.png
  • Obi-Wan's ship doesn't appear in the final cutscene. Added with very different camera angles, the scene is rather hard to understand.