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Proto:LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (PlayStation 2)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (PlayStation 2).

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Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

A prototype of the PS2 version of LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game was released by Hidden Palace on March 20, 2021 as part of Project Deluge.

Dated January 10, 2005, this appears to be a pretty early build. Despite this point in development being only three months from release, it contains a lot of debug features and even has the unused Anakin's Flight level fully intact. It also features plenty of differences compared to the final build.

Debug Menu

A fully functional debug menu is available at any time in the pause menu, labeled as LEGO Options.

"LEGO Options" in the pause menu.
Debug options as listed in-game.

Debug Menu Features

  • Go To Scene - Lists all playable maps and every viewable cutscene in the game.
  • Go To Level - Allows you to go back to the title screen and view the credits.
  • Go To Door - Lists all doors that can be warped to in any area you're currently in. Dexter's Diner allows you to warp to any point in the entire game while in this menu.
  • Restart - Restarts the current level.
  • Open All Doors - Opens all doors in current point in the level.
  • Game Mode: Story/FreePlay - Lets you switch from story mode to free play mode mid-level. Has the unintended effect of breaking cutscenes when loaded in freeplay mode (can be loaded from the Go To Scene menu).
  • Panel - Toggles the visibility of the HUD when not in the pause menu.
  • Lift Player: On/Off - Allows you to moon jump when pressing R1 while on.
  • FPS Display: On/Off - Allows you to view the FPS in-game.
  • Level Streaming: On/Off - Toggles if the next section of a level is preloaded or not.
  • Streaming Display: On/Off - Shows when the next areas of a level are being preloaded.
  • Difficulty: Difficulty 1-10 - A difficulty selector from 1 to 10.
  • Open All Levels - Opens all levels in Dexter's Diner.
  • Collect All Mini-Kits - Sets the Mini-Kit count in all levels to 10 and has all Mini-Kit builds to appear outside.
  • Collect Story Characters - Unlocks all progression-related characters.
  • Collect All Characters - Unlocks every character in the game.
  • View Camera: Pad 1/Pad 2/Off - Allows the selected controller to be used as a debug camera controller.
  • Keycard - Allows you to write data to a separate keycard presumably meant for development purposes. All audio will be disabled if the game isn't reset as prompted.

Anakin's Flight

The famous cut level Anakin’s Flight is fully playable in this prototype build. All the level's cutscenes that were touched up and finished for LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga are here and accounted for, albeit unfinished. It can played through its own door in Dexter's Diner or through the debug menu. Playing the level through story mode will spawn the player at the very last scene of the level, labeled as "Anakin_E" in the game's files. However, using the debug menu allows you to see the rest of the level as it was originally designed.

Level Order

  • "Anakin_A" starts with Anakin approaching the Droid Control Ship, shooting down enemy ships along the way.
  • "Anakin_B" starts with Anakin flying around the Droid Control Ship, shooting turrets and radars. This segment doesn't end and you need to select another scene within the debug menu to continue.
  • "Anakin_C" has Anakin inside the ship, blasting through doors and shooting more turrets. This scene also doesn't transition into the next one, as Anakin will fly into a door that is impossible to open.
  • "Anakin_D" has up to two players shoot an endless barrage of Droids and Droid Troop Carriers in a turret section. You're supposed to destroy a reactor in this scene but destroying it doesn't progress the level.
  • "Anakin_E" is where the level begins in story mode, as he escapes the Droid Control Ship as it gets destroyed.
  • Both "Anakin_F" and "Anakin_H" once again has Anakin fly around the Droid Control Ship endlessly, only this time there aren't any enemies at all. There also isn't any collision in anything besides the floor. These scenes were most likely made as tests for the flight path around the ship, given the fact that they're after the scene where the level properly ends.

Anakin's Flight Mini-Kit

The level even has its own Mini-Kit set that is completely removed in the final build due to the level's removal. Though there are no LEGO Canisters that spawn anywhere in the level itself, and thus it can only be seen by unlocking all the Mini-Kits in the debug menu.

Droid Control Ship Mini-Kit as seen in the outside hub.

Differences from the Final Build

Early Memory Card Model

Prototype Final
Save your game, you must. Save completed, it has.

The icon used for saving the game features a fully modeled PS2 Memory Card with Yoda's face on it, as opposed to just having Yoda's face be the icon for saving the game. The design for Yoda's head also appears to be slightly different in the model.

Early Dexter's Diner Shop

Prototype Final
Dexter's seen better days. That's better.

The shop in the Dexter's Diner hub had completely different things for sale, including Hearts and default Blasters (a bit redundant considering a lot of characters already have one), items not purchasable in the final build. In fact, nothing in the shop is actually purchasable besides characters. Dexter himself lacks any animations and the entire shop menu is very clearly a work-in-progress.

Extras as seen in the final game haven't been implemented yet at all, and the extra Blasters (Bigger, Classic, Silly) have early models attached to them.

Early Darth Sidious

Prototype Final
I am the Senate. Looks like this new design is fully operational.

Darth Sidious has an early design and early animations. He has a skin tone that resembles his first official minifigure from the year 2000, and he also borrows animations from other characters in this build instead of having his own unique ones. His icon also reflects his early design.