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Proto:LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (PlayStation).

Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC Prototype-1 TitleScreenBridge.png

A presumably late prototype that somehow made its way onto the internet long ago. Some might have ended up with this version without ever realising it's a prototype, since it was apparently labelled as the final US release.

Many of the files on the disc have identical dates to those in the final game.

(Source: Rock Raiders United, Original TCRF Research)

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

Unused/Changed Files


Nearly every level with a dedicated textures folder and a large play space contains some duplicates of particular islands texture sets, usually Lego Island or Castle Island. Ogel Island for instance has leftover duplicates from Castle Island that never got replaced with Ogel-specific versions. Because these are just duplicates of used textures, they won't be uploaded or mentioned unless particuarly noteworthy.


Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 Tex ParticleCloud-1-1.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC Tex ParticleCloud-1-1.png
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 Tex ParticleCloud-2-1.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC Tex ParticleCloud-2-1.png

Frontend Island

Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 Tex Frontend IslandModel Textures-1.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC Tex Frontend IslandModel Textures-1.png


Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 Tex WaB-Textures-Mallet.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC Tex WaB-Textures-Mallet.png

Raging Bull

Some textures were removed along with the battering ram.

Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 Tex castRGB RedBullFlag.png File Not Present
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 Tex castRGB BeigePlate.png File Not Present
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 Tex castRGB BrokenPlate.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC Tex castRGB NotBrokenPlate.png
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 Tex castRGB Axel.png File Not Present



This file is found inside the PSXFILE in the directory /DATA/FRONTEND/LANG. It is not found in the final game.

/SH=0/CC=79/IC=48/RW=30208/NKEY=30208/PKEY=33792/RKEY=5118/KEYSTR=NextDif<CtrlPGDN> PrevDif<CtrlPGUP> Report<AltShftR>
no lego
choose save game
slot 1


Several bugs are present in this build that are fixed in the final game.

  • Jumping while on a steep slope applies a large amount of speed to Pepper, meaning with the right slope you can cross large gaps in the island in one jump. The final game added a speed cap.
  • You can spam jump while riding a horse to cancel and restart the jumping animation.
  • You can spam jump while riding a horse on the Castle Island bridge to infinitely gain height.
  • Jumping towards a body of water while on a horse freezes the horse in the last possible animation frame (often floating in the air) because the horse would not be able to complete the jump without going beyond the borders of the island.
  • Pepper's horse will often freeze its animation when getting off it, while the final resets the animation.

General Differences

  • There appears to be no graphic for an apostrophe, so lines like "We'll get it next time" display as "We ll get it next time".
  • Trying to enter a body of water usually causes Pepper to play an animation where he dips his toe in first before diving in. This was removed from the final game.
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 PepperStepper.gif
  • The freeroam skateboard trick system is a little more glitchy in this build, and the animations do not always play.
  • Collision for railings seems different throughout, in so much as the final game makes it more difficult for Pepper to jump over them while it is much easier to leap most railings in this build.
  • Minigames do not display the blue studded background that the final does, except for the controls dialogue, which does display it. The minigame description dialogue also lacks the "PRESS ANY BUTTON TO CONTINUE" text.
  • The PAUSE menu is scaled differently:
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC Prototype-1 PauseMenu1.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC PauseMenu1.png
  • Select can be spammed to stack the appearance change sound effect. This was capped in the final game.
  • There doesn't seem to be a sound effect for landing while on a skateboard.
  • Constructopedia pages are missing their particle effects, except for the one in Matching Mummies.
  • The real-time high-pass filter for the Infomaniac Hologram's voice lines is not present in this build.
  • Pepper's headset doesn't have the "transmission" effect that the final does during certain cutscenes:
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 TransmitYellow.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC TransmitYellow.png
  • Several default camera positions are different, presumably as a result of slightly altered minifig waypoint paths and player spawning locations.
  • The Infomaniac's voice lines for the beginning of each minigame seem to have not been implemented yet. Likewise, Pepper's mid-game voice lines during each minigame do not play, nor do the voice lines for other characters who should speak in minigames, such as Technician Bob.
  • The HUD has no icons for talking, entering a building, or entering a vehicle. In fact, triggers for buildings are based on proximity in this prototype instead of a button push, including buildings that start minigames or cutscenes.
  • If you enter any cutscene trigger on a skateboard, the cutscene will buffer while you remain on it and not begin until you get off it. It also disables your skateboard button, however, making the only way to get off the skateboard being to jump into some water. The cutscene will then start, but Pepper will begin towards his walk target from wherever you get out of the water - which can, in extreme cases, cause Pepper to walk across the entire island or directly through walls to reach his target.
  • The helicopter controls are different:
    • Proto: D-Pad Up to go forwards, D-Pad Down to go backwards, X to ascend, and Square to descend.
    • Final: D-Pad Up to descend, D-Pad Down to ascend, Square to go backwards, and X to go forwards.

Infomation Center Database

  • "Lego Island" is correctly displayed in the Infomaniac's Database. The final game erroneously displays "ego Island".
  • Some models for Lego Island characters have different or placeholder textures, which can be seen below. In the case of Valerie Stubbins, the difference is not in her texture but her headpiece. Or lack thereof.
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 InfoComputerRoomClickitt.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC InfoComputerRoomClickitt.png
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 InfoComputerRoomRhoda.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC InfoComputerRoomRhoda.png
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 InfoComputerRoomRich.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC InfoComputerRoomRich.png
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 InfoComputerRoomVal.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC InfoComputerRoomVal.png
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 InfoComputerRoomNancy.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC InfoComputerRoomNancy.png
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 InfoComputerRoomBrickster.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC InfoComputerRoomBrickster.png

It is curious to note that while the Brickster's hands are incorrectly both yellow here, they seem to be blue and white as intended through the rest of the prototype.

Main Island Differences

Lego Island

  • The Radio that Pepper picks up later in the story is nearly always present, floating just outside the Radio Station, but is not interactable. The one time it is not visible is during the actual island state in which you need to go pick it up. It returns to its floating limbo after that state, though.
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 DontForgetTheRadio.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC DidForgetTheRadio.png
  • The Jet-Ski and RES-Q boat do not collide with each other in this prototype.
  • The railing and buildings around the Jail have no collision at all.
  • Delivering pizzas doesn't seem to add to your score.
  • The particle effect of bricks raining down, which should play when Pepper's house is built or when pages are found and houses are rebuilt, is missing in this prototype.
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 BrickByBrickButLackingBricks.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC BrickByBrick.png
  • Papa seems to use Pepper's pizza-throwing animation as an idle "making a pizza" animation.
  • The Infomaniac's walk path takes him inside the Infomation Centre. Literally, as he phases through the door. He can still be talked to if you get close enough to the Infomation Centre without triggering it. He stands off to the right of the Infomation Centre (outside of it this time) in the final game.
  • The first cutscene with the Brickster lacks particle effects and has him awkwardly clip through his closed cell door.
To do:
Upload comparison videos for this cutscene.
  • After Whack-A-Bot, the Res-Q cutscene seems to hang indefinitely on the "Zero zero zero, one one one" (etc.) line until the user presses a button.
  • Pepper can get stuck walking in place during one cutscene if Nick is blocking his walk to target, but the cutscene continues regardless. It will still remain stuck after all dialogue is expired, but you can close the dialogue with Circle.
  • There's no whooshing sound when the Brickster flies into or out of shot during the cutscene where Papa and Mama are kidnapped. The cutscene also lacks the shots of the newly dough-fortified Bricksterbots. Furthermore, this entire cutscene takes place on the bridge in the prototype, and on the normal ground that replaced it in the final.
  • During the island state where Pepper needs to get a radio, talking to the DJ before reconstructing the radio station results in either no dialogue, or the Infomaniac's first voice line in the game, neither with subtitles.
  • Calling the Infomaniac here results in the HUD drawing over the dialogue letterboxing. This was fixed in the final game.
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 RadioHudDrawOrder.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC RadioHudDrawOrder.png
  • The radio doesn't immediately scale-animate while in Pepper's hand in this prototype, though it does start once in proximity to a Bricksterbot.
  • Bob's countdown leaves an awkward pause between "Two" and "One" so that the camera can pan towards the shuttle's rocket boosters. The camera pan was moved to the end of "One" in the final, presumably to cover up this engine limitation. The particle effect for the flames are missing, anyway. Curiously, the particle effects are present in the actual shuttle minigame.
To do:
Upload comparison videos for this cutscene.

Lego Island Bridge

Its existence alone is the main difference when comparing the island to the final game, since the final did away with all of the PC version's bridges. This last bastion for bridges was swapped out for a landmass in the final game instead, as pictured below. The channel under the bridge would have acted as a nice shortcut to the Castle Island portal and back.

Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 IslandBridge-1.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC IslandSansBridge-1.png
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 IslandBridge-2.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC IslandSansBridge-2.png
  • The bricks of alternating height around the borders of the bridge only have collision for their highest point, allowing you to float over the lower bricks.
  • Vehicles do not collide with the Lego Island bridge while driving in reverse. Because of this, you can cause your vehicle to hover in the air by reversing off the side of the bridge. If you then drive out to sea until the island wraps around, the game will no longer update which buildings are rendered or what collision should be enabled based on your location on the island. This is fixed by getting out of the vehicle, diving into some water, then getting out again.
  • You can pass through the underside of the Lego Island bridge by driving up into the bottom surface.
  • To further the bugginess of the Lego Island bridge's collision, vehicles will awkwardly angle when transitioning from the bridge to land or vice-versa, presumably because the steep angle where the ground meets the bridge is too close to a perfectly flat surface.
  • There are unique sounds for both landing on, as well as traversing upon (either by foot or skateboard) the bridge.

Post-Game Island

Things noticed during freeroam after the game has been cleared.

  • An Infomaniac model can be found next to Ms. Post's store. It's actually the holographic Infomaniac, who is stored (as a separate but identical model) there when not being activated in both the prototype and final game, but has erroneously been set as always visible in this island state, while he should be set to not be visible while not being triggered. This is probably due to calling the Infomaniac being disabled post-game.
  • The red speedster is now found at the Octan garage for some reason, rather then Rob and Darren's house as it always is in the final and for most of the prototype. The police car is also in front of the police station, rather then behind it.
  • Some helipads and the Police Car don't seem to function.
  • The Brickster is still in the Lego Island jail, but has no dialogue when spoken to. He is still trapped on Ogel in the final game, leaving the jail empty.
  • The score frames for Lego Island and Ogel are missing when entering Pepper's house post-game. You can still highlight where they should be, though.
  • The Infomaniac, like at the start of the prototype, walks directly into the Infomation Centre, right through the closed solid glass doors.
  • It's more difficult to enter the Infomation Centre.
  • Rhoda no longer dances, only nodding her head.
  • Darren has no dialogue.
  • The radio returns to its floating position outside the Radio Station.
  • If you leave from a building, the camera will start at the initial spawn location then pan over to the building that Pepper left.

Castle Island

  • Castle Island has a different skybox (pictured), grey and stormy rather then the golden lit clouds of the final. Interestingly, another different skybox can be seen in the Jousted selection screen on Pepper's computer in both the final and the prototype, presumably from a time that Castle Island used Lego Island's skybox (not pictured here).

Jousted and Raging Bull contain duplicates of these textures in both versions of the game.

Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 CastleIslandSky-1.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC CastleIslandSky-1.png
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 CastleIslandSky-2.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC CastleIslandSky-2.png
  • The vertex lighting appears to have a more reddish tint in this build.
  • Beating Jousting doesn't automatically play a cutscene. You have to travel to the Lion's castle to play it, despite the Infomaniac telling you to go to the Bull's castle.
  • Cedric has a few transparent pixels on his texture, presumably as a result of being accidentally culled out by the transparency mask colour.
To do:
Either rip the textures for Cedric or upload comparison shots if the differences don't show on the texture well.

Adventure Island

  • The entire island's terrain model is slightly different in this prototype, and appears to be in an earlier state texture-wise.
  • Your score doesn't display while in the helicopter above Adventure Island.
  • The music may play faster in the prototype.
  • The fog color for the island is a sandy yellow instead of sky blue as in the final:
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 AdventIslandFog-1.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC AdventIslandFog-1.png
  • The skybox seems too high, causing a sizable seam of the void to slip between the sky and the ocean.
  • Getting near the Scorpion on Adventure Island starts this minigame automatically, while you have to get in the car manually in the final for it to begin.
  • All of the dinosaurs are present on the island from the start, even though most of them are supposed to be trapped in Mr. Hates Camp. In the final, they only appear after beating Mr. Hates Camp.
  • There's a single gem "out of bounds", although since you can just swim around the barrier in this build, you can still collect it. This area was opened up to explore in the final.
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 AdventIslandOoBGEM.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC AdventIslandOoBGEM.png
  • Indeed, more of the island is intentionally explorable in the final, particuarly next to the runway by the helipad. More of the island is blocked off in this prototype.
  • The final has invisible walls around the ocean stopping you from swimming, and even adds sharks to handwave it. The prototype lacks both sharks and invisible walls, allowing you to swim freely, although missing a water texture around pepper when compared to swimming around Lego Island. This has a consequence of allowing you to explore parts of the island you aren't meant to be able to get to. Entering the water after completing the Snake Shoot minigame, however, seems to randomly crash the game with graphical corruption. Fortunately, you can still hop across to most of the island using the slope speed glitch. The runway and helipad will require careful double jumps past the barrier to access, however. Or a lot of luck in the sea.
  • After Snake Shoot, the cutscene with the professor includes a joke where the professor calls Pepper "Dr. Pepper", which sadly got cut from the final game.
Proto Final
  • Returning to the helipad after the Snake Shoot minigame causes the RES-Q helicopter to spawn inside the police helicopter, neither of which can be used. You can change the appearance of either by standing in the right spot, however. Gems in this area are also impossible to collect in this game state for some reason.
  • The Sarcophagus monument has no collision.
  • The Infomaniac's help dialogue after Snake Shoot uses a different voice line to the subtitle and final. He says "Now, go across to the Mummies Tomb. You need to go inside!"
  • Going near the mummies' tomb automatically starts the minigame, while the final uses a door button transition.
  • The mummies' tomb got shortened for the final, but the sand was not pulled back to cover it, causing it to prematurely stop. Of course, that means it's longer in this prototype.
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 AdventIslandTombOutside-1.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC AdventIslandTombOutside-1.png
  • After the bi-plane minigame in the final, you have to go over and... talk to the T-Rex (a talk icon appears), after which the professor (who's quite some distance away at this point) translates the T-Rex's words from across the map. In this prototype, he walks over to the T-Rex and the cutscene starts when you walk over to them.
  • In the final, there are invisible walls around the volcanoes to prevent you from falling inside. There are no such safeguards in the prototype.
  • After completing Mr. Hates Camp, Pippin Reed's second line of dialogue has no associated voice line to play.
  • The Island portal is directly over the volcano, rather then a little to the side of it as in the final.
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 AdventIslandPortalPos-1.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC AdventIslandPortalPos-1.png
  • Calling the Infomaniac just prior to Mr. Hates Camp causes him to play one of Johnny Thunder's lines, which is presumably chosen by default for being the first voice line in Adventure Island's voice line archive. The same happens if you try to talk to the tribal woman, though all the other tribesfolk have blank dialogue.
  • The axe-wielding tribalman had his axe sharpened. In other words, it's higher-poly in the prototype and got decimated some for the final.

Ogel Island

  • The Infomaniac hologram here has a talking animation, whereas it stands dead still with just the holographic distortion in the final.
  • The Ogelites seem to punt you farther away.
  • There seems to be some incredibly small timing differences in the prototype Ogel Island's music that, if played side by side with the final, cause it to desync ever so slightly less then halfway through, but they are otherwise identical.
  • When entering The Brickster's Palace, Pepper continually runs into the front door during the cutscene showing off the tower.

Sub-Game Differences

Board Park

  • There doesn't seem to be a proper scoring system in place for this minigame, in so much as the screen simply displays HIGH-SCORE once the timer has expired, but does not display a score. It then opens the QUIT / RETRY dialogue. No visible trophy seems to be awarded in Pepper's House, though you can still select its space. Finishing the game does not unlock Board Park on Pepper's Computer.
  • The textures used for the park are very slightly darker in the prototype.
  • There doesn't seem to be any score associated victory strings in memory during this level, which is appropriate considering none are given after the timer expires regardless of your final score.
  • Board Park in this prototype has a HUD that seems very similar to the Centrifuge minigame. Most of it was removed for the final game.
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 BoardParkHud-1.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC BoardParkHud-1.png


  • Winning the game causes Pepper to do a poorly-looped backflip animation.
  • The texture on Pepper's mallet is different. See the unused and changed textures above.
  • Whacking the Infomaniac causes the text "Ooops, sorry" to flash on-screen for a while. The final game has Pepper voice this string instead, rendering the subtitle unused in the final game but used here, where no voice line is played.

Brick Dive

  • The skybox is different, this time a gradient blue fading from light blue to dark blue. The final uses a similar gradient, albeit a gradient from gold to dark blue mimicking the change of Castle Island's sky to the depths of the sea. Somewhat poorly, at that. The skybox change is pictured below:
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 BrickDiveSkybox-1.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC BrickDiveSkybox-1.png
  • The controls instructional dialogue screen lacks the SWIM FORWARD [CROSS] and SWIM BACKWARD [SQUARE] texts despite working fine.
  • The clam has no delay while open and just opens and closes in quick succession. It also seems to have more wonky collision. Similarly, the cannon fires more regularly. Both of these things make this minigame more difficult.
  • The final makes a dolphin-like noise upon returning the fourth brick. The prototype does not have this.
  • The air supply bar is segmented differently. In the prototype there are four segments for each color, while the final has four red, two yellow, and six green.
  • Technician Bob doesn't warn you when your air supply is running out.


  • The face buttons come first in the controls menu, while they come last in the final in order to keep the directional buttons uniformly next to each other.

Raging Bull (Cannons)

  • The face buttons come first in the controls menu, while they come last in the final in order to keep the directional buttons uniformly next to each other.
  • The cannons are arranged differently compared to the final.
  • A floating three-wheeled battering ram can be found near the Bull's castle which was removed in the final.
  • Cedric seems to fire much more frequently while approaching the bridge, but far less frequently when actually at the cannons, compared to the final.

Snake Shoot

  • The hit sound can play multiple times while a coconut is colliding with the inside of a Snake's collision area.
  • Scoring is broken or not implemented and will grant you a Gold score regardless of how many gems you lose.


  • The texture on Pepper's club is broken.
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 WaSClubTexture-1.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC WaSClubTexture-1.png
  • Pepper does an even more broken backflip animation upon winning.

Matching Mummies

  • You can use any face button to open the Sarcophagi in this prototype, but only X in the final game.
  • If the sparkling sound from matching icons are playing while you choose Retry from the menu, the sound effect will play indefinitely.
  • Pepper has no dialogue when grabbing the page, which arguably ruins the moment in the final.
  • You can somehow get a negative score sometimes, even if you also win.

Desert Speedster

  • The score card hides itself after about one second regardless of player input.


  • The targets do not change their vertex color to red when shot.
  • Pepper does not comment on crashing.

Mr. Hates Camp

  • Pepper is visible in more shots during the opening cutscene.
  • Pepper's and Mr. Hates' dialogue when winching dinosaurs is absent.
  • Mr. Hates just outright vanishes when he's done talking at the end of the minigame.
  • The drop pad in the prototype is located in an alcove behind the edge of one of the cliffs. It's relocated to be more directly connected to the play area in the final. It's also more brightly lit. Because of this, the pizza-asteroid-type things cannot reach you when you are over the pad in this prototype.
To do:
Get more pictures?
Proto Final
Lego Island 2 PSX Prototype-1 HatesCampOverview-1.png Lego Island 2 PSX NTSC HatesCampOverview-1.png

Asteroid Belt

  • The pause menu in this minigame makes a curious sci-fi sound when choosing an option, and a lower-pitched version of it when closing the pause menu with Cross. It also plays when the minigame has ended and the star transition screen is being shown.
  • This is one of the few minigames that has voice lines for Pepper, though they are more generic than the unique ones used in the final, and Technician Bob is still absent.
  • Losing in this game erroneously displays two dialogue windows on top of each other. The first window is the same as the losing window in the final, while the second overlayed one says "AND WATCH OUT FOR ALL THOSE LASER BLASTS."


  • The controls seem broken, with the toppings selection going over to the D-Pad, launch topping still on Cross, but choosing the direction of the throw still on the D-Pad, making the game very awkward to play properly.

Brickster's Palace

  • The controls dialogue box shows controls for both the tower and the pizza assault minigames at the beginning, while the final shows separate control boxes for each part. Square is not listed for Jump in the prototype, despite being functional. Because of this, the pizza assault starts immediately upon the elevator reaching the top of the tower, which may catch the player off guard.
  • Rocks occasionally fall from the ceiling in the prototype, which does not happen in the final. Hitting them freezes Pepper in the air in the Bricksterbot's stun animation for a moment, then resets the level like normal.
  • Atop the tower, the final fight is a little harder in this prototype since the Bricksterbots can run in any direction and try to directly attack Pepper, while in the final they just rush towards the camera.
  • The rightmost battlements atop the tower cannot be stood on; Pepper just falls through the floor. In addition, the leftmost battlements have no collision on the walls, but Pepper can at least stand here.
  • There's an additional subtitle not present in the final game once the Brickster is trapped, simply reading "BANG! BANG! BANG!".
  • The dialogue window at the end of the minigame provides your final time, then an equal sign, followed by your resulting score. The final just shows your score.


  • While the initial animated outro plays out the same way as the final, the ending is extended to include full credits baked into the video, with a single 2×4 brick spinning in the background playing segments of both the intro and outro inside it, with smaller blocks of video showing "outtakes" from the Bricksterbots seen during the ending dance.