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LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (Windows)

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Title Screen

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

Developer: TT Games
Publisher: LucasArts
Platform: Windows
Released in US: November 17, 2009
Released in EU: November 20, 2009
Released in AU: November 25, 2009

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 has some of the sickest burns to ever come out of Peru. It's also one of those cases where there's enough unused content in it to make up a whole other game.

To do:
More graphics, probably some text.

Unused Graphics


A kind message is hiding in the game, probably left by Harrison Ford himself. The image is located in Indy2GAME.dat\GUI\LEGAL\ESRBYOURMOM_NXG.TEX.

Raven Rescue. Toht seems to have lost his face a little early...A less alarming thumbnail for Raven Rescue. Note the "RaidersHub_A" text at the bottom.A very angry Indy in Market MayhemMarket Mayhem. The bandit in the background lacks eyes.Map Room Mystery. Not entirely sure how Indy hasn't collected that stud...Map Room Mystery again.After the Ark. This is the truck with the ark in it.After the Ark, but Sallah listened to Indy.Belloq Battle. Disco dance is a preferable alternative to face melting.The final boss of the Raiders levels.

A rather boring thumbnail for Lao ChaseAnother uninteresting thumbnail for Lao Chase.Monkey Mischief. The elephant's just trying to distract you from the unfinished level in the background.Monkey Mischief. Hi there, background from Knee-Deep In The Dead!Malice at the Palace. Care for a drink?Malice at the Palace. Apparently not.Temple Tantrum. Aside from statues of Kali, no LEGO Minifigure has had 6 arms.Temple Tantrum. How come the Jews get a cool box that melts faces, but the Hindus only get 3 rocks that catch fire?Mola Rampage. This is where the scene happened in the movie.Mola Rampage. Now I am become Brick, destroyer of worlds.

Coronado Caper. Why is there a sherpa on a boat?Coronado Caper, devoid of rain.Brunwald Blaze, the latter not pictured.Brunwald Blaze. Simpsons reference goes here.Berlin Brawl. Notice the lack of Swastikas.Berlin Brawl. Technically, they called them Hakenkreuz. They're not here, anyway.Cannon Canyon, showcasing Enemy Radio Operator, an enemy only found in The Last Crusade's Level Editor.Cannon Canyon. Can you guess Sallah's favorite tea?Trial & Terror. Camel-mile!Trial & Terror, featuring anachronistic buzz saws.

Hangar Havoc or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The BrickHangar Havoc. Turns out they could stop us all...Hangar Havoc Dovchenko boss fight. Oddly seperate from the other thumbnails.Hangar Havoc Dovchenko boss fight, showcasing the world's first alarm radio.Doom Town. What an odd water tower...Doom Town. Seen here: the Nuclear Family unit.Café Chaos. The jukebox plays some familiar tunes...Café Chaos. Notice "USAbub_A" at the bottom.Motorbike Mayhem. Looks like one of the tires on Mutt's car has blown out.Motorbike Mayhem 2: Tokyo DriftCrane Train, with both pictured.Crane Train. Those wacky russkies!

Peru Cell Perusal. Oxley's a poor draftsman.Peru Cell Perusal. Such accurate portraylas of the mentally handicapped not seen since "Simple Jack".Tomb Doom. Hi there, not the focus of the level!Tomb Doom. OK, that's closer, but you've still got a ways.Mac Attack. That's not Mac...Mac Attack. That's still not Mac.Rainforest Rumble, featuring non-anachronistic-but-still-kinda-far-fetched buzzsaws.Rainforest Rumble. Player 2 really got the short end here...Dovchenko Duel. Actually its own level, this time.Dovchenko Duel. It stands for "Fix It Again, Tony!"

Repair Scare. Why is the Crystal Skull so powerful if a simple torch can do the same job just as well?Repair Scare. Pictured here is Indy's Head Shot for acting school.River Ruckus, who's thumbnail reaches blandness comparable to Lao Chase.River Ruckus. Marion can't drive stick-shift.Temple Tangle. Two birds, painted on a stone slab, no feet apart, 'cause they're quite gay!Temple Tangle. That's actually a pretty cool shot, good job.Ugha Struggle. Fight an entire army of natives like it's 1699!Ugha Struggle. The pun doesn't work if you pronounce Ugha as "Ooo-gah".Akator Ambush. Who let the Half-Life 1 Sky Box out?Akator Ambush. Pictured here is the first electric chair.

Located in GUI\TEXTURES are preview thumbnails for every story level. There's two for each level. Many of these appear to be incomplete, as quite a few include visible level editor tools or early character designs. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 1 oddly has separate images for the Dovchenko boss fight in Hangar Havoc, suggesting that the fight may have been intended to be its own level. The "_F" and "_S" at the end of each filename are likely shorthand for "Free Play" and "Story," which would explain the purpose of having two thumbnails for each level. This would be normal in any other LEGO game, but The Adventure Continues doesn't have Free-Play! Instead, it has what are known as "Treasure Stages" which are the original levels, but with different object that require you to purchase characters in the hub.

LEGO Indy 2 thumbnail nxg.png

Stored with the level thumbnails is this generic one where they seem to have pasted a new render of Indy onto the box art of the first game. It's of a much lower quality than the level thumbnails.


Logos for DC and Warner Bros, even though they're not part of this franchise.


Font that includes the Batman and Robin symbols, from the Lego Batman games

Hidden Objects

Crystal Skull Part 1 Hub

A very basic model of a rocket can be found underneath the kiddy ride in the Doom Town section of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 1 hub. It appears to be an extremely early model for the ride itself.

LEGO Indy 2 Hidden Rocket.png

Crystal Skull Part 2 Hub

When performing a glitch involving the mental patient to get out of bounds in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 2 hub, there are a ton of misplaced objects that can be seen in other parts of the level.

Unused Levels

There are at least 47 unused levels leftover in the games files.

Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.

Leftover Character Resources from the First Game

Almost every single character found in LEGO Indiana Jones 1, used and unused is present here in some form or another. In LEGO Indiana Jones 2, instead of each minifigure character having there own respective ghg model, characters were composed with cd files, (character definition). Each cd file contains a file path to a generic ghg, and then lists file paths to body textures, gscs containing hat and/or hair meshes, face ghgs and animation sets. This is the first LEGO game to do this. Despite the game using this method of composing characters, most of the characters who were also featured in the first game, (and some from the second), still retain their now unused individual ghgs converted to the nxg format of course. In cases where the character was featured in the first game, the designs also match those of the first game, i.e. the Enemy Boxer having brown eyebrows instead of gray like in the second game. And if the unused ghgs aren't enough, every hat mesh, hair mesh, face, and body texture of the unused characters from the first game now also exist in the form of gscs and ghgs, to be used in cd files.

Unused Debug Displays

Featured within the game's code are two unused debug displays. The following codes are for the Rev 0 NTSC Wii version of the game.

Name Code
Display Player Coordinates 0488cad8 00000001
Enable FPS Display 0488cdb4 00000001
(Codes: Proboscis-2)

Unused Extras

Featured within the game's code are nine known fully functional unused extras that were intended to be activated via the pause menu. The following codes each replace the "Silhouettes" extra, and are for the Rev 0 NTSC Wii version of the game.

Name Code Video Description
Always Score Multiply 04728dac 80728590 Causes the studs collected to be multiplied to varying numbers. This is a leftover from LEGO Batman: The Video Game.
Character Studs 04728dac 80728350 Causes characters to drop studs when killed. This extra was featured in the previous three LEGO games, but was absent from this one.
Deflect Bolts 04728dac 807283d0 Causes bullets to bounce off of the player rather than them taking damage. This is a leftover from LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga.
Disarm Goons 04728dac 80728340 Causes enemies with firearms to not be able to shoot. This is a leftover from The first LEGO Indiana Jones game.
Extra Hearts 04728dac 80728580 Causes the player to have six hearts instead of four, and is for some reason referred to as "Immune To Freeze" in the extras menu. This is a leftover from LEGO Batman: The Video Game.
Hit Bubbles 04728dac 807282b0 Causes onomatopoeias to fly out when the player punches objects or characters. This is a leftover from LEGO Batman: The Video Game where it also went unused.
Minikit Detector 04728dac 807284a0 Causes arrows to appear on screen directing the player towards Minikits, and seems to be unfinished as where the green arrows indicating that a Minikit is directly in front of the player should be, is instead replaced with a green question mark. This is a leftover from every Traveller's Tales LEGO game to come before this one..
Power Brick Detector 04728dac 80728300 Causes arrows to appear on screen directing the player towards Power Bricks. This functions slightly differently from how the Red Brick Detector extras from previous LEGO games, in that it also guides the player towards the blue and green bricks, which are exclusive to this game. The green arrow indicating that a Power Brick is right in front of the player, is replaced by a question mark as well.
Regenerate Hearts 04728dac 80728490 Causes the player to slowly gain health as time goes on. This is a leftover from the previous four LEGO games.
(Codes: Proboscis-2)