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LEGO Island

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Title Screen

LEGO Island

Developer: Mindscape
Publishers: Mindscape, LEGO
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: September 26, 1997

MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

LEGO Island is a rather open-ended LEGO game that was successful enough to guarantee many more LEGO PC games.

Debug Mode

Type ogel during gameplay to enable an extensive set of debugging keyboard shortcuts.

Key Action
A Plays the diving cutscene from the Information Center elevator.
C + 00 - 69 Momentarily displays a scene; for instance, C and 0 will show the race track.
D Temporarily lowers viewpoint.
F Switches model quality to low.
G + 1-5 Skip to part of the Brickster quest:
  • 1: Spawns skateboard somewhere (only works after the Brickster escapes the jail).
    Collecting the skateboard too late crashes the game, as does enabling it before Brickster escapes.
    However, if you get the skateboard, you can pass through walls. Pressing J and K tilts the camera along the X-axis,
    while I and M tilts the camera along the Y-axis.
  • 2: Brickster escape.
  • 3: Helicopter mission.
  • 4: Good ending.
  • 5: Bad ending.
H Switches model quality to high.
L + 0 or 1 Changes lighting based on current camera orientation.
N Locks camera at the current position, though it's still possible to move around. Press again to return to normal.
P Makes scenery objects (trees, flowers, etc.) disappear.
S Stops music; press again and change scenes to re-enable.
U Temporarily raises viewpoint.
V + A Automatically warps to and plays each of the random mini-cutscenes in a pre-defined order.
X Switches model quality to normal.
Tab Shows the game's frame rate.
Numpad / Causes clicks on scenery objects to destroy them. Note that this will persist in the save file it's used on
and can cause the game to crash when trying to load the affected area.
(Source: GameFAQs)

There's also a debug feature accessible without the "ogel" code: press + on the Numpad and various character models will flip by. Each press will also cause the camera to temporarily jump up and to the right. While the viewpoint is altered, it's possible to freely walk off paths and through walls. This mode is very finicky; sometimes part or all of it will stop working for no obvious reason.

To do:
Is there more to this, or a better way to control it?
(Source: GameWinners)

Power Brick Cutscene

This unused prerendered cutscene shows the Power Brick flying off the top of the Information Center to heroic fanfare, which doesn't really fit the game at all. The only time the Brick comes off the Center is when the Brickster steals it using the helicopter, which happens in an ordinary in-game cutscene (and doesn't match the climactic tone of this video very well).

Squad Car

An early rendered screenshot on the back of the game box shows the Squad Car, a cut vehicle, next to the Police Station. The Squad Car was modeled on the car in LEGO set 6625 Speed Trackers. The Squad Car is also referenced in dialogue associated with the Laura Brick Hospital mission.


A 22050 Hz version of the jail theme is stored with the rest of the music files, but only the 11025 Hz version ever plays. It appears to be an earlier demo version of the song, with less melodic percussion, a slightly different tempo, and lacks the ending (timpani and whistles).

The original master tapes of the game's music were lost in a house boat accident. It was long believed that audio of the soundtrack above 11025 Hz would never be made available, but thankfully Lorin Nelson, the game's composer, found an archive of cassette tapes containing much of the game's music. Project Island, a fan project dedicated to making a fan-made sequel to the Lego Island series, has uploaded these archives with Nelson's permission over on their website beginning in 2018. They will also restore the cassette-archived tracks to remove as much of the white noise from them as possible.


Audio Character Transcription
Infomaniac Whoops! You have to put the CD back in your computer.

This unused line is the original source of the message that plays when the game can't find the CD data. The used version has been edited (rather clumsily) to remove the word "back". It seems that the original idea was to play this message if the CD was ejected during gameplay, but doing so just crashes the game.

Audio Character Transcription
Infomaniac Hmm… I think that name—yes, it is—that name is already used. If you want to use this name, you'll lose the old one! Maybe you want to type in another name instead. I would!

This would have played when a new user name was entered in the registration book that matched an existing one, but instead this just signs on as the existing user.

An earlier version of the registration book was more complicated and had features for manually saving, loading, or starting a new game where you'd be asked to click on red or green bricks. In the final game, you start a new game by typing in your name, load a game by clicking on a checkmark, and the game auto-saves. The red and green bricks were only used when asking if you want to quit the game.

Audio Character Transcription
Infomaniac Do you want to save this game with a new name? Easy to do! *ahem* Select the green brick for "yes a new name please," or select the red brick for "no thank you, I'll keep the same name." Green: yes; red: no. Hmm, now that sounds rather familiar. Oh, I get it! Like a traffic light! Have I told you this one before?
Infomaniac Oh… do you want to load this game? Click on the red brick for no, and the green brick for yes. Green: "yes, go," and red: "no."
Infomaniac Oh… do you want to start a new game? Click on the red brick for no, and the green brick for yes. Green: "yes, go," and red: "nooo."


An undocumented registry entry allows the game to be run in a window instead of fullscreen. Set the value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mindscape\LEGO Island\Full Screen to 0 to force windowed mode. This feature seems to be incomplete, though – it always uses the same rendering mode regardless of other settings.