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LEGO Bionicle (Game Boy Advance)

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Title Screen

LEGO Bionicle

Developer: Saffire
Publisher: LEGO Software
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in US: October 1, 2001
Released in EU: October 26, 2001

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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Prerelease Info

Unused Menu Options

The main menu contains two disabled menu items, both of which lead to the credits screen.

Unused Text

Hello, $, how are you today?
This message is meant to test the proportional fonts.  Notice the different sized letters?  Aren't they pretty?  
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Good bye.

A message for testing fonts.


LEGO Bionicle Brakas.png

The Brakas, a monkey Rahi promoted in Nintendo Power and mentioned in later BIONICLE story material, was cut from the game. Using the code 0200491C:0805XXXX will replace the sprite of the tutorial level's last palm tree into that of the Brakas, though it will default to the player's palette rather than its real palette. Its animation values range from 6148 to 61B4.

(Source: jointdog)

Warp Station

LEGO BIONICLE WarpStation.png

Level ID 0x62 is a warp room that takes you to any of the six villages. Entering the warp room grants you all the Turaga tools as well as the launcher and surfboard. Using the warps may also grant you some projectiles, to ease showcasing and testing the areas. The warp room can be accessed by setting byte 0x88 (current room ID) in a save file.

(Source: unknown)