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LEGO Racers: The Robot Chronicles

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Title Screen

LEGO Racers: The Robot Chronicles

Developer: 4T2
Publisher: LEGO
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: 2009

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
There is an alternate version of this game that lets you choose the theme.

Unused Text


Just some silly filler text.

copyright1 = "2009 4T2 Multimedia Ltd";
copyright2 = "www.4T2.co.uk";
copyright3 = "Enjoy the code ripper boy - let us know how you get on with it!";

This message was found in the ActionScript of The Robot Chronicles. It is a call-out to people looking inside the game's .swf.

Translation Advice

In dialogue.xml, there is various advice for the translator.

<!--Translation advice: (Title screen) Swap CHRONICLES for STORY if needed to keep short-->
<!--Translation advice: (Title screen after clicking on 'NEXT') Try START GAME if 'NEW' is too long-->
<!--Translation advice: (In game side panel) Edit the part between stig~ and *****.  No space after '~'-->
<!--Translation advice: (In game side panel) Edit the part between journalist~ and *****.  No space after '~'.  And so on-->
<!--Translation advice: (In game side panel) Do not translate (Or WASD).  &amp is the '&' symbol if you are short on space-->
<!--Translation advice: (In game side panel)Congratualtions is the longest size word that fits in the side panel.  If longer, shorten to Awesome etc.-->
<!--Translation advice: Do not alter anything with a type="sound"-->
<!--Translation advice: type="news" has a headline (h1) and a subheadline (h2).  Keep headlines very short-->

Developer Credit


If you type "credits" into the cheat code box, it will display the text WWW.4T2.CO.UK - ON. It is currently unknown whether this affects gameplay or not, like the other cheats.

Copyright Messages in Resource Files

RobotChronicles-assets.png RobotChronicles-movies.png RobotChronicles-sounds.png RobotChronicles-units.png

The game's resource files have color-coded copyright messages.

Debug Mode

The cheat code "hooloovoo" activates a debug mode.

To do:
Document the debug mode.

Unused Sounds

The "Cheater" voice clip from various 4T2 games is present, unused.