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LEGO Friends (Nintendo 3DS)

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Title Screen

LEGO Friends

Developers: TT Fusion, Hellbent Games
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in US: November 12, 2013
Released in EU: November 29, 2013
Released in AU: November 27, 2013

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
Intro, unused graphics

Unused Text

PLACEHOLDER: You have discovered a watering can underneath the pile of flowerpots.

Miscellaneous unused strings.

No %s save data present on the Memory Stick™
Press a key or controller button to select a game input device

This game saves automatically at certain points.
Do not remove the Memory Stick™, reset, or switch off the system whenever you see the icon above on screen.
This may corrupt the data.

Preparing save data...

At least %s more space is needed to create the save data.
Please insert a Memory Stick™ with at least %iKB free or you will be unable to Save.
There is not enough free space on the Memory Stick™.
Checking the Memory Stick™
The Memory Stick™ has changed. Please insert the original Memory Stick™.
No Memory Stick™ inserted.
The Memory Stick™ has changed since the save data was previously accessed
Do not remove the Memory Stick™, reset, or switch off the system.

Unused text relating to platforms LEGO Friends was never released for. "Memory Stick" in particular is specific to PlayStation Portable.

Development Related Text

	//Filter out debug level by default
	streamoptions(log, info)
	//Show debug level messages for platform
	streamoptions(log.fusion.platform, debug) 

	//Apply settings to existing console
	sinkoptions(log, debug, console)
	//Create log file for all spam.
	sinkcreate(log, debug, file, dbglog.txt) 
	sinkcreate(log.fusion.memory, debug, file, dbgmemlog.txt) 
	sinkcreate(log.game.loadtest, debug, file, dbgloadtest.txt) 

	cheat(AllCharacters, 0) 
	cheat(AllLevels,     0) 
	cheat(AllExtras,     0) 
	cheat(AllAbilities,  0) 
	option(CoopAI,       0) 

A script intended for changing various debug options.