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LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (GameCube)

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Title Screen

LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game

Also known as: LEGO Star Wars
Developer: Traveller's Tales
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Platforms: GameCube
Released in JP: July 7, 2005
Released in US: April 2, 2005
Released in EU: April 22, 2005

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Add information on the other unused cinematics.
  • This article is messy, finish polishing it.
  • Prerelease footage
  • There is a directory called "jim" in root/Levels/Episode_II/Chapter_04/Factory_D. Look into this.
  • Kamino_E has a directory called ".mayaSwatches" that is not usually present in other level directories.
  • Many Bugs and Oddities including Darth Maul and Chancellor Palpatine missing their falling animations, etc.

LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game is the LEGO game that started it all. It received a sequel (LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy), and a compilation was made (LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga). Continued popularity led to another sequel (LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars).


Debug Menu
A decently sized debug menu.

Unused Characters

To do:
Add information from here and get renders of the models being used in-game.

Found in the lego_data/chars folder are unused character folders for a few characters that ended up getting moved to The Complete Saga. Although some folders are there so the game can render cutscenes (babyskywalker), some folders and characters end up not being used at all. While their data is there, the triggers for them to be playable are removed. However, one can access these by renaming them to a character with a similar skeleton or weapon.

  • Boga - Boga, was to be used for a scrapped level where you chase Grievous on his wheel bike with Boga in Episode III and in the cutscene for said level. The model was ditched early in development. It is low res and lacks any real detail, made up of just a group of brown bricks. There is also a model for Grievous' wheel bike, but it is unknown if it has any model data.
  • Jawa - A Jawa, how surprising.
  • ImperialOfficer
  • Spaceman - An astronaut figure from the LEGO Launch Command theme from 1995. Most likely he would be added in as an Easter egg, but was decided against for budget and time constraints.
  • AnakinSpeeder - Anakin's Coruscant Speeder, for the Coruscant Zam Chase.
  • ZamWesell - Zam Wesell was most likely planned to be in this game, but removed later in development than Boga was. She would later become available as a playable character in The Complete Saga. In this game, however, she is by far the only character with almost everything left over, albeit with very glitchy animations. However if you swap the model with young Anakin's, the model will be fixed.
  • ZamsSpeeder - Zam Wesell's Starspeeder was also planned to be in this game as well, with evidence from unused cutscenes showing that the level where the player chases Zam Wessell around Coruscant was planned to be in this game as well, removed due to time constraints.

Unused Icons

In the files are unused icons for Padmé (Pilot) and Cordé from the opening of Attack of the Clones. Presumably from a cut opening from Bounty Hunter Pursuit before it was Scrapped.

LEGOStarWars Padmé Pilot.png LEGOStarWars Padme Icon.png

Unused Levels

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Investigate the MAUL_E level backups found in the GameCube release.


There are unused cutscenes that hint at 4 cut levels. 'Anakinsflight', a part of Episode I where Anakin would destroy the Droid control ship, this level was added in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga as a bonus level. 'BountyHunterPursuit', was a level where Anakin and Obi Wan would chase Zam Wesell through Coruscant, this level was added in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. 'Jango' a level assumed to be where Obi Wan would fight Jango Fett's Slave I over Geonosis in Episode II but this is only speculation. And 'BogaChase' where Obi Wan would chase General Grievous on his wheel bike through Utapau on Boga. This is further evidenced in the root/levels folder where in Episode I Chapter_06 is missing, in Episode II Chapter_01 and Chapter_03 are missing, and in Episode III where Chapter_03 is missing.

Anakin's Flight

In the Xbox version only, Anakin's flight has data.


There is a folder in root/Levels called Test but it is empty aside from one folder called AI which is also empty. In the Xbox version only, it has data. It is just a flat grey open surface with wonky collision.


Also in the root/Levels folder there is a folder labeled 'PigFarm'. PigFarm contains folders called 1, 2, 3, AI, backup, and New Folder, all of which are empty.

Unused Cutscenes

There are some cutscenes hidden in the lego_data/cut folder (where cutscene data is stored) from earlier points in development that are not used in the game. Most notably these go with the cut Zam Wessel level, Bounty Hunter Pursuit (ep2_bountyhunterpursuit_intro, and ep2_bountyhunterpursuit_outro) that was moved to The Complete Saga. But there are also references to 3 other cut levels. 'ep1_anakinsflight_intro1', 'ep1_anakinsflight_outro1', and 'ep1_anakinsflight_outro2' refer to a cut level for Episode I where Anakin would destroy the Droid control ship. 'ep2_jango_intro', it is not know what this would have been. 'ep3_bogachase_intro' and 'ep3_bogachase_outro' which refer to the cut level Boga Chase where Obi Wan would chase General Grievous through Utapau. The video below showcases all the unused cutscenes in the PC version in full as well as how they're intended to look.

Anakin's Flight

Anakin's Flight has working cutscenes but they don't function properly anywhere in the final game, often resulting in odd outcomes.

Bounty Hunter Pursuit

The outro cutscene for Bounty Hunter Pursuit. The background models are gone, only the characters' animations (or lack there of) remain along with using the Jedi Battle level has a base. This is the only unused cutscene from that level that had any work done on it.


The unused cutscene for the Jango level is very similar, if not identical, to the one used towards the end of the Discovery on Kamino level before you fight the Slave 1, but, unedited, it directs to a level that doesn't exist.

Droid Factory

A cutscene intended for the Droid Factory level that features a almost completely black screen with vague models that just barely appear against the background.

Boga Chase

Both of the Boga Chase cutscenes are the placeholder 'camera drop' meaning no work was done on them.

Unused Code

Leftover AI Scripts

Download.png Download LegoStarWarsGCUnusedAIScripts.zip
File: LegoStarWarsGCUnusedAIScripts.zip (info)

Tons of unused AI scripts are present in both the GameCube release and the Xbox demo. This includes several revisions of the scripts for almost every level of the game and other duplicate copies.

Unused Graphics

Default Texture

Yes, we get it. You're a default texture. I mean, you're LABELED that, for Pete's sake.

Save Icon


Unused save icon showing a lion, only present in the GameCube release.

Leftover Texture


A stained glass texture featuring Dr. Neo Cortex. This is a leftover from Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, which was also developed by Traveller's Tales. The texture also can be seen in Finding Nemo but brighter. The original texture is very dark, making it difficult to see details. The version above was modified to properly display the texture.

Unused Text


no DDS file was produced

In the GameCube release, this file with the same name and contents are present in the following directories:

  • root/Levels/Episode_I/Chapter_01/Negotiations_a
  • root/Levels/Episode_I/Chapter_01/Negoatiations_b
  • root/Levels/Episode_I/Chapter_01/Negotiations_c
  • root/Levels/Episode_I/Chapter_02/Gungan_Intro
  • root/Levels/Episode_I/Chapter_02/Gungan_A
  • root/Levels/Episode_I/Chapter_02/Gungan_B
  • root/Levels/Episode_I/Chapter_02/Gungan_C
  • root/Levels/Episode_I/Chapter_04/PodRace_A
  • root/Levels/Episode_I/Chapter_04/PodRace_C
  • root/Levels/Episode_I/Chapter_05/Retake_B
  • root/Levels/Episode_I/Chapter_07/Maul_B
  • root/Levels/Episode_I/Chapter_07/Maul_E
  • root/Levels/Episode_I/Chapter_07/Maul_F
  • root/Levels/Episode_II/Chapter_02/Kamino_A
  • root/Levels/Episode_II/Chapter_02/Kamino_C
  • root/Levels/Episode_II/Chapter_02/Kamino_E
  • root/Levels/Episode_II/Chapter_02/Kamino_F
  • root/Levels/Episode_II/Chapter_04/Factory_B
  • root/Levels/Episode_II/Chapter_04/Factory_D
  • root/Levels/Episode_II/Chapter_05/Jedi_Outro
  • root/Levels/Episode_II/Chapter_06/Gunship_A
  • root/Levels/Episode_II/Chapter_06/Gunship_B
  • root/Levels/Episode_II/Chapter_07/Dooku_Outro
  • root/Levels/Episode_II/Ending
  • root/Levels/Episode_III/Chapter_07/Vader_A
  • root/Levels/Episode_III/Chapter_07/Vader_B
  • root/Levels/Episode_III/Chapter_07/Vader_C
  • root/Levels/Episode_III/Ending
  • root/Levels/Map/Map_E
  • root/Chars/QuiGonJinn


This is present in every platform.

;*************Accented Padme

A placeholder that was used until Padmé's name was properly spelled. This appears twice.

;****************************Now Cody, not Sand Trooper

This reveals that Commander Cody was previously called Sand Trooper.

;***********Was X wing

Another replacement, this time for the Arc Fighter.

641 "Unlimited health"
648 "Special Yoda chair"
653 "Safe mode"
654 "Play on Easy difficulty"
655 "Play on Hard difficulty"

Text for unused cheats. It is unknown whether or not code for these cheats still exist in the game.

736 "Insert controller in port 1"
739 "Insert controller in port 2"
745 "Press ^x to continue"
746 "Press the START button"
747 "Adjust Screen"
748 "Screen left/right"
749 "Screen up/down"
750 "The controller in controller port 1 has been removed. Please insert a controller into controller port 1 to continue with the game."
751 "Memory Card Slot 1"
752 "Checking the memory card (PS2) in MEMORY CARD slot 1"
760 "No memory card (PS2) in MEMORY CARD slot 1"
761 "No LEGO Star Wars save data present on the memory card (PS2) inserted in MEMORY CARD slot 1"
762 "Format"
764 "Memory Card is full"
768 "Format memory card (PS2)?"
773 "Formatting"
780 "Failed to format"
781 "The memory card (PS2) in MEMORY CARD slot 1 is unformatted"
782 "Please insert a memory card (PS2) with at least %iKB free into MEMORY CARD slot 1 or you will be unable to save."
783 "LEGO Star Wars requires %iKB"
784 "Format Memory Card"
785 "Formatting complete"
786 "Insufficient free space"
787 "Do not remove the controller, memory card (PS2) in MEMORY CARD slot 1, reset, or switch off the console."
788 "No memory card (PS2) in MEMORY CARD slot 1."
789 "Insufficient space on the memory card (PS2) in MEMORY CARD slot 1."
791 "Paused - press START to resume"
792 "Games stored on Hard Disk"
840 "Autosave will now use Game %i on the memory card (PS2) inserted in MEMORY CARD slot 1"
841 "Do not remove the controller, memory card (PS2) in MEMORY CARD slot 1, reset, or switch off the console whenever you see the icon above on screen."
842 "The memory card (PS2) in MEMORY CARD slot 1 has been removed."

Various leftover strings from the PS2 version of the game.

793 "Free blocks"
794 "Saving game..."
795 "Unable to load game."
796 "Damaged save"
797 "Disc Cover Open"
798 "Wrong Game Disc"
799 "No Game Disc"
800 "Retry Error"
801 "Fatal Error"
802 "Licensed by Nintendo"
803 "Continue without save"
804 "Manage Memory Card"
805 "Wrong device in Slot A. Please insert a Memory Card."
806 "The Memory Card in Slot A is damaged and cannot be used."
807 "The Memory Card in Slot A is corrupted and needs to be deleted."
808 "The Memory Card in Slot A is corrupted and needs to be formatted. Do you want to format?"
809 "Previously saved data will be lost. Would you like to continue formatting?"
810 "Failed to format the Memory Card."
811 "Previously saved data will be lost. Would you like to continue deleting?"
812 "Failed to delete the Memory Card."
813 "Once you start the game, you won't be able to save."
815 "Saved game slots"
818 "The controller in controller port 2 has been removed. Please insert a controller into controller port 2 to continue with the game."

Various leftover strings from the GameCube version of the game.

1240  "50000+ blocks available on hard disk"
1241  "Loading game. Please do not turn off your Xbox console."
1242  "Saving game. Please do not turn off your Xbox console."
1243  "Your Xbox doesn't have enough free blocks to save games. Press [JUMP] to continue without saving or [SPECIAL] to free more blocks."
1244  "Go to Xbox dashboard"
1245  "The saved game appears to be damaged and cannot be used. Press [JUMP] to continue."
1246  "Autosave will now use Game %i on the Hard Disk",

Various leftover strings from the Xbox version of the game.

;600 "Press SQUARE to attack."
;601 "Press X to jump. Press X when in the air to double jump."
;602 "Hold CIRCLE to use your special ability. Jedi can use The Force on glowing LEGO objects."
;603 "Walk up to a friendly character and press TRIANGLE to take control of them."
;604 "Jedi can deflect laser bolts. Hold SQUARE as the bolt gets close to you."
;605 "Double-jump and press SQUARE when in the air to do a special Jedi attack."
;606 "Hold CIRCLE to use your special ability. Droids can open certain doors."
;607 "Jar Jar can double jump extra high - press X while in the air."
;610 "Press SQUARE to attack. Blaster Characters will fire."
;611 "Hold CIRCLE to use your special ability. Blaster Characters can fire a grapple at these points."
;613 "Hold CIRCLE to use your special ability. Young Anakin can crawl through certain vents."
620 "Double-jump and press [SQUARE] when in the air to do a special Jedi attack."
621 "Press [SQUARE] to attack."
622 "Press [X] to jump. Press [X] when in the air to double jump."
623 "Jar Jar can double jump extra high - press [X] while in the air."
628 "Blaster characters can grapple to other areas. Stand on the red circles and press [CIRCLE]."
629 "Jar Jar can jump higher than other characters. Press [x] twice to do his super jump."
630 "Astromech droids can use their probe on some electronic panels. Move up to the panel and press [circle]."
631 "Astromech droids can hover for a limited time. Press and hold [x] to activate the boosters."
633 "Hold [CIRCLE] to use your special ability. Young Anakin can crawl through certain vents."
638 "Press [X] to go faster."

A large section of hints that use PS2 button references. These are all commented out.


path = c:\localdata\lego\

file 0 = banner.tga
image 0 = 0, 0, RGB5A3
texture 0 = 0, x

A file that appears to have been used for converting the GameCube banner from the tga format into Nintendo's tpl format.


; [Input] Section
;   DvdRoot="<Root Directory>"
;       The name of the directory containing files to be emulated.
;       A table for the FST file is generated by retrieving files under the
;       directory specified here.
;   LDRFileName="<LDR File Name>"
;       The name of the Application Loader file.
;   BI2FileName="<BI2 File Name>"

; [Output] Section
;   LayoutFileName="<output Dlf-File>"
;       The name of a disk layout file. 
;   SystemFileName="<output Dsf-File>"
;       The name of a system binary file. 
;   FsInfoFileName="<output Dif-File>"
;       The name of a FST information file. 
;       * This is a text file for checking the FST layout. The optical disk emulator
;         does not reference this file.

; [DiskID] Section
;   GameName=<Game Name>
;       The video game title in the 4Byte ASCII code supplied by Nintendo.
;   Company=<Company Name>
;       The company name in the 2Byte ASCII code supplied by Nintendo.
;   DiskNumber=<Disk Number>
;       Disk number information for multiple disks.  The number starts from 0.
;       If there is only a single disk, the disk number will be 0.
;   GameVersion=<Game Version>
;       The version number of the video game.
;   Streaming=<Streaming Flag>
;       The flag for the streaming mode.  "1" should be specified for the
;       streaming mode, otherwise "0" should be specified.
;   StreamingBufSize=<Streaming Buffer Size>
;       Number of Streaming buffers.
;   DiskInfo="<Long Game Name>"
;       The character string of the video game title (Kanji characters are
;       available.).
;   TotalDisk=<Total Number of Disks>
;       Total number of disks.
DiskInfo="Lego GameCube"

; [BB2] Section
;   FSTMaxLength=<size>
;       The size of the area reserved for FST.
;   FSTAddress=<address>
;       The address where FST should be put.(Start address is specified by FSTAddress.)
;   FSTEndAddress=<address>
;       The address where FST should be put.(End address is specified by FSTEndAddress.)
;   FSTuserTop=<lba>
;       The start of LBA in the user area.(If omitted, this is set the start of LBA in the usable free area.)
;   FSTuserEnd=<lba>
;       The end of LBA in the user area.

; [BI2] Section
;   DEBUGFLAG=<flag>
;       Set this to 0 when not using the any debugger on GDEV, set to 3  when using the CodeWarrior debugger on GDEV.
;   LongFileNameSupport=<flag>
;       Set to 1 for long file name support; set to 0 to restrict file to 8.3 format.
;   Arguments="<arg>"{[,"<arg>"]}

; [LbaAlign] Section
;   <Priority>="<File Name>",<LBA Align>
;       Aligns the <File Name> file with the <LBA Align> boundary on the
;       optical disk.
;       This is used for the files which need the boundary for the starting
;       position like ADPCM data.  (ADPCM needs to be aligned with a 32KByte
;       boundary according to the specification.)
;       The evaluation priority is decided depending on the <Priority> value.
;       (A bigger numerical value takes higher priority.) 

; [Layout] Section
;   <Priority>="<File Name>",<laypout val>
;       The <File Name> file is laid out on the optical disk according to the
;       <layout val> value.
;       If the <layout val> value is negative, the files are laid out from the inside of the disk, and if it is positive, they are laid out from the outside of the disk.
;       This is used to lay out files on the outer area to shorten the access
;       time.
;       The evaluation priority is decided depending on the <Priority> value.
;       (A bigger numerical value takes higher priority.)  

A file that was used for configuring GameCube development builds of the game.

Development Leftovers

CVS Repository Remnants

Download.png Download LegoStarWarsFontRepository.zip
File: LegoStarWarsFontRepository.zip (info)

Present only in the GameCube release of the game are fragments from a CVS repository that stored the different fonts that are used. Unfortunately, only a listing of entries and server information are included.

Debugging Information

Download.png Download LegoStarWarshtmFiles.zip
File: LegoStarWarshtmFiles.zip (info)

Also present in the GameCube release is a series of htm files containing potentially important debugging information about the execution of certain files.


Download.png Download LegoStarWarsLogs.zip
File: LegoStarWarsLogs.zip (info)

A series of logs can be found that all relate to converting some raw game assets into the game's typical file formats.

Batch Scripts

Download.png Download LegoStarWarsBatchScripts.zip
File: LegoStarWarsBatchScripts.zip (info)

Some batch scripts are in the GameCube release. All of them seem to convert animations into a format that the game recognizes. Also, there is a similar script included that was used for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, another game that Traveller's Tales was working on at the time.