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Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

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Title Screen

Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

Developer: LucasArts
Publisher: LucasArts
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox
Released in JP: August 29, 2002 (PS2)
Released in US: March 10, 2002 (PS2), May 13, 2002 (Xbox)
Released in EU: March 28, 2002 (PS2), May 31, 2002 (Xbox)

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Audio

Inside the game's files are lots of audio clips that either should play but don't, were cut for some reason, explain cut mission objectives, explain alternate mission structures, or are from scenarios that can't happen. These will be listed per-level.


Act 1 - The Informant
While the first one is used, the second and third show an alternate response to "If you're thinking of selling...".

This line from Reti suggests that you could once hide from the Trade Federation lander by flying into a nebula, but the only nebulas are in the background textures.

This line from Reti is probably talking about the Scarab fighters, however that wouldn't make any sense because they're a common enemy in the previous game, so perhaps an enemy type was cut?

These lines show that you could destroy the command bridge of Trade Federation landers, however their only hardpoints are the turrets.

This line from Reti warns Adi about running into the asteroids. This was probably cut because there's only a few asteroids and you'd have to go out of your way to crash into one.

This conversations is just filler, which is probably why it was cut.

A bunch of alternate takes of lines that are used, and some lines that should be used but aren't.

Act 1 - Unlikely Allies
This line spoken by Nym would have come before Adi saying "I want to help you." however the mission starts with Adi's line.

This line spoken by Reti originally followed Nym's line saying "Later, take out those droids first." and gave some context as to why he's upset.

An alternate take of Reti's line getting freaked out about the subs.

This line would have been played if you took out all the fighters in the area, however the carriers are constantly producing fighters.

This would have been Nym's response to the previous line. Note that he does help you out once he's taken out the fighters attacking him, but no audio file plays.

This conversation would've hinted at Turning the Tides where you destroy the sensor station.

An unused conversation between Jinkins and Reti, possibly hinting about the bounty placed on Reti by Jango Fett.

Like the conversations above, these lines most likely take place during a cut second part of this mission. This conversation reveals that the second wave is an attack by a cut enemy - drones.

These two lines suggest that the fighters and bombers were originally deployed from a lander rather than the carriers. A lander does this in a later mission, but it was probably removed because the landers are easier to destroy than the carriers.

These lines suggest that you had to protect Jinkins for a different reason. Rather than him just finding the codes for the prison, he was also gaining access to the Trade Federation's network to locate the prison.

Act 1 - Prison Break
Hoo boy, this mission has so much unused audio. Practically every aspect of this mission was changed during development. So many cut enemy types, a different station design, different mission structure - there's a LOT to cover here. 80% of this level's audio is unused.

There's lines for each character who pilots a fighter saying the "troop transport" lines except they call them "MTT's". This stands for Mobile Troop Transport. The lines were re-done for the final release.

These are lines from an old intro to this episode.

This line, along with others, shows that Kole would pick up Orsai and his men in the main hangar rather than the aft hangar. He would also give ETA updates.

These lines show that the station defenses were much different.

This conversation is a remnant of a cut enemy type - Suicide Droids. They would ram ships and explode on impact. Their control ship is inside the main hangar. In the final release, there's just some droid starfighters in the hangar. Destroying them is the Hidden Objective, so destroying the Suicide Droids' control ship must also have been the Hidden Objective. Another possible reason for them being cut is the word "suicide" in a T-rated game. The Superfreighter mentioned was re-used for several enemies in the mission.

These lines are for the landing sequence in the main hangar, and alternate escape sequence dialogue.

Apparently the station was going to have Tractor Beam Towers that would lock ships in place. This wasn't completely cut as the next mission uses them.

Apparently this mission once had an alternate ending where Orsai and his men couldn't get out and had to use escape pods.

This smug remark from Kole fits into one of these conversations.

This was going to be said by Adi when the Liberator escapes, implying that Adi wasn't going to be in the next mission.

Act 1 - Turning the Tides
Possibly an unused intro to the level.

Originally the enemy bombers and fighters would have come from a carrier. In the final release, they just appear in the sky. Note that the first audio clip is used.

Remember the HAG enemies from the previous game? They would have made a return in this level.

An irrelevant conversation about the sensor station. Adi was briefed on what it did earlier.

An alternate version of the "split up and go around the island" conversation. Also the sensor station was harder to find.

An alternate take of Nym's "I don't like being spied on, Ruuk."

This would've been said by Nym after the sensor station explodes.

Unused taunts Nym would say to Ruuk during the boss battle.

Unused taunts Ruuk would say to Nym during and after the boss battle.

Remember the Evac Transports from Nym's base in the first game? Audio files from this mission and a few others show that they would've returned in this game to help out in various missions. They were ultimately replaced by the Mere.

This line from Jinkins could possibly be from an unused mission outro. It would've also given context about why they're heading to Mount Merakan.

Act 2 - Poisoned Skies
Apparently the island turrets were going to be a more crucial part of the mission. There were even going to be repair crews that could repair the turrets if they got destroyed.

The only threats in this level are Sabaoth Fighters, Hex Bombers, Hex Missiles, and Hex Deployers. These lines suggest that Droid Starfighters and HAGs also were part of the mission. Additionally, Sol Sixxa would have landed speeder bikes to help take out the tanks.

At the end of the mission Loreline (sp?) makes a comment that doesn't make sense in context - "The evacuation can proceed safely now, thank you". Evacuation was never part of this mission, however these cut lines show that protecting evacuation transport ships was an objective.

The Sabaoth Fighter pilots had a few more lines to say.

These two lines were part of the conversation between Lieutennant Bella and a Sabaoth Fighter pilot, but got cut, making Reti's question "Should we go after them?" seem more out of place.

Adi saying that Force Lightning doesn't work on the Hex Missiles. It does, so these lines were no longer needed.

These two lines were made obsolete by this mission's ending cutscene.

There's a bunch of alternate takes of lines that are used. (Editor's note: I'll add all alternate takes once everything else is documented.)

This line from Jinkins gives location of the production plant for the Hex weapons. But that's two missions later, and both he and Nym think they're produced in Mount Merakan, which is the next mission. Interestingly, there is no Mission 7, so maybe adding in Mount Merakan was a late decision during development?

Act 2 - Mount Merakan

Act 2 - Hammer and Anvil

Act 2 - Demolition Squad

Act 2 - Dragon's Den

Act 3 - Tug of War

Act 3 - Escort to Geonosis

Act 3 - Cannon Fodder

Act 3 - Attack of the Clones

Act 3 - Heart of the Storm

Act 3 - The Jedi Master